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Adventures In Eville [edit]
by eleventyseven | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: June 30, 2009

Throughout Adventures In Eville, Eleventyseven delivers each song with a passion. Relating directly to the song “Trying”, the band wants to continue the path they’ve been on to wake up everyday, and quite simply enjoy what they do. They want fans and listeners to know that they can be part of something so much greater than just a fanbase.

Track Listing
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01. Nightmare
02. The Best I Can
03. Evil Genius
04. Trying
05. Redeem The Scene
06. Prom Song
07. Lonely Word
08. When We Were Kids
09. Rock Like You Rock
10. End Of Time

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Nathan (188)

The Skinney | Posted June 15, 2009
The third release from the pop punk band eleventyseven has filled their newest album, Adventures In Eville, with great catchy upbeat techno dance tunes. With each project (dating back to their debut …And The Land Of Fake Believe,) the band has progressed with their music to become a stand out group rather than just another juvenile peppy pop group. No, it’s clear that the band who came out with mechanically troubled “Myspace” has come into their own with flawless techno punk rock tracks like “Trying” and “Prom Song.”

Tagging along with the solid punk songs is the outstanding rock song “Nightmare” which features great electronic riffs and an insanely catchy tune. Eleventyseven’s previous album, Galactic Conquest, had good songs in the form of “Love In Your Arms” and “Fight To Save Your Life” but on the bands third time out the music is far better (both “The Best I Can” and “End of Time” far outrank both of those songs). The only trouble is the lyrics up beat and hopeful messages occasionally get lost in this life without looking to God. However there should be enough here to keep listeners attention on who the group rocks for. Overall Adventures In Eville is a fun punk rock release that isn’t short of fun infectors techno influenced songs.

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username2 (378)

Great. | Posted March 27, 2010
Eleventyseven releases their first independent album (3rd overall) and it is good. They have kept their Galactic Conquest flavour and if you enjoyed that album, you'll definitely enjoy this one as well. Even though there are only 10 short songs found on this album they are all fun, upbeat, and will get you into a happy mood. A surprise I found on one song has the guys throwing down a little Family Force 5 from the Business/Party years. One little gripe I have is concerning the beginning and ending of the song "Redeem the Scene." There's some out of place rapping on it but other than that, it's a good song.

Overall, If you enjoyed Galactic Conquest than this album is for you. Everyone else should just listen to it and form their own opinions over whether they like it or not.

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Best Album from far | Posted November 04, 2009
I really LOVE this album. All the songs are great and it is worth getting and adding to you music library. I can’t really choose a favorite song off the album. I totally recommend this album to anyone who is willing to listen to it. Trying is a great song and so is When We Were Kids, which reminds me of a graduation song. Evil genius is a funny song and so is the video. Great job Matt, Jon and Caleb!!

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Warning: May cause the urge to dance | Posted July 17, 2009
Eleventyseven's 3rd release can be summed up in the number 6 song: Prom Song. The cd is full of tracks to dance to. I spent months counting down the days until this cd was released and I was not disappointed. I would recommend listening to Nightmare. Eleventyseven also has a little fun with their song Evil Genius that would even make Relient K proud. Over all I give it 5 out of 5. Well done Matthew, Jonathan, and Caleb!

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Eleventyseven at their best! | Posted July 15, 2009
I wasn't quite sure that Eleventyseven could get any better after Galactic Conquest, but they sure did! You cannot stay off of your feet during this album. The energy is insane! Trying and The Best I Can definitely stick out in my mind. If you enjoyed their previous releases, I am confident you will LOVE this album! E7 did an amazing job with this album!

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WARNING: Contains Nightmares, Early Bedtimes, School Dances, Mad Professors, Lonely Words :(, Wannabe Rock Stars, Jell-O Pudding Pops, & Lots of Cyborg Robot Squirrels! | Posted June 18, 2009
eleventyseven got lots of negative feedback when they released their debut back a few years ago. But in 2007 with "Galactic Conquest," they redeemed themselves, sporting a new electro-pop-rock sound. "Eville" continues this sound, but also mixes with some punk-pop tunes as well.

"Eville" kicks off on a high note with the energetic "Nightmare," an instant highlight. "The Best I Can" and "Trying" are the more spiritual songs on the record. The guys have fun with the just-for-laughs "Evil Genius," "Prom Song," and the tell-off "Redeem The Scene." All 3 are personal favorites. "Prom Song" even has a breakdown in the middle that sounds identical to something mainstream band 3OH!3 would do. "Back When We Were Kids" is a cool song with a bunch of references to things kids do. I found myself reminiscing, because I did most of those exact things when I was little! "Like You Rock" is about just being yourself, and not trying to act like anyone else. The album closes with the synth-heavy techno song "End Of Time," reminiscent of Capital Lights' "Mile Away." The song is really the only song on the record that is even halfway slow, and is more of a relaxed way to close a highly infectious and energetic album.

Highlights: Nightmare, Evil Genius, Redeem The Scene, Prom Song.

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