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Rehab [edit]
by Lecrae | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: September 28, 2010

Humanity has searched long and hard for answers to our ills, pains, and unsatisfying lives. While we were created emotionally, spiritually, and physically healthy, sin has caused us turn away from God and separated us from Him and His goodness. We need restoration, healing, and rehabilitation back to that original state of unity with God. Jesus is our rehabilitation. The Christian life is an entrance into Rehab.

Track Listing
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01. Check In
02. Killa
03. Divine Intervention ft. J.R.
04. Just Like You ft. J. Paul
05. Gotta Know ft. Benjah
06. Used To Do It Too ft. KB
07. Children of the Light ft. Sonny Sandoval & Dillavou
08. High ft. Sho Baraka & Suzy Rock
09. New Shalom ft. PRo
10. 40 Deep ft. Tedashii & Trip Lee
11. Walking On Water
12. God Is Enough ft. Flame & Jai
13. Boasting ft. Anthony Evans
14. Background ft. C-Lite
15. New Reality ft. Chinua Hawk
16. Release Date ft. Chris Lee
17. Bonus Track I Love You ft. Chris Lee

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Offical Rawk 'N Review Promotions Review! | Posted May 02, 2011
For Memphis-resident and Reach Records co-founder, Lecrae, Rehab is another successful attempt to bring a culturally relevant and biblically solid message to the burdened.  As a follow-up to his previous project, Rebel, Rehab had a hefty task at hand in order to meet the prior success and acclaim of Rebel, having been the first Christian rap album to position itself at the top of Billboard’s Top Gospel Album chart.  Thankfully, through the grace of God, Rehab has not only met the same chart-topping status, but has also received many other accolades as well, such as debuting at #17 on Billboard’s Top 200 albums.

Regardless of the fame, success, and chart-topping status achieved, Lecrae’s purpose for Rehab is to bring forth the fact that because we are all sinful in nature, it is only thru Christ alone that we can find true rehabilitation for all our problems.  Fittingly so, the leadoff track is aptly titled “Check In,” representing the entrance into Christianity offering the healing we need.  The album does have a rather uncommon length of 17 tracks with a vast majority of the tracks also containing a featured artist assisting Lecrae.  Along with some of the Reach Records family of artists, some other artists such as Sonny Sandoval from P.O.D. and even Anthony Evans make appearances on the album.  As an album of encouragement, empowerment, and challenge to the listener as opposed to an expected series of preaching or theology-driven lyrics, Rehab brings a more personal side of Lecrae and the message he is trying to deliver.

Starting with the song “Killa,” the album seems to branch off into several sections to reflect the different stages of entering this rehab that we call Christianity.  “Killa,” for example, gives a vivid description of our sin and seduction, which gives the need to bring us into rehab.  The next track “Divine Intervention,” makes it known that just as drug addicts typically need someone to intervene and inform them of their detrimental actions, God intervenes in our addiction to sin to save us from it.  “Just Like You” focuses on the world’s desire to idolize and model ourselves like those around us and people whom we see to be living the ‘good life’ when instead we should model ourselves in the image of Christ and model our lives around Him, a pivotal step in the rehabilitation process.  “Gotta Know” carries a more uplifting beat as acceptance of a problem leads to seeking help.

“Used To Do It Too” begins the part of the album that focuses on the change made while in rehab.  Celebrating the fact that “I’m changed, I learned how to live again,” the track emits hope and confidence that the cross does with lives.  What is perhaps one of my favorite tracks of the album because it not only features Sonny Sandoval, lead singer of P.O.D., but it also combines hip-hop with rock and reggae influences.  Each sharing a verse of the song, the song represents the true freedom from sin that we have in God’s son.  Pivoting on the same theme, “High” lyricizes on the new high given thru the regenerated life of going thru rehabilitation.  Continuing in a linear fashion as the tracks follow the course thru Rehab, Lecrae raps in “New Shalom” about the new peace given through the cleansing of our sins.  One particular thing that I like about this track is how the featured artist, PRo, plays on words and uses a couple of the other collaborators found on this album in the lines.

“40 Deep” features fellow 116 Clique members Trip Lee and Tedashii in a style expected of Lecrae and sounds much like songs from previous albums.  This track serves as the starting point for the rehabilitated person to spread the word of the cleansing powers of rehabilitation in order to help others also enter rehab.  “Walking On Water” reflects the stepping out on faith and witnessing to others on what God’s power can do.  As one of the singles to hit radio, “God Is Enough” is a dance-worthy hit that is pretty self-explanatory in its meaning.  Along the same lines, “Boasting,” which features Anthony Evans, speaks of how boasting in God alone should be the focus we seek while telling others of God’s grace and mercy.  In that process, “Background,” makes clear that although we may be out telling others about God, we should let Him take the lead instead of relying on our human intentions.  In a direct attempt to minister to the listener, “New Reality” intervenes, addressing God’s forgiving nature while also challenging the listener to seek rehab thru Christ if not done so already.

Perhaps it is the gamer in me, but the beginning of “Release Date” and throughout the track is a tune that mimics a similar theme as common in the Final Fantasy series of video games.  Despite that, the track concludes on the concept of Rehab and brings the whole album to a resolve, ending the rehabilitation process.  The end of the process, however, does not come until the very end, at least the very end of human life as represented in the song.  It is then that the worldly journey ends and a new one begins at our home in heaven, with the One who rehabilitates us all.

As a bonus track, “I Love You” doesn’t directly relate to the Rehab theme, but is instead seems to be a love song written for Lecrae’s wife and the support she gives him and has given him throughout the years.  A great added track that just adds a little fun to the album in a very danceable fashion.

After listening to the whole album thoroughly, I can easily see why it took this many tracks to make the point Lecrae was trying to make with Rehab.  The life of Christianity is not an easy one and requires regular maintenance and rehabilitation in itself, but Lecrae does a great job in putting the concept together in what has already proved to be a stellar album and only makes one want to yearn for more from the talented artist.

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namzy (134)

Rehab | Posted August 17, 2014
Lecrae all your albums just have a message that makes me think more about my relationship with Christ. On this album I remember making Just like you my ring tone 3/4 years ago and man oh man I just want to be like Christ. Killa, Check in, Gotta Know and walking on water just make me celebrate  because of my faith.

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Amazing man of God! Wonderful Album! | Posted February 16, 2012
Absolutely love this album! I saw Lecrae live in concert for the Rock and Worship Roadshow. I had a couple of his hit songs from mixes I've gotten, but had to get the c.d. after seeing him live. My favorites are "God is Enough," "Background," and "High."

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100 STAR | Posted November 15, 2010
If I could rate this album it would be 100 stars. I absolutely love this album. It is, by far, the best album of the year. Lecrae did a great job writing the lyrics and creating something special for all the artists featured on the cd.

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Rehab is what I needed | Posted October 19, 2010
Lecrae's newest album called Rehab is absolutely amazing. If you like Christian rap/hip-hop it is a must buy. Even if you don't generally like that type of music I would still recommend getting it or at least give it a listen because it has something for everyone on it. When this album first came out it was ranked #2 for all rap/hip-hop albums on itunes, which includes all secular artists too. That is the highest ranking ever in that genre for a christian album which just shows you how great this album is. To prove it is still good, it's been a month now since the release and it is still in the top 5 at #5. The song "Killa" is his most popular song on the album and I can see why. Lecrae brings to light the issue of lust in this song and describes it as being killer, which to be real, it is. "Background" is another great song. Lecrae has put God first and is content being in the background and this song shows that. Thank God for artists like Lecrae that keep their lyrics real, they don't sugarcoat the gospel, it's right in front of you in the songs. If you take anything at all from this review take this: Lecrae's album Rehab is definitely worth a listen so look it up sometime.

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L7 (22)

nuthin but the best | Posted October 02, 2010
Lecrae is back with his fourth studio album REHAB. The common theme thru out the cd is our need for constant rehabilition from sin, our flesh and from the ways of this world. It starts off with a bass pounding track titled "Check In". Lecrae laments as he reflects on addiction to sin, "It goes on and on and on/ now im used to it/ its my lifestyle now and i dont know what else to do" The second track "Killa" shows how seductive sin is, the reason we can get hooked in the first place. It shows how we get enticed to thinking the sin isnt harmful and that its everything we could want. On the outside "she is beautiful" but "her exterior is black".
The best song in my opinion, is "Just like You". This song by itself was worth buying the whole cd. Crae talks about how he grew up without a dad and how he clung on to any male figure that showed him love, even if they gang banged. Then he shows how pop culture became his teacher. Then finally the only Father that ever matters, God. This song is perfect for men of all ages especially since we are created to be leaders.

"Used to do it too" is another banger. It features HGA member and new 116 alum, KB. As always the message is on point but KB's flow wasnt what i was expecting seeing how HGA is one of those fast rapping groups. I was expecting something like what PRo did on "New Shalom" which is probably my second favorite song on the cd. Its has that Memphis style bounce with the snapping snares and the echoing 808's. Its followed by another favorite "40 Deep" featuring Trip and Tedashii. All i can say about this song is HOT FIRE.

The album is in no way bad, but i must say that i was hoping for more upbeat songs. It might also be that i'm the type of person who skips over the already released singles. Im just happy Reach didnt have any of the best songs come out as singles. Support Reach Records. They are truly GOSPEL hip hop, not just Christian hip hop for the sake of hip hop. The music is truly anointed. It goes deeper than the surface to show man's depravity and the need for the Redeemer.

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Check In | Posted September 26, 2010
"Check In" is the intro and sets the pace/tone of the album. "Rebel Intro," is still the hottest intro from Lecrae, but "Check In" gets the point across. "Killa" comes up next and deals with how "ruin comes upon us from our addictions and how it kills us." This is one thing I like about Crayola: real life, honest lyrics; he pulls no punches. More so, he does this all over a dope beat. The loops and the female guest vocal makes the message of the song that more potent.

Up next is "Divine Intervention" and "Just Like You." "Just Like You" deals with a very real issue of boys not having a male role model. What makes this track hot is when Lecrae stop the beat to rap a capella. Very strong song. "Divine Intervention" has strong lyrics but is hurt by the injection of JR. I have nothing against JR, but he doesn't work on this song.

The most familiar tracks most people should be familiar with are "Children of the Light," and "High." These are very dope songs, but you may get annoyed with the chorus of "High." Prior to these two tracks are "Gotta Know" and "Used to Do It Too." One of the best tracks on this CD is "Gotta Know." Though it may be a tad commercial, it maybe one the track Lecrae gains more recognition for. It has slick rhymes, a tight hook, and a fantastic chorus; a true heart piercer. "Use to Do It Too" features a new member of the crew, KB, and a pretty slick guitar loop. Also, the drum line is pretty tight as well.

"New Shalom" is probably the most street song on this album. If you don't think that Christian rap can go hard, you'll think twice about that after listening to this song. "40 Deep" continues the flow, and drops another hot beat. It borrows from "Souled Out" from "Real Talk," and features two of the hottest rappers in the industry right now. In case you cannot figure it out, the song is about how there are no lone-wolves, we are all in together.

The next three are "Walking on Water," "God is Enough," and "Boasting." I am so glad that "Walking on Water" did not become a single because this is one song I do not want to tire of before this Tues. It is sure to bless a few cats. "God is Enough" will surprise a few people as it has a club pop beat that may fans may not like. Jai's voice is familiar because of her work on Trip Lee's album. This is truly a fun song, but one that may have to grow on me. "Boasting" is slower and a true R&B track. Anthony Evans is fantastic on this very strong, potent song.

The last three are "Background," "New Reality," and "Release Date." "Background" is medium paced, and drops a dope beat. I believe it truly sums up the project. "A trailing star that leads to the Superstar." Very chilling hook, and strong message: it is God's work in us that we have "Rehab;" it's not us because we are in the background. "New Reality" probably has the sickest beat/loop on the project. The track is pretty slick. "Release Date" finishes the album off strong, and what would a Lecrae album be without a strong finish!

Closing Thoughts:
"Just Like You," "Gotta Know," "Used to Do It Too," "Walking on Water," "Children of the Light," "New Shalom," and "Boasting" are the strongest and most well crafted songs on this project. Never once do the songs stray from the theme of "Rehab." Even if you don't like rap, it will be nearly impossible to not be impacted by Lecrae's ministry; especially this CD. Best part of all this is on 1/11/11, we get part two. This is arguably the hottest rap CD dropped this year. I'd say "Rehab," "Between Two Worlds," and "City Lights," are definitely projects to buy/check into.

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