#1 - Skillet, Wolves at the Gate, Fit For A King, UnMasked and Rusty Shipp
NRT's Rock reporter Ryan Adams walks us through the latest in Rock news, releases, tours and more in this new series.

THE ROCK REPORT WITH RYAN ADAMS, #1 - Skillet, Wolves at the Gate, Fit For A King, UnMasked and Rusty Shipp
Posted: July 23, 2019 | By: RyanAdams_NRT
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My name is Ryan Adams and welcome to my new Rock column here on NewReleaseToday!

I joined NRT in 2019 as the rock and metal contributor. I have personally looked to the website for news, release dates and reviews for years so I'm incredibly honored to now be writing for this site. It has been a blast being able to contribute back to a site that has been helpful to me in my past.

The Rock Report is my personal column to update readers on major news pieces and share some personal thoughts and opinions about the music I love. Ultimately, I hope this can be something that will introduce you to more rock music and ultimately, point you and your friends to a song in a time of need. Enjoy!

New Music: Rusty Shipp
This first band I want to bring your attention to is Russ T. Shipp's band, "Rusty Shipp." They call themselves "Nautical Rock." This is not the first time a new genre is used, like with Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh's "Beautycore." The new album from the Nashville-based band is one of their most ambitious endeavors to date. After the success of 2017's Mortal Ghost and band transitions that left singer Russ T. with an entirely new lineup, the new crew is stronger than ever, mixing hard rock and grunge with those nautical surf vibes that are definitely worth checking out. The new EP, Liquid Exorcist, is promised to be their best ever, so I anticipate it! Russ T said in an interview with Jesusfreakhideout, "With our music, we are definitely trying to create a sound that sounds kind of spiritual and divine, some would say kind of ghastly-sounding, otherworldly." Check out the lead single and music video below. A good place to follow them is on their Facebook page:

New Tour: Fit For A King
A tour that you don't want to miss is Fit For a King's 2019 Summer Tour. This is special because Fit For a King has not had a headlining show in a very long time! They are supported by Left Behind, Currents, and Norma Jean. They have a lot of dates, so check to see if they are coming your way and you'll get to see more live music from them than most people have in the last few years. You also get to see Norma Jean, who have not been touring a lot recently. 


New Headline: UnMasked Signs To Rockfest Records
A new band has been signed to Christian-based rock and metal label, Rockfest Records. The label is headed by Joseph Rojas, lead of Seventh Day Slumber, and he has been finding quality bands that deliver faith-based music through rock and metal. The newest addition is rap-rock trio UnMasked who independently released their album Feels Like Home earlier this year, a set of songs mixed by Paul Lipinksy. It features Tate Olsen (Skillet, Cellofourte). The album will be re-releasing under the Rockfest Records heading. Amongst artists such as Thousand Foot Krutch, Manafest, and the famed dc Talk, they could find love for their rap-rock mix.

A Throwback Album: Skillet's Collide
"When faith and fear collide..." With the anticipating launch of Skillet's new album, Victorious on August 2, 2019, I'd like to take a look at some of their earlier works and share my personal favorite album of theirs. Collide is an earlier release that typically gets overlooked and it was a change for Skillet. The electronic backdrop from other albums was almost completely gone, replaced instead by a raw, more aggressive straight-up rock sound. The passionate raw rock and roll, some consider metal sound, exposes some of the most challenging lyrics they've written. I can see a lot of their popular hits from later albums resembling the lyrical styles they introduced here. Enjoy this dive into the earlier days of Skillet!


A Song Devotional: Wolves at the Gate "Drifter"
Wolves at the Gate's latest single, "Drifter" off their July 26 release, has a significant challenge for us to hear. As the title suggests, it's about a journey of one's faith as he drifts further from their relationship with God. The chorus says, "All I know is I'm missing the signs, buying my time. Eventually I know I'll fall below and drift out of line." Often in our life, we realize the sinful struggles that we battle but sometimes, we do not do much to stop it. It will usually take a drastic change and a complete surrender to God, which is not easy. The last verse says, "There's nothing left I'm done with all this pain! I'm yours to save so help me find my way." What is causing you pain that is preventing you from surrendering fully to the Lord who can save you? What have you been holding back?


Ryan Adams has grown to love music that focuses on Christ and Biblical messages. Thanks to one of his best friends, he fell in love with rock and metal music and even more so with the messages and artists. He currently lives in Ohio.

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