#5 - Irae, City Rockfest Tour 2020, Rockfest Topping Charts, Fight the Fade, and Fit For A King
Ryan Adams, NRT's new resident Rock reporter, walks us through the latest news, releases, tours and more in this ongoing series.

THE ROCK REPORT WITH RYAN ADAMS, #5 - Irae, City Rockfest Tour 2020, Rockfest Topping Charts, Fight the Fade, and Fit For A King
Posted: December 05, 2019 | By: RyanAdams_NRT
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Welcome to The Rock Report! I hope the content in this series is helpful for you. I love sharing my love for rock and metal music and enjoy bringing support to the artists and labels that I highlight. Rock on!

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New Music: Irae
Irae is an ambient hardcore/metalcore band from Washington, DC. Although they are independent, this does not limit their musical talent. Irae describes themselves in this way: "We exist to spark thought, encourage conversation, and promote cultural and societal change." They bring Christ-centered lyrics and a new fresh sound to faith-based heavy music. Comparable to Sleeping Giant and For Today, who were both way makers for Christian metal. Irae can make a big impact, both musically and lyrically. Their debut album, Spirit, is a great demonstration of what they offer. 

New Tour: City Rockfest Tour 2020
The City Rockfest Tour, one of the largest annual Christian rock tours, recently announced its lineup with traditional headliner and host, Seventh Day Slumber, once again on the frontlines. They are joined by Rockfest Tour alumni Disciple and Spoken along with new bands Convictions and Relent (stylized R.L.N.T.). This will be a great experience for fans of rock music and you can be sure that the Gospel will be presented. Tour dates are not announced yet, but stay tuned to their Facebook page here:

News Headline: Rockfest Records Topping The Charts
Rockfest Records is on a roll! They recently shared on their Facebook page, "After Seventh Day Slumber spent 10 weeks at #1 on the Christian Rock Charts, we now have a #2 with Random Hero! On our way to another #1." Rockfest Records has made incredible progress as a new label. They have helped great artists make great music, and in some cases, the best music they have ever made. Every current single from a Rockfest Records artist is on the Christian Rock Charts. Congratulations on a well-deserved achievement!

A Throwback Album: Fight the Fade's Second Horizon
Fight the Fade's first album had a couple singles that gained some attention, but it was not until two years later, in 2014, that Fight the Fade made a lasting impact on the Christian rock scene. Second Horizon boasted soaring anthems, proactive lyrics, and spawned a Reimagined edition of the album with stripped down instrumentals that allows their excellent songwriting to shine through. Some compare lead singer Zeke's vocals to Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and musically, a blend with RED. They have continued to make music and are currently preparing for their fourth full-length album. Listen to: "Second Horizon," "Rise," and "Lost"
A Song Devotional: Fit For a King "When Everything Means Nothing" 
Singing about mental health is not new territory for Fit For a King. Their newest album, Dark Skies, tackles this even more than they have previously. Lead vocalist, Ryan Kirby, explains in several interviews that even though he has not struggled with depression much, he wanted to write a song to reach out to those who have.
The song, "When Everything Means Nothing" is wrapped with a message of hope during struggle. The emphatic chorus says, "I try to smile, try to fight. Just say I'm okay. But every day feels like it's killing me." This is definitely a feeling that you and I have felt. It is almost paralyzing. But then, the last verse encourages us to reach out to God for help, even when things seem to keep getting worse. "So tell me what I need. The water's rising past my eyes." Being willing to listen to what we need is crucial to improving our situations. I hope this song encourages you and for further encouragement also check out Ryan Kirby's recently released devotional book titled The Embrace.


Ryan Adams grew up in Boise, Idaho for most of his life. He fell in love with rock and metal music through his high school best friend. He currently lives in Ohio and loves sharing his passion of music with NewReleaseToday. [Photo Credit: Mary Nikkel,]

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