Switchfoot: Hope During The Hurricane (Week 3)
Jon Foreman of Switchfoot continues to use social media to reach out to fans and listeners. He is playing an acoustic song each night to offer hope and encouragement during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A NRT EXCLUSIVE EDITORIAL, Switchfoot: Hope During The Hurricane (Week 3)
Posted: April 16, 2020 | By: RyanAdams_NRT
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I hope you have found more hope in your current life situations, thanks to the music and soul of Jon Foreman. If you have ever seen him live in concert, you know that he is full of hope, love, and encouragement and these performances reflect that. I am grateful for these times we get to share together with his music. Here is week three of his songs, which includes some extra variety in content. Catch up on Jon's first two weeks here: Week 1 | Week 2

Night 14 - Livestream

Jon brought back a classic Switchfoot live event called "ALL REQUEST LIVE" where he takes song suggestions and plays them while interacting with fans. He played four songs, "Southbound Train", "24", "Thrive", and "Where I Belong." About being quarantined, he says "I've really enjoyed this. It feels stable during this unstable time. And I've been remarkably surprised at the human race for all the incredible sacrifices of people out there… To do the daily little things and put our full attention to the moment, that seems to be the difficult thing." He misses his band members too, he adds "It's hard to play these songs without a band, but the rest of the fellas send their love. I look forward to being back with them and you guys soon…"


Night 15 "Wouldn't It Be Nice" (Beach Boys cover)

Jon starts off the traditional evening performance with a cover of the Beach Boys. He says, "Hi everybody, tonight I would like to cover a song off of one of my favorite albums, Pet Sounds, by the Beach Boys. It goes like this."

In a world where we feel stuck, limited, and vulnerable, we often dream of a better time. We think to ourselves that is would be nice to have the past back, or the future arrive sooner. This song longs for the future to be here already, so we would not have to live in the current situations of life. The bridge offers a vulnerable look at life, "You know it seems the more we talk about it. It only makes it worse to live without it. But let's talk about it Oh, wouldn't it be nice?" Even though we may not prefer the present, let us live in it, and interact with it. Going through life's difficulties together bonds people like no other experience.


Night 16: "Yesterday" (The Beatles cover)

Jon Foreman welcomes his brother, Tim Foreman, to bring a cover of "Yesterday" by the Beatles. He opens up with, "Hello everyone! How are you? I have the pleasure of introducing one of my favorite people on the planet today. This is my dear little brother, Tim Foreman, playing 'Yesterday', by the Beatles. Enjoy!"

When I hear the lyrics of "Yesterday", I hear the relatable cry for a change that can not be controlled. We think that if we could go back to yesterday, we could prevent problems from arising, but that is not something we can do. This song also reminds us that life could change drastically in just one day. Let us resolve to live in the now. Let us choose to not mourn over yesterday's choices, or worry over tomorrow's uncertainty, but making every moment of today count (Ephesians 5:16).


Night 17: "Souvenirs"

Back to an original, Jon Foreman sings off of the album Vice Verses again. The description of the song includes some backstory, "Souvenirs is a song that almost didn’t make the record. But our very own Drew Shirley put his foot down and demanded this song see the light of the day. Since it’s his birthday manãna, I figured it would be worth sharing with y’all tonight!" Jon keeps it short and sweet in the intro, saying, "Greetings everybody I wanna play a song called 'Souvenirs'. Goes like this."

Take a moment to focus on the lyrics here,

"Here's to the twilight
Here's to the memories
These are my souvenirs
My mental pictures of everything
Here's to the late nights
Here's to the firelight
These are my souvenirs
My souvenirs"

I encourage you to look back in your life and recall the souvenirs of life that you hold. Every one of them is a gift from God, even if they are not all sweet. James 4:13-14 teaches us that we have no promise of tomorrow, so every souvenir of life is a gift that was never promised. What is a souvenir of your life that you have been holding on to bitterly, that you need to be grateful for instead?


Night 18: "Lean On Me"

Jon is able to involve another band member into his nightly music times, ironically, due to Bill Wither's death. It prompted him to want to share a cover that was recorded previously that might not have seen the light of day yet. He says, "Hello everyone! How are you holding up. I hope you're well. I hope you and your friends, family are safe at home. Earlier today I learned of Bill Wither's passing. Big brother Bill, his voice always felt like a warm hug. His words always has such weight, such compassion, and such wisdom… I want you to see a video I received a few days ago. The video is our drummer, Chad Butler, singing a Bill Wither's song as a way to say thank you to his friends and family… For me it highlights the fact that as humans, music is how we communicate, it's how we process love, hate, loss, grieve, life… You are not alone in this situation. Please enjoy Chad Butler's incredible rendition of 'Lean On Me.'"

This song often has a personal connection to anyone who knows it. Even if you do not have a personal connection to it, you can recognize the warmth and compassion of the song's lyrics, as Jon mentioned. Jon remined us that we are not alone, even when we physically might be in our current situation, but we all can connect and encourage one another through music. I hope this song is an encouragement for you and that you have someone that you can lean on in times of trouble. Even if you do not, you always have the Lord who listens and loves to hear you talk to Him (Psalm 34:15).



Night 19: "Meant To Live"

Jon sings a famous one tonight, as he says, "Good evening everyone! How are you doing? Tonight's song was written about a 5 minute walk that way. It is rare that I get to play this song so close to home. (laughs) It's a horrible bad dad joke. It feels like a homecoming of sorts for this song because it was written immediately after I dropped out of college. Which was a time of uncertainty, that feels very similar to now .I wrote it on an acoustic guitar trying not to wake the neighbors up. Which feels like now as well. This is 'Meant To Live.'" He ended with a friendly, "Thanks for listening everybody. Stay safe. God bless you. Good night!"

You are meant to live for so much more than what you are now. You might be living in a great situation, a successful life. You might be living day by day, paycheck by paycheck. We are all somewhere in between, yet, all have a longing deep inside for something greater in our lives. The Lord has great plans for every single person whom he loves dearly and the best way to experience His great plan for us, we must surrender to Him. What area of your life do you need to surrender to God for his great plan to begin in you?

Night 20: Bill Wither's Duo

Jon welcomed an old friend of his, Keith Tutt II, to play two songs from Bill Gathers which were "Lovely Day" and the full version of "Lean On Me." The feeling of a friendship truly bonded over music was evident with Jon and Keith. Jon referenced to this as his first #DistancingDuets and it seems that he is hinting at more of these in the future.

I love being able meet someone and learning that they love the same songs or bands that I do, because that bond is quickly forged and usually is long-lasting. This performance was a heartwarming example of this. I believe this kind of nearly-immediate bond should be the same for fellow Christians. Consider your Christian brethren, are you creating lasting bonds or leaving them behind? If you are struggling to relate with others, we recommend trying to relate over music, whether it be playing or listening to it.


Night 21: "All I Need"

Jon starts fresh off the newest Switchfoot album with another shout out to moms and teachers. He says, "Good evening everyone. This song goes out to moms and teachers. I don't what your quarantine at home has been like. Mine has been humbling to say the least. My wife is incredible, being a mom is a tough job. And this song's been running through my head all day, it's about the simplicity of our needs versus our wants. It's called 'All I Need', goes like this."

The simplicity of our needs versus our wants… This is a concept that we should always be considering. Are you grateful and satisfied with what the Lord has given, and even taken? He knows our needs better than we or anyone else ever could. It is simpler to focus on our needs and then on other people's needs than to chase all our wants. Consider refocusing what your finances and time are allocated to, and resolve to live simpler and focus on other people more. The song poetically sings, "All I need is the air I breathe. The time we share and the ground beneath my feet."


Ryan Adams has been loving the encouragement that Jon offers during these sessions and loves to share deeper thoughts with you.

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