Melancholy Machines: An Interview with Death Therapy
NRT's Ryan Adams talks with lead singer about the band’s new album

AN NRT EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, Melancholy Machines: An Interview with Death Therapy
Posted: July 01, 2021 | By: RyanAdams_NRT
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The creative, heavy music band Death Therapy isn't afraid of trying something new. The band has experimented with sounds on their own albums, released cover songs as well as instrumental music. To put it simply, their music is groovy, industrial hard rock and metalNow, Death Therapy is getting ready to drop their third full-length record, Melancholy Machines, through Tooth & Nail Records.

Lead singer and writer Jason Wisdom, who has fronted the band since 2017, has been a recognizable voice in the Christian metal scene for over 20 years, especially with the metal band Becoming The Archetype. I spoke with Jason about the creative processes behind the music, his faith, and more. 

The band Death Therapy is an experimental project. What are your musical influences or sources of inspiration for Melancholy Machines?
As a band, we're at a point where we can play around and make the sound to whatever we want it to be. In our previous works, I screamed and growled--this is what fans know me for. This time around, I moved out of my comfort zone, and sang more. 

Our industrial sound has always been influenced by metal bands like Nine Inch Nails and Rage Against the Machine. For this record, I added some groovy bass, electronic elements, and blended it together with previous sounds to get a new sound. 
I wanted to make sure, though, that I didn't remove the signature Death Therapy sound. You can hear new sounds, unexpected sounds, but when you listen to it, you can still recognize Death Therapy. 
The last two albums paid significant homage to some of your favorite video games such as Castlevania and more. Is there more of this type of content on the new record?
Not as much, because I put more of that kind of music on Dance Therapy: Pre Apocalyptic Cyber Funk for Late Stage Humanoids EP Part 1. I'm hoping there will be a "Part 2" of that kind of music later. The shift away from that style with this record was also more geared towards the state of music. Because everyone is listening to playlists, picking and choosing what they want, I feel like having a separate release for the video game sounding songs would be better.
Death Therapy covered "Reject" from Living Sacrifice and "Crazy" from Gnarls Barkley. Do you think fans can expect more covers in the future?
There is a cover of Andrew Peterson's "The Silence of God" on this one. My version adds more orchestral elements and a dark, moody tone to it. I listen to all kinds of music personally, as evident in those other two covers you mentioned. I would love to do more cover songs, yes. The reason for Peterson's song is simply because I love it and love him as an artist and author.
How does your faith impact your songwriting and how might we see that on the new record?
It's never been hard to spot my Christian worldview in my music, at least I hope not. It would be hard for me to write an album about drugs, sex, and rock and roll because that's not me. I write songs about spiritual struggles and personal issues. It is therapeutic for people to hear others struggling with the same things they are. Yet I want to add hope to those conversations. It is introspective, as we wrestle with themes of death and psychological issues. The lyrics go up and down a bit, sort of dramatic, but in the end, my Christian worldview helps me believe there is hope despite it all. 
What do you want listeners to walk away with? 
From the opening lyric of "sometimes it feels like the only thing worse than feeling nothing at all, is when you're stuck feeling everything has nowhere to run, and no one to answer your call," to the closing lyric of "even though the clouds can seal it. The sun is there, you can feel it," I want people to walk away hopeful. Christianity is not a religion that makes light of struggles. We believe in a Savior who died a terrible death and resurrected to prove there is more to this life. Our momentary struggles are producing endurance and promise of a greater future. 
Anything else you want to share?
I am working on a short devotional. It is currently being edited and proofed. It is about my thoughts of being in a band, touring, being a Christian, being an artist, all those things. Also, if you like the new record, the best way to support me is through my store, buying CDs, merch, and stuff here
How can we be praying for you?
I pray that the new album is going to reach people and inspire them. Also for my family. It is been difficult recently for everyone and so prayer for the family too. 

Ryan Adams lives with his family in Montana. He has been NRT's Rock Reporter since 2018.

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