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"Song Plays On" Lyrics [edit]
by Lyrycyst | from the album Masquerade

True musics about
Letting out what
You want to get out
Just let it flow
Speaking grip rip rock
Deeper than hip hop
The music is within
Like the way that they grimlock
Compassion is a lost road
No one's traveling down
All we care about is gathering crowds
To the studio with cases
Drumsticks and a bass
And a couple pretty faces
That's all it really takes
But I want my heart to shine through
To show that I really do lovewhat I do
I wouldn't, oh, I mean, I couldn't, ah
And if I didn't have a way to be in the baseline
Right a riles with my fingers to go
When I get to flowing to a place and
The level that no one knows just where I'm going
See it got to get it feel the loving when
I bring it let the passion
Inside climb for the song in your mind

And the song plays on
And the song plays on
And the song plays on
And the song plays on
And the song plays on
And the song plays on
And the song plays on
Let the song plays on

Nothing better than watching
A packed house connect
When you throw on a track
And let them bob their necks vheck
When the bass drops
No more criticize or curse
But there's mor elove at a concert
Than in most chruches
Peace first in each verse I speak
To reimberse the weak
With the power to preach
And I don't have to hide
My fans no what they're getting
But if I talked about sex
I'd be rich already
Find something that you love
Something that you need
Something you would never give up
When this world falls apart
And you can barely get up
You have something to stand for
So get on your feet
Find a passion in your life
Learn to get off the street
It can happen overnight
You don't have to wait a week
Or two or three
It never gets done
You only need one thing
And that one thing is love

(Repeat Chorus)

And the song plays
And the song plays on
And on and on

One day I want to see the world get along
One day I want to see all people stop
And think about their mother
Their sister and brother
Nothing standing over another
Gotta get out the gutter
I'd like to see a world baby
Standing on solid ground
Not taking in the same old sound
Stop buying rap music
That will bring you down
It's the same old story
And the same old crowd
So I'm going be the one to change
This thing called rap
I'ts my time so what do you lames all that
Cause I rhyme with the best I know that
And I don't need a freestyle
Battle to show that

And the song plays on x16
Let the song play on

+ Entry lasted edited by liveauthentic on 07.27.08


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