#2 - Disciple, Demon Hunter, Lacey Sturm, Reclaimers and Tragic Scarlet White News
Ryan Adams, NRT's new resident Rock reporter, walks us through the latest in Rock news, releases, tours and more in this ongoing series.

THE ROCK REPORT WITH RYAN ADAMS, #2 - Disciple, Demon Hunter, Lacey Sturm, Reclaimers and Tragic Scarlet White News
Posted: August 12, 2019 | By: RyanAdams_NRT
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Welcome to the second edition of The Rock Report where I share five things from the world of Christian Rock that I hope will introduce you to some new songs and artists that can encourage and empower you throughout the week. Enjoy!

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New Music: Reclaimers
Reclaimers is a new rock project headed up by independent artist Samuel Day. Their debut single, "Already Over," released last week. Samuel says the name of the band comes from the idea that "Everything the devil has is stolen, and I believe so much of our mission is to boldly take it back." The message of the song is a declaration against the devil that no matter what he can do to us, he can not win because the war is already over in Christ. There are plenty of melodic bits alongside a heavy bass and the message is great! Samuel Day also has a self-titled CCM project. He says he has more planned for 2019 for both bands, which is fantastic! (Interview Source:

New Tour: Lacey Sturm
Lacey Sturm is back on tour, but not for long. She'll be performing eight dates in the Midwest-Eastern U.S. between September 21and October 1. Lacey recently posted on her socials that she's "excited to get back on the road and melt some faces!" Lacey recently released a musical soundtrack to go with her new book, Reflect Love Back. It's her second album since leaving Flyleaf. Lacey also filled in for Jen Ledger's vocals for Skillet this year and last winter during Winter Jam Tour 2019. See tour dates here

New Headline: Scarlet White's Lead Singer Dies
The Christian rock world stopped in its tracks when news broke last week that Spencer Minor, lead singer for the Christian rock band Scarlet White, was involved in a fatal accident. The band's Facebook page explained, "Spencer was involved in a motorcycle accident last night. We are confused and angry and sad at God's timing. It's never easy to get the news that someone was taken all too soon. Please, please lift up his family in prayer. Ask God to wrap his arms around them and give them comfort during this time. Spencer changed many lives and his legacy lives on through music." 

The Protest wrote, "
Our hearts are heavy today at the loss of Mr. Spencer Minor. If you have ever spent time with him then you know what a humble warrior for the Lord he was." 

Joseph Rojas of Seventh Day Slumber and Rockfest Records said, "We don't always have the answers but we have to remember that God is no less God in these types of painful moments. It's hard to smile today even knowing Spencer is present with Jesus. Jesus, comfort his family." 

Mary Nikkel, founder of and former contributor of NRT, was touched as well. "
I will forever cherish my [tattoo] pieces from Spencer. We did the initial roses in one session (modeled off Disciple's Scars Remain album) and came back a year later to touch up, add shading, and add the stars around it. [When people ask about them, I] can tell them about my own personal meaning, but also about the friend who gifted me with a piece of his creativity and kindness." 

An online fundraiser for $20,000 was put up and at this point has reached its goal to support his family who did not have life insurance.


A Throwback Album: Demon Hunter's The World Is a Thorn
Demon Hunter is currently on a very unique tour simply called An Evening with Demon Hunter. They play a rock/metal set and an acoustic set, covering songs from their entire discography. That got me thinking about their earlier albums as Demon Hunter is in my personal top three metal bands. The World Is a Thorn is their fifth album (2010) and it's thrashy! You'll find Ryan Clark's always hard-hitting, death-metal vocals with gang vocals thrown into the mix and you'll also find a couple of guest vocalists, which they stopped doing after this album. I also find the lyrics to be some of the most encouraging and direct from their catalog. 
A Song Devotional: Disciple "Cuff the Criminal"
The dudes in Disciple are veterans of the rock scene. They know what works well for them and have built on that their entire career. They started crowdfunding their albums with Attack, followed with Long Live The Rebels. For Love Letter Kill Shot, their upcoming release, they signed with Tooth and Nail Records. Based on the two singles releaed so far, the new album is going to be an exciting one! I'm expecting more experimentation both musically and lyrically and "Cuff the Criminal" has a very specific challenge for us. The chorus says, "I thought I was in control. Thought I was invincible. I got to lock up the dark in my soul. Cuff the criminal." So, let me ask you, what do you need to "cuff" in your soul? Is there a sin you struggle with that you have not taken any steps to take down? Is there unresolved conflict that you need to bring peace or resolution to? Do you have an unconfessed secret eating you alive? Just as we see through police officers on T.V., cuffing criminals is no easy task, and they almost always fight back. Be ready for a fight, but go put that criminal back in its place!

Ryan Adams has grown to love music that focuses on Christ and Biblical messages. Thanks to one of his best friends, he fell in love with rock and metal music and even more so with the messages and artists. He currently lives in Ohio. [Article Photo Credit: Rock On Purpose, Used With Permission]

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