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  • "Evil Genius" from Adventures In Eville
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    Eleventyseven was an American Christian punk band from Greenville, South Carolina which was formed in 2002. They chose the name "Eleventyseven" because "it's the one that looked cool the next morning". The band was originally signed to Flicker Records and released two albums with the label that charted on Christian music charts. After an independent streak, the band signed on to Sony Japan before returning to an independent status a year later. In their late years, they continued to tour, self produce and release music independently until disbanding in September of 2014.

    Group members Matt Langston and Caleb Satterfield first played together in a church group from Greenville, South Carolina. After adding drummer Johnathan Stephens, the band began by playing shows in their hometown when they were in high school. They self-released a full-length album and several EPs, which caught the attention of Flicker Records, a Sony/BMG subsidiary distributed through Provident Label Group.

    Their major-label debut, And The Land Of Fake Believe, was released on May 16, 2006 to mixed reviews. Following the release of the album, the group appeared at ShoutFest '06, gained exposure on MTVU and had success at Christian rock radio with the single "MySpace"; their profile on said website became very popular as a result. Their single "More Than A Revolution" reached the Top 5 in ChristianRock.Net's weekly Top 30, and No. 28 in their annual Top 100, as well as topping the Radio & Records Christian Rock charts.

    After an appearance on The Logan Show on November 25, 2006, the group announced plans to tour the US in the early months of 2007. Galactic Conquest, their second album under Flicker, was released on September 4, 2007. The album peaked at No. 40 on Billboard's Top Christian Albums chart. The song "Love In Your Arms" was released as the band's first single for the record, making it as high as the No. 6 spot in ChristianRock.Net's weekly Top 30. The second song "It's Beautiful" also hit the Top 15, charting at No. 13 on the October 6, 2007 R&R chart. In 2009, the band independently released their third album, Adventures In Eville.

    In mid-2010, bassist Caleb Satterfield decided to leave the band to focus on his marriage. He was replaced by Davey Davenport, who had filled in as lead guitar for a time in 2009 after lead singer Matt Langston had a thumb crushing accident.

    Eleventyseven released their first EP, entitled Quota, on April 1, 2011, followed by the album Sugarfist, their fourth studio album, on October 26, 2011 under Sony Japan. The album contained five out of the six tracks from the Quota EP plus six new original tracks. The Japanese edition of Sugarfist contained all six songs from Quota EP plus three more bonus tracks as well, making it in its entirety, a sixteen-track album.

    In mid-2012, the band segued from their normal sound and composed a folk EP, Attack Of The Mountain Medley. The release dealt with subjects from Morminism to a humorous view of bumpkin trailer parks. Later that year, they returned to their usual synth-punk sound with the Christmas EP, Regifted, which was released November 2012.
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    Episode #53 - Solo Button | Microchip https://t.co/zf89G0SBC6
    Posted by @eleventyrock on 05.18.18 | View Tweet
    @AlexWattsBlog Honestly have no clue. You'd have to hunt down the 12 poor saps who bought one in 2004. Even our parents threw theirs away...
    Posted by @eleventyrock on 05.17.18 | View Tweet
    Posted by @eleventyrock on 05.17.18 | View Tweet
    Can't wait for what's next... #unicorn #rock #eleventylife #radscience #synth #pop https://t.co/uqC1o909hd
    Posted by @eleventyrock on 05.16.18 | View Tweet
    Loving these @Spotify codes. Quickest way to get Rad, hands down.... Search. Snap. Listen. #radscience… https://t.co/5NDcI680Jd
    Posted by @eleventyrock on 05.11.18 | View Tweet

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    Nice! | Posted June 21, 2018
    I have always been a huge fan of American Christian punk bands like Eleventyseven since I was a kid. However, I was not aware of the fact that they were from Greenville, South Carolina because I used to live there a few years ago. Trinity Builders Ernakulam

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    nice songs | Posted May 07, 2018
    Eleventyseven is an electronically propelled pop rock explosion hailing straight out of the Carolinas. The group is known for their marriage of EDM, Pop and Punk influences as well as their rabid fan . The band is famous for their video and the songs that they present to the people. I personally love them and the name itself is unique. garage door opener repair

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    Good Music | Posted January 14, 2017
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    Jakodog92 (42)
    Amazing band | Posted March 20, 2010
    I love Eleventysven, I love the way their songs are sure to have a message in them. They are a totally fun band, with totally sereious songs.

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    patpc36 (36)
    Cool Band Catch them Live! | Posted August 05, 2009
    This is a cool band, I got to see them live a couple years ago and their latest CD is a good album that rocks! They should tour soon so I hope they get on a good tour and come to Florida.

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