An Interview With Dominic Boudreau
NRT's Founder Kevin McNeese talks with independent artist and actor, Dominic Boudreau about Christian music and ministry in a time of COVID

AN NRT EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, An Interview With Dominic Boudreau
Posted: July 02, 2020 | By: KevinMcNeese_NRT
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Dominic Boudreau started his career at the age of 14, doing stand up comedy and impressions at his high school auditorium. Since then he's performed on stages and on television on more than three thousand shows and traveled to a dozen countries on four continents. From The Comedy Store on Sunset in Hollywood to The Tropicana in Vegas to The Hard Rock Casino in Miami and even overseas for our troops, he has always been very well received by audiences of all ages.

We spoke with Dominic for an exclusive interview to talk about his career, new music and how creativity has forced new directions in the age of COVID.

Introduce yourself to our readers.

I'm French Canadian, originally from Montreal, Canada. English is my second language but I enjoy communicating in English. 95% of my songs are written in English. I did play hockey very competitively but music is a massive passion of mine. 

Why write and perform Christian music?

First and foremost, it's because of my love for Jesus! I want to serve the body of Christ with the gifts that God gave me. My music is a tool to reach those who don't know Him yet. I love to bring people to Christ! It is important for me for my music to encourage people in tough times and give hope to those in need. I'm often inspired to write after my time in prayer. Spending time in His presence is where I get my inspiration to create for His Kingdom.

What are some of your creative influences?

I have so many, musically. I truly love the incredible worship leaders from Bethel and Hillsong and so many others. I also like pop music from the '80s, country music from Luke Bryan, and rock n' roll artists from the '50s.

I love to laugh and started my career as a stand-up comedian. So comedy is a huge part of my life. I love to watch comedians like Jim Gaffigan. He's my favorite! I regularly watch Jimmy Kimmel and Fallon who is hilarious. Fallon has got great impressions, which is another thing that inspires me. Doing impressions is a big part of my stand-up. I do a really good Morgan Freeman and Stevie Wonder!

Game shows are an influence in my life as well because I love people. I believe game shows were the very first reality shows. No script with real people. You never know what is going to happen, and Bob Barker was a master at it! I actually was a contestant on The Price is Right the second to last show before Bob retired. I won a BBQ to get up on stage and then won a piano! As a singer and songwriter, it was a perfect gift! You can watch the video here.

Tell us about some of your latest music! 

My latest song is called ''Breathe.' After hurricane Katrina hit in 2004, and I saw the devastation that it did and saw the needs of the people, I was inspired the next day to write ''Breathe." Unfortunately, due to a lack of finances, the song was never officially released. In the last month, with all that has happened following the horrible death of George Floyd, God put on my heart to release it. I simply want the song to offer comfort and peace. 


What's been the best and worst parts of quarantine for you as an artist?

It has not been easy. All my shows in venues, corporate settings, festivals, and schools have been canceled. Back in March, I had the idea to offer to sing for elderly centers, but outside. People would go on their balcony and sing and dance along with me. Well back in March here in Montreal, there was still snow and it was in the lower 30's. The idea was gladly received and since then, I've been doing that. The first ones were very cold and challenging because of the weather, but all worth it when I would see their smiles and saw that they were encouraged. I love the elderly. I connect with them in a very special way. I've been also offering little shows from my balcony here and for the neighborhood. And of course, I've been posting videos of me singing. But what I miss the most in the closeness with the people during concerts. I miss the interaction. I'm sure it will all come back very soon!

What's next?

There are always many projects that I'm working on. I'm a creative person at heart, so I'm inspired by new ideas daily! If I'm not working on my music and writing new songs, I'm writing new revelations of the Word for future messages to preach, writing for my new book, or writing a script for a movie. I often post videos of me doing impressions or singing. I'm putting together a fundraiser event to help talents in need. And this new song I wrote called ''Thanks For Believing In Me'' is really cool. It should be available soon, hopefully, followed by a full album by the end of 2020. 

How can we be praying for you?

I believe in the power of prayer! I love to pray! I love to be in His Presence and Glory! I've seen miracles happen many times because God is faithful! So please pray for me, for I'll be moving to Hollywood, CA soon to go into full-time ministry. Please pray that everything goes according to His plan! Thank you for your prayers.

Kevin McNeese started NRT in 2002 and has worked in the industry since 1999 in one form or another. He has been a fan of Christian music since 1991.

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