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Posted March 27, 2010
By username2,

Eleventyseven releases their first independent album (3rd overall) and it is good. They have kept their Galactic Conquest flavour and if you enjoyed that album, you'll definitely enjoy this one as well. Even though there are only 10 short songs found on this album they are all fun, upbeat, and will get you into a happy mood. A surprise I found on one song has the guys throwing down a little Family Force 5 from the Business/Party years. One little gripe I have is concerning the beginning and ending of the song "Redeem the Scene." There's some out of place rapping on it but other than that, it's a good song.

Overall, If you enjoyed Galactic Conquest than this album is for you. Everyone else should just listen to it and form their own opinions over whether they like it or not.

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