New Winter Pop: January 2020
So much music. What to do? The NRT Staff reviews early 2020 music to help you keep up with new releases that are rising to the top.

AN EXCLUSIVE EDITORIAL, New Winter Pop: January 2020
Posted: February 13, 2020 | By: NRTeamAdmin
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We're already into February. And, so far, many artists and bands have released new music. This keeps music enthusiasts like all of us here at NRT streaming new tunes. How about you? Are you having a tough time keeping up with new releases? Or, are you looking for suggestions? Well, we're here to help. Our staff has a few suggestions–songs, EPs, albums–that you might like. Enjoy.

Colton Dixon "Miracles"

Colton Dixon has been quiet since his Identity album in 2017, save for a few performances. But, we got to see him make a comeback, particularly with his performance at the National Christmas Tree Lighting in 2019, which came with a promise of new music soon. His new single, "Miracles," is a strong song to return with. About the song's message concerning modern-day miracles, Dixon says, "I think we think of miracles as these huge life-altering events, right? Whereas I think that's true, I think sometimes we forget to look at the little things in life as miracles.” The song has a catchy chorus, as well as some solid hooks. Colton shows off vocal growth, as well. My favorite line is from the bridge, "There's no doubt when I feel Your love/Call me crazy and out of touch/But, I know that it's from above." We are highly anticipating his upcoming album, thanks to a fantastic first single. –Ryan Adams

Zachary Ray "Let Go"

With a chorus saying, “So, hold me close/Console my worried soul/You're in control, You're in control/Hold in your hands/This heavy, hardened heart/Help me start to let go," you'll know it'll capture the absolute best of your emotions. Zachary Ray's "Let Go" is a brand new pop song that you should be listening to. When I asked Zachary about his new single, he told me, "Let Go" is a song for anybody who is struggling to make sense of life. It's a song that speaks to the person who looks at what's happening around the world with anxiety and fear. I'm praying this song will bring a sense of peace to anyone who will listen." Zachary Ray's new single will help you find hope and relaxation in an ever-so-busy world. "Let Go" is a brand new single with an upcoming artist that everyone should enjoy, no matter what. –Brendan Burke

David Dunn "Starting Now"

Any time I see that David Dunn has new music out, I know that it's going to be good. Ever since I saw David in concert two years ago, I've absolutely fallen in love with his music. All the lyrics to all his songs feel so relatable. And, it's no different with his new song, "Starting Now." It's a song that is extremely honest. It speaks of a struggle we all deal with: control. This song is about learning to let go, and trusting God through doubt, and uncertainty. "Starting Now" is definitely a pivotal song and one you have to listen to. –Grace Chaves

Zauntee "Center Stage"

This could easily be one of the top pop songs of the year. New Fair Trade Records' artist, Zauntee, follows up on the success of last year's Christian hip-hop smash, "God Taught Me," which eventually amassed over 10 million streams on Spotify and YouTube alone. "Center Stage" has all the elements of a smash hit: A great message that love wins in all situations. A catchy verse, bridge, and chorus that are all unique in their own right. And, a unique line with the "yea, yea, yah" in the chorus that will hit hard in a live setting. This is the track that will put Zauntee on "Center Stage" in time for even more aggressive music to hit in the coming months. –Kevin McNeese

Matthew West "Walking Miracles"

Who isn't excited for Matthew West's new album? After celebrating another hit album, with All In, in 2017, and switching labels last year, fans have been eagerly waiting for what he may have up his sleeve. Now, Matthew has returned with his newest album, filled with 15 new moving songs of hope, redemption, and new life in Jesus. Backed by his soaring vocals, his latest album "Brand New" will no doubt be another amazing release. Matthew has already dropped several singles, including the encouraging "Walking Miracles." Done in signature Matthew West style, this song is an upbeat pop anthem taken from stories of fans of the miracle-working life we have in Jesus. That every life is beautiful, chosen, and a beloved miracle from God, just how He has made each of us. Every healing, restoration, and breakthrough is proof of His miracle-working power shown daily through His love. –Bradden Ford

We Are Messengers "Love"

I love the upbeat and prayerful message of this fun song. As believers, we can all benefit by praying daily to God. So, remember, don't hang your head when you get lonely. You've got His love in your soul. In the song, God is singing over us and, as worshipers, we can respond, "His Mercy is new every morning." We need to put on God's love like we put on our clothing, and allow His love to shine through us. Amen to that. –Kevin Davis

Joshua Micah "Moving Through Me"

Joshua Micah is back with his new single, "Moving Through Me." Beginning with his breakout single, "Who Says," Joshua has shown us how incredibly well he creates music in the pop/electronic space. And, "Moving Through Me" is no exception. It's a fun song talking about how God's power is at work in our lives. And, the music is just as lively and celebratory as the message. At a perfect mid-tempo, there's a driving kick drum present throughout the track that gives the song a bit of a groove. And, the percussion accents seem to borrow from reggae style. This one is sure to encourage you and maybe even make you head bop a little bit. –Jasmin Patterson

Elevation Rhythm "Better With You"

The new song, "Better With You" shows that Elevation Church is intentionally investing in worshipping God in creativity. This song took me off guard at first listen. While Elevation Rhythm is a youth worship expression, "Better With You" pulls in some references from the '90s. They mix the throwback sounds with modern upbeat worship. Lyrics include, "You give me purpose, I'm chosen/Without You, I'm nothing/I realize, You're all that I want" The message of the song is about giving up doing things on our own and following God's lead. "Nothing, no, nothing can stop me/'Cause I'm better, better with You". –Jake Frederick

Tauren Wells "Citizen of Heaven"

Since his Royal Tailor days, Tauren Wells has always been one to bring a different edge to music. His versatility and adaptability, high tenor voice, high energy, and tremendous writing has allowed him to work with rappers KB and Social Club Misfits. His talents also mesh well with Elevation Worship and Lakewood Church. Insert Tauren's new album, Citizen of Heaven, and you have a whole new level of amazing. This is a complete album with songs that tug the heartstrings. The power ballads like "Perfect Peace" and "Until Grace," featuring Rascal Flatts, are emotion getters. The high energy songs, "Close," featuring Pastor Steven Furtick, "Millionaire," featuring Kirk Franklin, and "Like You Love Me" help raise this album up a few notches. It's nothing but a party when listening to those songs. Man, Tauren, you went to a new level. –Dwayne Lacy

Assembled from the four corners of North America and beyond, the NRTeam is comprised of staffers whose energy is equally dispersed towards loving music and writing about the music they love. // Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

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