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Age: 36
Gender: M
Relationship: Married
Location: Windsor mill, Maryland
Occupation: Student
Denomination: Christian
Favorite Saying: "'Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt, Abraham Lincoln."
Favorite Music: Rock/alternative, punk, metal, CCM, worship, pop/rock...(see favorite artists)
Interests: I enjoy going to concerts/festivals, reading books, writing poetry (I have two poetry books published), going to museums/historical sites, going to the beach, hiking, camping; basically I like being active.

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June 29, 2011, 15:25PM
Hi :D Thanks for accepting! Life here's great, you should visit Norway sometime, you'd love it <3 God bless ;)
April 18, 2009, 23:19PM
Hey hebrews - Just a quick note to let you know that you're our Featured NRTeam Member in next week's email newsletter. Congrats! Here's 10 bonus points for the feature. Rock on!


hebrews1316 Is...
grieving with my wife and her family
Posted 02.04.11 at 08:33AM | Status History

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excited! it's Christmas!
Posted 12.24.10 at 11:04PM | Status History

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is fighting a chest cold
Posted 03.31.10 at 07:19AM | Status History

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About Me
I was born in Honolulu, and eventually adopted in Colorado when I was three. My adoptive family and I moved to the Maryland area when I was six. Growing up, I learned little about God other than He did exist, and that religion is terrible (my adoptive dad grew up Catholic but abandoned all faith/religion/belief when he was in high school).

When, I was fourteen I attended a baptist church with my mom for a bit. While I was there I became a Christian at a revival after I heard "Worlds Apart" by Jars of Clay. I, however, (retrospectively) was the seed planted among thorns, and my faith never gained root nor grew. I do not know if it was my infatuation with my girlfriend at the time, or the youth ministry's inability to disciple young Christians, but that is how it went down.

Already struggling with identity issues and other psychological issues, I ran away from Jesus just about as fast as I ran to Him. I chose fitting in, sex, drugs, and alcohol over pursuing Him. I wanted to be one of the guys, and was tired of being seen as an outsider. Sooner or later, by age twenty-one, my life spiraled out of control and I hit rock bottom.

After getting back onto my feet, in the December of my 21st year, I started dating my now wife of eight years. I also went to a Lutheran Church, but left because they had a female pastor (yup, that is a make or break-it issue for me). After spending five years at a non-denominational Church in Laurel and serving two years in youth ministry, we left for Grace because at that time we had a young child. Moreover, Grace has a thriving men's ministry that I really needed at that time. Through attending Grace and the men's ministry, my faith has been transformed and I am steadily growing daily.

Fun facts:
-I have a A.A. in General Business, B.S. in Religion, and am working towards my MBA with a specialization in Project Management
-I have two books of poetry published: one prior to selling out to Christ, and one after
-I enjoy music, and attend concerts frequently
-I enjoy reading mysteries, thrillers, legal dramas, and true crime
-I enjoy Sci-fi, drama, horror, comedy, and thrillers
-I prefer the outdoors, especially camping, hiking, and fishing

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It took me awhile to catch onto Switchfoot, but once I did I haven't stopped listening to them. Now with number eight dropped in the thick of winter, this album is a breath of crisp summer air. There is classic SF at the core, but musically there ...
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We As Human by We As Human
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Rise by Skillet
 It takes mostly their entire catalog and mashes into one stellar of an album. The concept is beyond needed in these times, and Skillet delivers with power. ...
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At this point, Manafest sounds as if he has found his groove. He's a rocker that can rap, and he goes all out on this one. This is an album to spin in your Spring rotation. Stellar job!  He showcases his passion for not living stuck, to never give ...
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Believer by Kutless
This is about standing bold--If it Ends Today. This is about realzing that when we can't Carry On we lean on the strength of Jesus to do so. read more]

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