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"Devil Eye" Lyrics [edit]
by Lyrycyst | from the album Masquerade

She's on the go, She's on the roll
Somebody stop her, this papa's got a divided soul
Never let her right her sight
Down for the minute
When you count the fight
Give her one night
Tonight, you might find
That love is worth
At least tonight's night
Never give one thang
Got throw that back, who caught that
Better just drop that
Only wants to do things, you got that
Money and sex and ecstacy
Thats what the pressed to the pressed to next to me
Next on your mind,
As she gets in your mind
It's a mess cause you
never had a nest to beside
She's out
Back in the town
No doubt
Making her rounds again
I'm out
Don't want to drown in sin
Little miss lust is about to pound it
Disaster, my master
You wanna bring that structural rapper
I don't wanna be down when they mac her
Get away from the symptom grabber
Player, Player
Lock in load
All she knows is stop and go
I can see her looking
Looking for what she looking for
She's plotting scheming her breathing
Healing no need a reason
I can't believe that she's a demon
That's it I'm leaving

Ooohh, she's got that
Ooohh, she's got that
Ooohh, she's got that
She's got the Devil eye
Here she comes
Here she walks
Let her go
Make it hot
Cause I know
That she's got
She's got that Devil eye
Stay away
Stay apart
Cause she plays in the dark
No escape
Use a mark
She's got that Devil eye
She's got that Devil eye
She's got that Devil eye

And now I know it
I see it in here
The light inside her is fading
Baby is growing dimmer
We talkin popping the mouth
She already dropping the blouse
An open door to her house
You better stay out
Her body's hot
She's top notch
but her intentions only leave to rot
OH NO!!!!
She runs with the pollination
Only wants your sex and the pollination
Better get my bag, I'm past my patience
Trying to tend me alone with the masteurbation
Get out, get in the back of me
Thank goodness you haven't heard the last of me
Every girl gots to see the blasphemy
Dont take that bait you cast at me
Go fish
Get another guy
I don't want to be in an American Pie
So many girls they open up wide
Why oh why
This is it when you risk it
She don't tell you the truth
It takes a fighter to deny it
Never kick off them boots
Don't let it be a drug
Cause you'll get hooked quick
With that eternal Flame in her
She's a really hot chick

(Repeat Chorus)

She's got the devil eye
There's no telling where she might go
Keep an eye out cause she might show
Gonna get you wound up, cause she's a pro
Take your chance
Wave and grin
So many guys just play with sin
Lady luck miss cutie pie, I know
Look in here eye
Devil in a blue dress
Who's next
Who can give a new check
You bet
Lookin for the crew next
Open wide
Dance with the devil in the pale blue light
Wanna get XO
Gotta get myself and let go
Gotta learn to accept those
Only want your money neglect those
Comin on classy
Better get that back she's nasty
Bring it on past me
But she lookin extra trashy
Get your body back
That way it leads to a body sack
Keep your naughty act
Won't catch me in the back of your Pontiac
Keep, keep it away from me
Lyrycyst is signing off
Next time you look my way
Keep your filthy eyes off
Don't take them socks off
Don't take that skirt down
Next time they'll leave your body
Six feet under dirt now

(Repeat Chorus x2)

+ Entry lasted edited by liveauthentic on 07.27.08


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