10 Throwback Easter Songs
NRT's Wayback Contributor, Jessi Zilka, briefly discusses 10 throwback songs that are essential to any Easter Sunday playlist.

A WAYBACK MOMENT, 10 Throwback Easter Songs
Posted: April 18, 2019 | By: JessiZilka_NRT
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While the Christmas season has given us incredible music over the years, Easter holds some of the most meaningful and powerful songs in Christian music history. This holiday celebrates the most important piece of the Christian faith, and music is one way that believers express their joy, reverence, and gratitude of Christ's resurrection. Many turn to worship songs during this time of year, and though there are many great tunes to sing from recent songbooks, some of the greatest Easter songs were written well before today. 

Here are 10 throwback songs that beautifully represent the triumph of Easter Sunday. 

10. "Red Letters" by DC Talk
Though this song isn't specifically about the resurrection of Jesus, it is a song about the impact of the Gospel of Christ, and the truth and life that can be found by seeking out the words of Jesus. It's a celebration of His ministry, and a song urging people to follow His teachings.

9. "Redeemer" by Nicole C. Mullen
An instant hit at its release, Nicole C. Mullen's "Redeemer" is a beautiful track about the majesty of the Savior, reminding listeners that the same God that created the world and is there for us in our brokenness was the same that died on the cross for the sins of the world.

8. "He Reigns" by Newsboys
This song may not specifically address the message of Easter, but it is the perfect song for worshipping a risen Savior, and the power His children can have when all their voices are lifted in praise of Jesus and His glory.

7. "He Is" by Aaron Jeoffrey
Father/Son duo Aaron Jeoffrey summarize the role of God in each book of the Bible in "He Is." This song wasn't written for the Easter season, but it is a beautiful reflection of the presence of Christ throughout Scripture, both in the Old and New Testaments.

6. "Easter Song" by 2nd Chapter of Acts
2nd Chapter of Acts was one of the original contemporary Christian artists to hit the scene, producing most of their music in the 1970s. And in 1974, they released their first studio album featuring the tune "Easter Song." This track is a celebration of the Easter season and its importance to the Christian faith.

5. "I've Just Seen Jesus" by Sandi Patty, featuring Larnelle Harris
Sandi Patty is known to be one of the most powerful singers in the industry. Combine her with gospel powerhouse Larnelle Harris, and the songwriting of legend Bill Gaither, and you've got one of the most powerful Easter songs featuring the story of Mary's encounter with the recently resurrected Christ.

4. "It Is Finished" by Petra
Though "It Is Finished" is a Good Friday-inspired song, it's vital to the celebration of Easter. This is a powerful, core-shaking interpretation of such a somber day that will eventually lead to the beautiful Easter resurrection. 

3. "Sunday's on the Way" by Carman
Carman is one of the most unique lyricists in Christian music, and the humorous yet powerful song "Sunday's on the Way" is a perfect example of that. He sings this song for a live audience, telling the story of the Devil's anxiety as he awaits the inevitable resurrection of Christ. When that moment finally comes in the song, the crowd explodes into cheers, celebrating the victory of Jesus.

2. "Arise My Love" by Newsong
One of the most beautifully written songs in Christian music, Newsong's tune "Arise My Love" is a moving, gorgeous narrative of the resurrection of Christ and the deep, unconditional love God has for His Son. Both the lyrics and the instrumentation are bone-chilling and is a must-have for any Easter celebration.

1. "He's Alive" by Don Francisco, sung by Dolly Parton
Don Francisco's "He's Alive," written in 1977, represents Peter's point of view on the day of the resurrection of Christ and His appearance to His disciples. Though Francisco's version is powerful and will be legendary for generations to come, it's country queen Dolly Parton that has made this song her own. She delivers it in a way that will bring you to your feet with hands raised high as she belts out the words "He's alive! He's alive! He's alive, and I'm forgiven. Heaven's gates are open wide!"  

Jessi Zilka owns a small record store in Florida. She loves music more than anything in this world (except Jesus, of course). If she's not listening to music or working at her store, she's usually out record hunting, going to Disney World, spending time with her husband, hanging out with family or friends, catching up on a favorite TV show, or curling up on the couch and watching a movie.

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