Christmas In Music Part 3
What does Christmas look like to your favorite musicians? In the third part of our series, artists share their favorite family Christmas traditions.

NRT LISTS, Christmas In Music Part 3
Posted: December 14, 2017 | By: NRTeamAdmin
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As the big day is quickly approaching, we asked some of your favorite artists about their most memorable Christmas family traditions.
"Decorating a live tree with ornaments my wife and I collect from places around the world we have been." 
"Christmas morning, reading from Luke chapter 2 as a family before we open gifts. Each year one of my daughters takes a turn reading. Hearing a child read about the birth of Jesus is so special, and reminding our hearts of the true gift of Christmas before we open presents is so powerful."
"I love the night we decorate our tree. Usually it's the Monday after Thanksgiving, but this year we put it up early. We make chili or spaghetti, bake cookies, turn on the Christmas music, and break out the ornaments. It always turns out to be one of the most memorable days of the season." 
"We keep so many traditions, and Christmas more than any other, but I think my favorite would need to be the methodical, almost ceremonious pace of Christmas morning. Stockings are a free-for-all, whenever the kids wake up, but everything else waits until after a family breakfast, the reading of the Christmas story, a prayer of thanksgiving, and then the distribution of gifts. Each gift opening is observed, one at a time, and celebrated, we often won't finish until afternoon. We savor the morning together."
"Christmas light hunting, opening one, only one, present on Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve services, Advent calendars, telling the Christmas story and teaching their kids about the celebration of Christmas." 
"Eating my Mom's fudge - the whole month of December it's in her refrigerator and we can go in and eat it any time." 
- Mike Donehey of Tenth Avenue North


"We go to Jamaica for Christmas cause that's where our family is from."
- TobyMac
"We have a couple of traditions. Nothing outlandish, but always special to us. I'll be honest, I still get a few presents labeled 'from Santa...' thanks mom! We always read the Christmas story out of the Bible before opening gifts. Followed by blueberry muffins, bacon and eggs. And then my most favorite: we watch 24 hours of A Christmas Story on TBS and yes, the ENTIRE 24 hours of it!"
"The night-before stuff. I know it's not all 'biblical,' but as a parent, it's just so special."
"We get together on Christmas Eve and eat good food, sit around the fire, and sing Christmas carols together."
- Jon Lowry of Unspoken

"My wife, Crystal, and I exchange meaningful ornaments each year. It sounds like a small thing, but we've had some of the most profound moments of our marriage around the tree with that tradition." 
"Christmas eggs-- it's kind of like an egg casserole. My mom bakes eggs, sausage and bread together into this insanely delicious breakfast. The smell is the first sign of Christmas to me."
- Jeff Luckey of For All Seasons
"Christmas Lasagna! Every Christmas my mom make lasagna from scratch. It's the one time every year that we can expect it, and it's delicious!" 
- Emily Hamilton of For All Seasons
"Going to church together on Christmas Eve and then driving home in the dark and seeing all the shops and stores that have closed early! Christmas Eve always gives me a deep feeling of anticipation and excitement that no other day of the year brings, and experiencing that together as a family is my favorite tradition."
"We fill our Christmas with family, whether it be a movie night with popcorn, a trip to the nearest lights and hayride or cooking for hours, making our favorite family dishes together. It would be impossible to choose one favorite, but there are many family traditions here; and if one were to be left out, I'd hear about it! In fact, that reminds me--about 10 years ago, I was making my grocery list and had forgotten to put the ingredients for a sausage roll I've made many years as a pre-made and quick alternative to breakfast for Christmas morning. My kids let me know that had become one of their favorite Christmas traditions, and they expected to have their sausage rolls Christmas morning! More than anything, it's about spending quality time with family doing whatever you love to do!"
"We still fill one another's stockings like when we were children. Everyone gets so excited to see what little treats and trinkets they got!" 
- Tanya Goodman Sykes of Goodman Revival
"Watching an old movie, 'Remember the Night.' It's really about second chances, and that is why Jesus came: to give us a second chance."
 - Johnny Minick of Goodman Revival
"Every year we light a fire (since we live in Florida, we have to turn on the AC sometimes to make it cool enough) and watch as many Christmas movies in a row as we can stand: Charlie Brown Christmas, Elf, The Grinch, Nativity Story, It's a Wonderful Life, and many more..."
- Nirva of Seth & Nirva
"We don't get to do this every year because we often end up traveling in December, but I love turning on the Christmas music classics and decorating the tree--it has to be a real one of course. And I know it's drama, but the fake ones just don't do it for me." 
- Seth of Seth & Nirva

"The Ivey household has many family traditions at Christmas, but my favorite happens on Christmas Eve. We read the Christmas story around the fire, then give each person one gift. It's the same gift every year (pajamas!), but each person acts surprised as they rip the box open. Then, we eat Christmas cookies and watch Elf. Best night ever."
- Aaron Ivey of Austin Stone Worship
"I have a small family so my favorite tradition is just being with my mom and dad. They are quiet, sweet people, so being with them during the holidays helps me slow down from the pace of New York City life."
"When I was a kid, my sisters and I would pile on the sofa with my parents and my dad would read the Christmas Story from the old family King James Bible that was about 5 inches thick and had size 37 font. We have so many hilarious home videos from those Christmases. They are some of my favorite memories from my childhood."
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