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"Release Date ft. Chris Lee" Lyrics [edit]
by Lecrae | from the album Rehab

I'm sick of being sick (sick)
sick of being tired (yea)
when it comes down to the wire i should just retire
cuz i've been rewired
had a bad connection
now i got full bars (what's that)
good reception (yea)
yea i've been recieved (recieved)
i used to be decieved (decieved)
don't let my thoughts run wild
even though my mind is free (yes)
and i'm coming home
back where i belong
racked up a lot of charges
outgrown and on my own

they say when in Rome
do as the Romans do
but i found when i do that
i die like Romans too
yea i'm reading Romans 2
your words are on my heart
but i aint got no excuse
its time to play my part
yea so bag it up
its time to hit the road
been rehabilitated
rest for my weary soul
yea cuz my life control
death had my life on hold
a strong addiction to myself is all that's been unfolded

i would live for me
i made myself an altar
i sacrificed myself
for lust i was a martyr
for pride i gave my heart up
now my hearts been changed
made a deep incision
made a heart exchange
tore down all my idols
now help me fight to live
moment after moment
my life is yours to give
able to forgive
your love is my only hope
without it i'm left empty
lookin for ways to cope
was doped up, coked up, now i woke up
i use to date destruction
but now we broke up
and i get choked up
i'm drowning in your grace
who would have thought that red cross would rehabilitate

i'm coming, i'm coming, i'm coming home
i'm coming, i'm coming, i'm coming home
i'm coming home tonight i'm coming home tonight

I was living my life away
not knowing that i was making my home a grave
(i was) killing myself
(slowly) wasting away
(just) moments from death
taking lust in my veins
but i stopped living my life today
cuz i found a sponser who can show me his way
(so i'm) packing my bags
(and i'm) hitting the road
(putting my) foot on the gas
you know i'm coming, coming home

i'm coming, i'm coming, i'm coming home
(I'm on my way right now)
i'm coming, i'm coming, i'm coming home
(you know I'm coming)
i'm coming, i'm coming, i'm coming home
i'm coming, i'm coming, i'm coming home
(I'm tired of how things work)
(I'm ready for my rebirth)
coming home tonight

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