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"Deny Him" Lyrics [edit]
by Lyrycyst | from the album Masquerade

Verse 1
Turn the light on real quick
Take a breath of fresh air
Put your feet in brand new kicks
Buy the most expensive pair
Now doesn't that sound great
Now doesn't that sound fair
Oh that's how life should be
Every day without a care
Now get in your car real quick
And drive to the nearest business district
You've seen it a million times
But I bet this time you've probably missed it
There's a man down on buck
But truly gifted
He asks for change
You tell him no
While claiming your a Christian
We sit and watch Cribs every day
Talk about these stars and their pay
But when it gets right in our face
We just keep walkin away
Do we dare just keep what we got
Go home to the life on the block
Don't take moment to syop
And see where the focus is dropped
Cause it's our life man
We get one chance to make it
So those tuned into the stereo
Here's your chance to take it
I wanna do something good
Something worth it, somethign true
Take some time to erase the past
It starts with two, me and you

So look into his eyes
And tell him that he's dying
Cause nobody's trying,
Nobody's beside him
I can see him crying
But He's still surviving
So why do we deny him
Why do we deny him

Verse 2
We make all sorts of excuses
And stay so far and exclusive
We say they'll clutch and abuse it
Use it on drugs or they'll lose it
Keep in mind
These are people
We never invite in our steeple
We need to pull off this sin
What keeps your mind from all given
Wanna be near it now
Joy of God, you hear it now
Who am I to ignore the sounds
of people screaming crying now
I want to give it all
Because my God gave it to me first
And when I hear that call
I'll know that God has taken the
Dirt away from me
But not by actions it's by grace and love
Just give him something
If not your money at least a hug
How could we see him
In the gutter drinking rain water
And not feel compassion event though
We're from the same Father
We lock the doors to our cars
When we pull up beside him
We cross the street when we see him
Instead of just passin by him
We turn our cheeks on our brother
Why don't we speak to our brothers
It's time to change, I gonna be different
Time to eat with our brothers

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3
We build a church
On every street you see
Across the nation
And every week we give our money
To fill this cool sensation
Then we turn around and show
Off to the whole community
Cause bigger buildings and more members
Takes the place of unity
Meanwhile there's somebody
Starvin on this side of town
While come mashing meals
For every congregation crowd
And then we wonder why we
Don't see changes in our neighbors
America's dying
Cause we won't get out and
Feed the strangers
You really think this Jesus stuff is
Going to have an impact to someone
To someone begging for a nickel
Just to get his kid's back
You can't expect salvation just
Because you came to speak
When he's tuned out
Cause he;s more focussed
On just trying to eat
As christians we got stuff mixed up
And now it's time to fix it
We need to drop, just talk
And maybe show some actions with it
It's time to get us running back
On this track
And I'm going to try to feed the world
before my God come back

(Repeat Chorus x2)

So look into his eyes
And tell him that he's dying
Cause nobody's trying,
Nobody's beside him
I can see him crying
But He's still surviving
So why do we deny him
Why do I deny him

+ Entry lasted edited by liveauthentic on 07.27.08


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