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Posted September 26, 2010
By hebrews1316,

"Check In" is the intro and sets the pace/tone of the album. "Rebel Intro," is still the hottest intro from Lecrae, but "Check In" gets the point across. "Killa" comes up next and deals with how "ruin comes upon us from our addictions and how it kills us." This is one thing I like about Crayola: real life, honest lyrics; he pulls no punches. More so, he does this all over a dope beat. The loops and the female guest vocal makes the message of the song that more potent.

Up next is "Divine Intervention" and "Just Like You." "Just Like You" deals with a very real issue of boys not having a male role model. What makes this track hot is when Lecrae stop the beat to rap a capella. Very strong song. "Divine Intervention" has strong lyrics but is hurt by the injection of JR. I have nothing against JR, but he doesn't work on this song.

The most familiar tracks most people should be familiar with are "Children of the Light," and "High." These are very dope songs, but you may get annoyed with the chorus of "High." Prior to these two tracks are "Gotta Know" and "Used to Do It Too." One of the best tracks on this CD is "Gotta Know." Though it may be a tad commercial, it maybe one the track Lecrae gains more recognition for. It has slick rhymes, a tight hook, and a fantastic chorus; a true heart piercer. "Use to Do It Too" features a new member of the crew, KB, and a pretty slick guitar loop. Also, the drum line is pretty tight as well.

"New Shalom" is probably the most street song on this album. If you don't think that Christian rap can go hard, you'll think twice about that after listening to this song. "40 Deep" continues the flow, and drops another hot beat. It borrows from "Souled Out" from "Real Talk," and features two of the hottest rappers in the industry right now. In case you cannot figure it out, the song is about how there are no lone-wolves, we are all in together.

The next three are "Walking on Water," "God is Enough," and "Boasting." I am so glad that "Walking on Water" did not become a single because this is one song I do not want to tire of before this Tues. It is sure to bless a few cats. "God is Enough" will surprise a few people as it has a club pop beat that may fans may not like. Jai's voice is familiar because of her work on Trip Lee's album. This is truly a fun song, but one that may have to grow on me. "Boasting" is slower and a true R&B track. Anthony Evans is fantastic on this very strong, potent song.

The last three are "Background," "New Reality," and "Release Date." "Background" is medium paced, and drops a dope beat. I believe it truly sums up the project. "A trailing star that leads to the Superstar." Very chilling hook, and strong message: it is God's work in us that we have "Rehab;" it's not us because we are in the background. "New Reality" probably has the sickest beat/loop on the project. The track is pretty slick. "Release Date" finishes the album off strong, and what would a Lecrae album be without a strong finish!

Closing Thoughts:
"Just Like You," "Gotta Know," "Used to Do It Too," "Walking on Water," "Children of the Light," "New Shalom," and "Boasting" are the strongest and most well crafted songs on this project. Never once do the songs stray from the theme of "Rehab." Even if you don't like rap, it will be nearly impossible to not be impacted by Lecrae's ministry; especially this CD. Best part of all this is on 1/11/11, we get part two. This is arguably the hottest rap CD dropped this year. I'd say "Rehab," "Between Two Worlds," and "City Lights," are definitely projects to buy/check into.

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