#4 - Paradise Now, Wolves at the Gate, For Today, Michael Sweet and RED
Ryan Adams, NRT's new resident Rock reporter, walks us through the latest news, releases, tours and more in this ongoing series.

THE ROCK REPORT WITH RYAN ADAMS, #4 - Paradise Now, Wolves at the Gate, For Today, Michael Sweet and RED
Posted: November 07, 2019 | By: RyanAdams_NRT
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The Rock Report highlights great music and great artists. I hope that the music you find through this ongoing series brings you hope and encouragement. Rock on!

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New Music: Paradise Now

Tooth and Nail Records has recently signed a new band to their label and we are loving what they are putting out. Paradise Now is the band's name, and their new EP is called Supernatural. Our NRT staff reviewer, Brendan Burke, says, "Paradise Now offers a huge wave of much-needed rock in our modern pop and contemporary world." Read his full review here. Paradise Now's release is incredibly strong. It is creative, catchy, and captures your attention well. I expect the next release will only build upon the strengths found n this EP.

New Tour: Wolves at the Gate

Wolves at the Gate are now considered veterans of the Christian metal scene. Every album they have released has received positive critical reception and contains some of the best-written lyrics around. I love the boldness of their faith in their music. They are convicting, encouraging, and intentional. Wolves at the Gate are going on tour, supported by My Epic, Comrades, and Empty. Each of their supporting bands is also faith-driven. Their tour is on the road now through November 18, 2019. 

News Headline: Red's Independent Album Fully Funded

RED launched a GoFundMe campaign earlier this year titled "The Future of Red" with a goal to raise $100,000 to help them go fully independent. They recently reached that goal and have been giving updates on new music and exciting news. The Evening Hate EP released November 1st which includes four singles and a cover ("Hemorrhage (in my hands)"). Through social media updates, they also stated that they hope to release their full-length album in Spring 2020, possibly April. They are going on a 34-city tour soon. RED had been signed to Sony Music for many years. Fans are strongly awaiting their full-length album with much anticipation.

A Throwback Album: For Today's Fight the Silence

For Today is another metal band that promotes bold faith throughout their music. For Today was active from 2005-2016, fronted by Mattie Montgomery. On July 5, 2016, the band announced via Facebook they would embark on a farewell tour and would disband afterward. The band played their last show on December 18, 2016, with Silent Planet, Oh, Sleeper, Norma Jean and Fit for a King. Fight the Silence was the band's fifth, of six, albums. I note this album for its lyrical style, musical improvement, and vocal prowess. The lyrics are not as explicitly obvious for their faith, yet definitely still driven by their faith and Biblical morals. There are plenty of convicting and empowering lyrics in this album. Songs to listen to now: "Fight the Silence," "Break the Cycle," and "For the Fallen."

A Song Devotional: Michael Sweet, "Better Part of Me"

Michael Sweet recently released his tenth solo album, Ten. This rock album is high-energy and well-written. Michael brought guest artists in, both musically and vocally, in the hopes that he can show unity and craft a great album. He succeeded in both of those goals. The unity of the different artists helped Michael create a fantastic album with important messages to share. In "Better Part of Me," he sings of the divide between our worldly desires and our spiritual desires.

Part of me Is searching for the holiness in thee.
Part of me Is reaching for the worldly things I see.
I'm fighting for the better part of me. In every situation
I've got a choice to make. I know it can be right or a mistake.

This song convicted me, so I want to challenge you in regards to this message. What are you not fighting for within your relationship with the Lord? Are you not fighting for your co-workers to know God's love through you? Are you not fighting for your family to be your number one priority, besides God? Are you not fighting for the power to forgive someone who hurt you? Remember, you always have a choice to make. Let your choice be to fight for the holiness in thee.

Ryan Adams grew up in Boise, Idaho for most of his life. He fell in love with rock and metal music through his high school best friend. He currently lives in Ohio and loves sharing with NewReleaseToday. [Photo credit: For Today, photo by]

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