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WARNING: Contains Nightmares, Early Bedtimes, School Dances, Mad Professors, Lonely Words :(, Wannabe Rock Stars, Jell-O Pudding Pops, & Lots of Cyborg Robot Squirrels!
Posted June 18, 2009
By singersmartguy17,

eleventyseven got lots of negative feedback when they released their debut back a few years ago. But in 2007 with "Galactic Conquest," they redeemed themselves, sporting a new electro-pop-rock sound. "Eville" continues this sound, but also mixes with some punk-pop tunes as well.

"Eville" kicks off on a high note with the energetic "Nightmare," an instant highlight. "The Best I Can" and "Trying" are the more spiritual songs on the record. The guys have fun with the just-for-laughs "Evil Genius," "Prom Song," and the tell-off "Redeem The Scene." All 3 are personal favorites. "Prom Song" even has a breakdown in the middle that sounds identical to something mainstream band 3OH!3 would do. "Back When We Were Kids" is a cool song with a bunch of references to things kids do. I found myself reminiscing, because I did most of those exact things when I was little! "Like You Rock" is about just being yourself, and not trying to act like anyone else. The album closes with the synth-heavy techno song "End Of Time," reminiscent of Capital Lights' "Mile Away." The song is really the only song on the record that is even halfway slow, and is more of a relaxed way to close a highly infectious and energetic album.

Highlights: Nightmare, Evil Genius, Redeem The Scene, Prom Song.

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