Christmas Favorites: Part 2
In the second part of this year's Christmas series, artists are telling us their favorite thing about the Christmas season and the best Christmas gift they've ever received.

AN NRT GUEST EDITORIAL, Christmas Favorites: Part 2
Posted: December 12, 2019 | By: NRTeamAdmin
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As we get closer to Christmas, some of your favorite artists are celebrating the holidays by telling us their favorite thing about the Christmas season.

"Getting to see my family! But I love the whole thing. Snuggling up with hot chocolate under Christmas lights to watch movies with your loved ones. All the while no matter where you go- you're constantly hearing songs about the best gift ever given to the world- Jesus!" –Jen Ledger

"The reminder of how significant and audacious the love of our heavenly Father is of course but also that opportunity as a church family and my immediate family that we get to worship God together and then to allow His love to spill out of us onto others." –Sam Evans, Planetshakers

"An ideal Christmas morning is that the kids have slept all night so they're feeling really great in the morning. A cinnamon roll, a coffee, and all my kids around me just pumped on presents. I like it simple and sweet and that nobody is sick. It seems that with four kids, there's always someone sick. So, no one sick, everybody is well-rested, cinnamon rolls, coffee, kids open presents. Can't get better than that." –Phil Wickham

"My favorite thing about the Christmas season is spending time with my wife and my boys, as well as visiting all our family. Love it!" –Aaron Watkins, Random Hero

"Just getting to be with the ones you love and relaxing. I love how everything slows down and it helps us focus on what matters." –Nathan Sheridan

"This is my favorite time of year! It is so rewarding doing Christmas concerts. I love talking and singing about all the things that go along with Christmas and watching the joy on people's faces as they identify with a memory or a special song." –Ivan Parker

"The glow of The lights at night." -Matt Maher

Finally, we asked the artists about the best Christmas gift they've ever received. 

"Salvation and restoration would be my most precious gift. My father had left our family 2 weeks before Christmas when I was 16 years of age so for many years Christmas became a reminder of rejection and so it wasn't a happy time for me. I will never forget though the Christmas morning that, instead of waking with a sense of sadness and dread, I woke with joy in my heart. Jesus had healed that brokenness inside of me and had restored the joy of Christmas. That was the best Christmas present I have ever received." –Sam Evans, Planetshakers

"I would say my favorite gift I ever received that I freaked out the most at was a Super Nintendo. My brother and I got it and we screamed for about three minutes and then immediately plugged it in and played it. That was maybe the best gift ever." –Phil Wickham

"It depends on what age I was... I remember getting an Atari and a Whitney Houston cassette, haha! My senior year in high school, my mom bought me studio time at a local studio to record a few of the songs I had been writing." –Sara Groves

"The best Christmas gift I've ever received was from my wife. She surprised me by having all my guitars cleaned, and along with them was a brand-new Taylor guitar I had been wanting for some time. Best gift ever!" –Aaron Watkins, Random Hero

"A Gamecube and a bike–all in the same year! We were not a rich family and I have no idea how my grandparents pulled it off, but that was huge for me. Still is!" –Nathan Sheridan

"We never got a lot of Christmas gifts growing up, but one Christmas my older brothers wanted to do something special. They bought me a new bicycle and roller skates. What a surprise on Christmas morning! I will never forget it." –Ivan Parker

"My first keyboard (Casio) started with a series of riddles and clues that led me to the trunk of our car." -Matt Maher

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