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  • "Dying Breath" from Dying Breath (Single)
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  • "Greater" from Death Stare EP
    Views 324 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Hell to Hold You" from Death Stare EP
    Views 125 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Noise Revolution" from Legacy
    Views 529 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Pull Me Away" from Game Changer
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  • "Rebel Static" from Great Lengths
    Views 472 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Show Up To The Showdown" from Death Stare EP
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  • "Valor" from Legacy
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  • "Vicious Cycle" from Great Lengths
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  • "We Will Rise" from Game Changer
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  • "Welcome to the Freakshow" from Great Lengths
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  • "What Else You Got" from Legacy
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    (Sunday, August 29, 2021)
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    (Saturday, July 24, 2021)
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    (Thursday, April 08, 2021)
    The 2nd Annual Grizzly Awards Announces Winners Including Fireflight & The Protest
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    (Thursday, May 24, 2018)
    ​The Protest Announce Rockfest Records Debut 'Legacy,' Releasing July 13
    (Friday, April 20, 2018)
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    (Thursday, March 29, 2018)
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    (Tuesday, February 21, 2017)
    Disciple, KJ-52 and Everfound To Tour This Fall
    (Saturday, July 18, 2015)
    The Protest
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    When you’re faced with overwhelming odds, you have two choices: you can fight, or you can
    flee. With their Death Stare EP, The Protest is choosing to fight, to stare fear down and refuse to
    move. Death Stare is available through all major digital retailers on August 27, 2021, the latest release from The Protest in partnership with Rockfest Records. The project was preceded by the
    raucous, rock-show-ready anthem “Show Up to the Showdown,” which captures the fighting
    spirit that you’ll find throughout the EP. “Life can be terrifying, especially lately,” the band admits.
    “When we realize we have been given the strength inside to face obstacles, it's so empowering.
    Our courage can inspire others and be a light.”

    You’ll find that purpose-oriented perspective saturating “Greater,” originally released last
    summer. You’ll also hear it in “Voices,” a frantic fight song that admits to personal pain while
    vowing to overcome: “I’ve had enough, I’ll draw the line, this is where it ends / I’ll break the cycle
    and find the strength to be whole again
    .” The aggressive determination to tackle both internal and external opposition elevates the track “Paper Tigers” to a fever pitch, an extravagantly riff-laden clap back at our demons. “The Mountain” acknowledges the challenge of staying the course through the inevitable weariness that weighs us down after years of being in the fight, while “Hell to Hold” rounds it out by telling the simple truth: it’s all worth it.

    The Death Stare EP was created in collaboration between band members Joshua Bramlett
    (vocals), Jarob Bramlett (drums), Adam Sadler (guitar) and TJ Colwell (guitar) in partnership
    with producer Mitchell Ray Marlow (Papa Roach, Starset, In This Moment). It follows their
    critically lauded 2018 Rockfest Records debut album, Legacy.

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