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"All in Vain" Lyrics [edit]
by Lyrycyst | from the album Masquerade

I gave my life to the one who's in heaven
Never thought that it would change me so much
I was ready to bust
Had a knife against my wrist
I was ready to cut
But I guess something inside me
Wasn't ready enough
I ran to the church
To escape from it all
He walked around me sevent times
And broke down all my walls
Made me realize the living
I'm doing was alone
Gave me shelter and advice
And he said welcome home
It began, I started as a sheep in the wolves
I got fire up inside me so I reached for the tools
A couple beats and a band
What can stop me now
Didn't know the devil was about
To strike me down
Released my first disc
"Broken Chains and Fled"
I was losing all the touch
Feeling lust and sex
Iwas finally reaching out
Tell me what will happen next
Never give up
Stephen, you better get up
Even when stuck in the rut
Breathe in and take up your cup
No matter your luck
Reading to God and erupt
And you will see what is up
I'm stuck between the pulling
The rest committing sin
And still reling on the vision of hope
How do I cope
Struggle love for power
For force, I know the stakes
But we seem to think about it
When it's really too late
I started skipping church
And I started getting greedy
I'll be honest with you
Being a christian just isn't easy
It's something I am needing
Yes, it's something I can have
I gotta give my life
And though the reaching's in the grasp
The meaning of your life
So get ready for your trip
No, not everybody's perfect
And a lot of times you'll slip
But you got to keep you're faith
Take a lesson from a man
Who watched eternal life
Start slippin out his hands
So I asked God forgive me
For the things I've done
Won't be pressured by the pain
But the reign will come
Keep your name in holy grace
The head of my life
I won't let it be in vain
I'm going to end it with a fight
Right beside you
Let me be the one that you took
Give me a chance
To prove that I am
More than a hook
Won't let a song or a verse
That the person in the midst
Let me fix what I missed
Cause I slip quick this is it
No one to fall
No one to walk with the son
Keep an eye on every demon
That keeps breathe in my longs
Feel eternal, but I'm mortal
Til I'm taking away
I won't end up like the others
I can't handle the pain
I was young
A bit of death in myself
If i didn't take a stand
And fight forever
I'd be crying for help
No one was trying to tell
No one was striving to sell
Since the devil's working steady
Trying to drive me to hell
Let em take me to the gates
Cause I'm ready to blow
Cause I know I got work to finish
Before i go

I love you
Love love love love
I love you
Love love love love
I love you
Love love love love
I love you
Love love love love
I love you
Love love love love

+ Entry lasted edited by liveauthentic on 07.27.08


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TRENDING NRT NEWS: Newsboys Announce New Album | Christian Music A-Z | Is Christian Music Cringe? | New Lacey Sturm

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