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The Skinney
Posted June 15, 2009
By Nathan,

The third release from the pop punk band eleventyseven has filled their newest album, Adventures In Eville, with great catchy upbeat techno dance tunes. With each project (dating back to their debut …And The Land Of Fake Believe,) the band has progressed with their music to become a stand out group rather than just another juvenile peppy pop group. No, it’s clear that the band who came out with mechanically troubled “Myspace” has come into their own with flawless techno punk rock tracks like “Trying” and “Prom Song.”

Tagging along with the solid punk songs is the outstanding rock song “Nightmare” which features great electronic riffs and an insanely catchy tune. Eleventyseven’s previous album, Galactic Conquest, had good songs in the form of “Love In Your Arms” and “Fight To Save Your Life” but on the bands third time out the music is far better (both “The Best I Can” and “End of Time” far outrank both of those songs). The only trouble is the lyrics up beat and hopeful messages occasionally get lost in this life without looking to God. However there should be enough here to keep listeners attention on who the group rocks for. Overall Adventures In Eville is a fun punk rock release that isn’t short of fun infectors techno influenced songs.

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