New Winter Worship: January 2020
Looking for new worship music? Well, the NRT Staff has a few suggestions that you can add to your praise playlist that's recently released.

AN EXCLUSIVE EDITORIAL, New Winter Worship: January 2020
Posted: February 13, 2020 | By: NRTeamAdmin
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Many consider January a slow month, especially after the crazy holidays. But, this is not the case for Christian music. Since the beginning of the year, artists and bands have flooded streaming and digital outlets with new worship music. Keeping up with the "musical Jones'" can be overwhelming, but NRT has your back. We want to help you save your valuable time. So, our editorial staff has highlighted some of the "can't miss" worship singles, albums, and EPs released so far in 2020. Enjoy.

Rend Collective "Sing It From the Shackles"

Rend Collective's new song, "Sing It From The Shackles," in my opinion, is one of the best songs that they've done. It almost reminds me of Crowder's song, "Lift Your Head Weary Sinner (Chains)" (since the song features the sound of actual chains). I love the message in Rend's new song: God has the power to break every chain in our lives. He has the power to break off rejection, shame, or whatever it is that is keeping us from God. Wherever you are in life, let this song be a reminder that you can sing even from the shackles and chains that you're in. God has the power to free you from them. –Grace Chaves

Cody Carnes "Run To The Father"

Many of Carnes' songs are about dwelling on our eternal one, Jesus. And, how one day all things will be made new. There will be no more death, sorrow, or crying. I think the church could benefit from more proclamations of excitement to have everlasting life in heaven. "Run to the Father" is a beautiful way to express our devotion. It gives me hope and inspiration as one of God's children. You can sing this song with that same faithfulness, knowing that God loves us and is always with us. This song perfectly portrays the Good News of the Gospel. It says God accepts us no matter what we've done. As the song says, "I run to the Father/I fall into grace/I'm done with the hiding/No reason to wait/And my heart found a surgeon/My soul found a friend/So, I'll run to the Father, Again and again and again and again." What wonderful, encouraging truth. –Kevin Davis

Planetshakers Glory, Part One (Live)

For the past few years, Planetshakers have continued to drop several EPs throughout the year, leading to an annual album release. Their first EP for 2020, Glory, Part 1 (Live) is already a "can't miss" release of the year. The EP features five powerful songs of worship, including the upbeat EDM-infused praise song, "Walls." This not only gives listeners a song to dance to, but a prophetic song of praise to God, who truly breaks down every wall--no matter what we may be facing. As we worship Him in His presence, there is breakthrough, freedom, and healing in Jesus' name bringing about the change. –Bradden Ford

Daniel Doss "This Is The Kingdom"

After an impressive independent debut in 2017 with Praise the King, Daniel Doss returns with a new single, "This Is The Kingdom." The song celebrates the incredible redemptive power that only God's Kingdom can provide. Leaning on the truth found in Psalm 147:3 that says, "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds," the song is an urgent invitation for anyone hurting, searching or needing healing to come and find what only God can offer. –Kevin McNeese

Cory Asbury "The Father's House"

Coming off the meteoric success of "Reckless Love" in 2018, Cory Asbury's new single "The Father's House" is a worship song that blends guitar-driven contemporary music, with a country vibe and a gospel choir added in for good measure. "The Father's House" is not so much a worship song, as it is a time of personal reflection and a prophetic exhortation. With lyrics like "Lay your burdens down/Here in the Father's house/Check your shame at the door/'Cause it ain't welcome anymore" and "The Jericho walls are quaking/Strongholds now are shaking/Love is breaking through/When the Father's in the room." Asbury has given us a word that we can stand on that honors the personhood and promises of the Father. –Mark Ryan

The Church Will Sing The Church Will Sing Vol. 1 (Live)

The announcing of a new worship band brings with it anticipation of fresh songs of hope and encouragement. The Church Will Sing is led by Jennie Riddle, Meredith Andrews, and several other worship leaders and songwriters. With a combination of prominent live instruments and skillfully mixed electronic elements, Volume 1 brings excellent praise and worship songs. One of my favorites is "Nothing But the Blood." Familiar aspects of the original hymn are present in the song. But, there is plenty of great, new elements that The Church Will Sing brings in their own unique way. The songs on this album are sure to be a welcome addition to personal devotion and enjoyment. –Ryan Adams

Matt Redman "Let There Be Wonder"

Matt Redman has been writing and releasing modern worship music for as long as many of us have been alive. His list of writing credits and worship anthems that the church sings worldwide is miles long. But, he's as relevant as he's ever been. "Let There Be Wonder" is Redman's latest live record. And, it's full of exactly what we expect. There are certainly a couple highlights, and the album opener The Same Jesus is absolutely one of those. With a singable chorus and one of the better guitar parts we've heard in a Matt Redman song, it's a strong opener for an album full of songs that will find places all over the modern church. –John Hisel

Steven McWhirter "Grave Clothes"

As I said in Episode 20 of the NRT Now Podcast, this song turned my head from the first listen. When it came up in a random playlist, I had to find out what song was playing and who the artist was. The lyrics are powerful: "I'm taking off my grave clothes/I'm putting on resurrection/I'm taking off my clothes/I'm putting on righteousness." After hearing the story behind the song in the podcast, it's undeniable that this song is God-breathed. The song has a little bit of a southern rock meets worship feel. I love how Stephen delivers this song with power and grit, while maintaining a beauty in not overdoing it. –Jake Frederick

Here Be Lions "I Speak Jesus"

Last year, Here Be Lions released their EP, I Speak Jesus. Now, they've released a new version of their single, "I Speak Jesus," featuring renowned worship leader Darlene Zschech. As they declare the power of Jesus' name over every need and situation--fear, depression, anxiety, addiction, to name a few--in our lives, the listener will be immediately drawn into the song's message and filled with faith. It's a ballad with a simple piano melody, with drums adding texture. The musical arrangement gives the lyrics just enough space to breathe on the verses and to help them soar on the bridge. This song is powerful and will give you words of faith and prayer to sing over the situations in your life. –Jasmin Patterson

Rush of Fools "Build My Life"

"Build My Life" is one of my favorite worship songs. There is something about the chorus, "Holy, there is no one like you/There is none beside/Open up my eyes in wonder" that I really like. House of Fires just has a way of conveying the awe and wonder of Christ. Not surprisingly, Passion, as well as Bethel Music have covered the song. Rush of Fools puts a more pop/alternative feel to it, without losing the essence of the song. The arrangement gets even better as it breaks into the bridge, which features punchy drum programming and guitar samples. Bottom line, Rush of Fools provided a very well done version of a song. –Dwayne Lacy

Assembled from the four corners of North America and beyond, the NRTeam is comprised of staffers whose energy is equally dispersed towards loving music and writing about the music they love. // Photo by Szabo Viktor on Unsplash

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