An Interview with Jordan Feliz
NRT's Grace Chaves talks with CCM legend Jordan Feliz about his latest album, 'Say It,' his journey in music, and more

AN NRT EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, An Interview with Jordan Feliz
Posted: December 17, 2020 | By: NRTeamAdmin
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Jordan Feliz is an artist that I've been following for years, and perhaps you have been too! In 2006 he got started in the music industry as the lead vocalist for rock band A Current Affair, and in 2015 he released his debut solo album Beloved with Centricity Music. So chances are you've heard a song or two from him during the past 14 years of his career.

I got to catch up with Jordan to chat about his singles "Wounds" and "Glorify," as well as his third studio album, Say It. He's an incredible artist, and he truly has a heart of gold. His songs have connected with me a lot in my own life, and I know that his songs have connected with so many other people as well.


How did you get started in music?

Music started for me when I was young and got "forced" to play the piano and start taking piano lessons. I know it sounds kind of weird, but I started hearing melodies in my head. So instead of practicing what I was supposed to be playing on the piano, I was writing my own music. That started in elementary school, and it gradually became more and more exposed, because my parents started realizing that I wasn't practicing my actual piano lessons. I was just in there doing my own thing. That's how it all started.

That experience led me into wanting to play drums. I started playing drums for my youth group, and after about a year of that, the worship leader for our worship band didn't show up. My youth pastor walked up to me and he said, "You're the only person in here that knows all these songs. Can you get up there and sing them?" I had never sung in front of anybody before in my life, and I was like, "Absolutely not." He kind of guilt-tripped me into it saying, "Well, I guess we just won't be doing worship this morning." I was like, "Oh, come on." So I ended up doing it. He told me a couple of weeks later that he felt like I had an anointing on my life for leading people in worship. That started my whole process of becoming a singer.

I joined a band when I was a senior in high school called A Current Affair, and it was a heavy metal band. I did that for five years, and after that was done, I felt like the Lord was calling me to start doing Christian music. I prayed about it for a year, moved to Nashville, and here I am talking to you.

You have a new single out called "Wounds," and I know that song has been resonating with a lot of people. What's the message behind that song?

"Wounds" is a song that I felt called to write. I think a lot of people (including myself) hide things away. People have shared with me stories and testimonies about things that they've been ashamed to talk about and things that have happened that they've never spoken about. Things that they've kept hidden down inside. There are a lot of people that deal with trauma, some have dealt with drug abuse, some have dealt with alcohol abuse-- there are so many different things that are in the shadows, and they create scrapes, bruises, and cuts on our hearts.

But this song is a reminder that it says in God's Word that He's written His name on every heart and that He will heal the brokenhearted. He will bind up our wounds. This song is a challenge for people and a reminder that we can bring our hurt, no matter how deep it is. No matter how bad our wounds are, we can bring them to Him and He'll heal them. He'll bind it up, and His love will create newness in us. That's something that I had to deal with over the last couple of years. For me, being able to share that with people was a big thing. It's been amazing to see how people have connected with this song.

You've released your third full-length album, Say It. What's the inspiration behind that album as a whole?

Say It is all about the elevation of the name of Jesus. In life, we can get distracted by a lot of things. We get distracted by our jobs, by money, and by the things of the world. I started seeing a lot of that within my community and within the industry I'm in. I felt like I was surrounded by this, and I just wanted to get back to what this is all about; telling the world about Jesus and saying the name of Jesus. It's about claiming the name of Jesus over each other as a church, and over each other as a people. This entire record is about being vulnerable and honest, and saying it! I've never been this excited about a release in my life, so I'm pumped up.

You recently got to collaborate with a bunch of amazing artists to release two remixes of "Glorify!" What was it like making those remixes?

Oh man, it was a dream come true. I got to work with my mentor and my hero TobyMac on the first remix. I also got to work with Terrian, an artist who I've spent two years with on the road touring. She's one of the best female vocalists out there, and I love her. Toby and Terrian brought something new to "Glorify." I love the original so much, but one of the reasons why I wanted this song to have collaborations was because the song is all about revealing the majesty of God through our actions. That's what the sub-context of "Glorify" means, and the fact that I could have a bunch of people to come in and bring their take on it was awesome.

The remix with TobyMac and Terrian was super dope, and the version with Lecrae and Hulvey was wild because I've been wanting to work with Lecrae for years. As a kid, I used to skate to Lecrae's music, so it was such a dope thing to get to work with a couple of heroes. These are people that have led the Christian music industry on a path of inching ourselves forward. I think our industry is one of those industries where it's like the church. Some things fuel people that are a little dated, but then there are also the people that are still going out and are trying to reach more than just the church. I feel like Toby and Lecrae have done that, and it's something that I've felt called to as well.


This year has been hard for so many, and I'm sure it's been hard for you not to be able to tour. Are you planning on touring again once restrictions are lifted?

I'm ready to start touring again. I think we all are! I've honestly enjoyed the time at home with my wife and my kids, and the fact that I've been able to be a husband and a dad. I don't think I've been able to actually be a dad as much as I have this year since my little girl was born. That feels refreshing, but at the same time it has it's own difficulties since I'm not working. But in that, we've been reminded of where our hope is, and where our provision comes from.

This year was almost like a necessary pause. I know it's hard to even hear that because for a lot of people this year has been exceptionally tough. It's been tough on us as well, but in that tough season, we've been lovingly reminded by Jesus that our hope is not in our jobs. Our hope is not in money, our hope is not in our homes, or what makes us comfortable. Our hope is in Jesus, and our provision is in Him. Even though all of that has been a huge revelation for our family and many families, we're excited to be able to get back out on the road and tell people about Jesus and share this new music with people too.

What's next for you? Are you working on any other projects for 2021?

As of right now, no since we just wrapped up this new record. Typically whenever I wrap up a record, I usually like to wait about four or five months before I start diving into creativity again, because I feel like I put so much effort into each project. I always put everything I have into it. But I will say this; I've been able to step out of the Christian music scene and put some creativity into other areas I have friends in the pop world of the music industry, so it's been fun to dabble outside of the Christian music industry and bring some light into that side of things. So I have been able to work on some stuff like that, but nothing else new from me as of right now.

Finally, how can we be praying for you?

Pray for continued protection during this season. We've been claiming peace and provision over our home this entire time because we're not able to work as much. Also, there's the Coronavirus that's going around, and it's affecting a lot of people. We want to continue to be either protected or healed. So I would say pray for protection, healing, provision, and peace over our home. It's something that we've prayed for as a family every night since I've been home, and it's been a huge blessing. I feel like the Lord is continually answering our prayers during this time, and it's been amazing.

Grace Chaves has been a fan of all things Christian music since 2016. She is one of NRT's youngest writers. Homeschooled, Grace is an author, loves Jesus, concerts, and road-trips.

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