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The Best Yet [edit]
by Switchfoot | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: November 04, 2008

Over the course of 10 years, Switchfoot has become of the most respected bands in Christian music and is known for creating groundbreaking music that is compelling for both its sound and presence, and socially aware lyrics. With their breakthrough album The Beautiful Letdown, Switchfoot’s music resonated with a broader audience that wanted more than this world had to offer, and saw 2 singles climb into the Top 10 of pop radio.

The Best Yet is their first greatest hits compilation and features the best songs from all their albums, including their smash hits “Meant to Live” and “Dare You To Move”, as well as the radio hits “Stars”, “Oh! Gravity.”, “Awakening” and “This is Your Life”. Also included is the recent Top 20 single “This is Home”, featured in Walden Media / Walt Disney Entertainment’s film The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

Track Listing
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01. Dare You To Move
02. Meant To Live
03. Stars
04. Oh! Gravity
05. This Is Home
06. Learning To Breathe
07. Awakening
08. This Is Your Life
09. On Fire
10. Only Hope
11. Dirty Second Hands
12. Love Is The Movement
13. Company Car
14. Lonely Nation
15. The Shadow Proves The Sunshine
16. Concrete Girl
17. Twenty-Four
18. The Beautiful Letdown

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Nathan (188)

All of Switchfoot's Shadow may just prove their sunshine | Posted December 06, 2008
Not many artists can claim to be one of the most influential Christian rock groups as Swicthfoot has been for over a decade. And one reason is not many bands make it past over ten years which speaks to the longevity to the band and their ability to give fans top notch music every time a album out. Switchfoot journey to be one of the biggest stars of the Christian music industry even translated to success in the mainstream music industry which consists of a pair of top ten pop singles and having their music show up on more than a few motion pictures. Summing up all of this is Their Best Yet CD.

With five albums under their belt it’s always fun to watch how a band has progressed from their debut Legend of Chin to most recent Oh! Gravity. The lone song representing their first release is “concrete girl” which is one of the best on the album with a quirkily pop sound where the tune, Jon Forman’s vocals and the music is in constant flux, but the e song manages to not slip into chaos. Some may be surprised that that the title track from New Way to be Human missed the eighteen song cut but then again so did “we are one tonight” and “head over heels”. Similar to the style of “concrete girl”, “Company car” has moments of sheer genius but they are balanced out by an odd chorus and a messages that relays ‘I pass go, but oh, life’s taken it’s toll, /Have I won Monopoly, but forfeit my soul?’ among other things. “Only hope” is driven by a acoustic guitar with a violin coming in the background while the lyrics are a clear reference to God (‘And I lay my head back down,/And I lift my hands and pray to be only yours,… /I know now: you’re my only hope.’).

One of the title cuts that did make the Best Yet compilation was “Learning to Breathe” which doesn’t out shine some of Switchfoots big hits but has a consistent and solid pop rock tune. The song dwells on the slow movement toward becoming ones true self and coming to God although his name is never mentioned (‘I’m finding that you, and you alone, can break my fall, /I’m living again; awake and alive,/I’m dying to breathe in these abundant skies.’). The result of “Love is a movement” is not as obvious as “learning to breathe” but it implies that ‘Love is the movement,/Love is a revolution,/This is redemption,’ is a good thing. The song itself is a little loud and the rock music isn’t good enough because Forman has to extend his vocals far too much to add intensity to this average song.

Ignoring all previous creativity, all prior excellence, and earlier projection of the band Switchfoot, nothing could have anticipated the kind of success that the Beautiful Letdown had and it’s 2.6 million records sold which became double platinum. It’s probable that the CD was the band favorite because one third of the Best Yet is reserved for arguably their best album. The light weight rock “This is your life” challenge fans to look at their life and ask if was what they had in mind for themselves to the fan favorite simple light tock tune “dare you to move”. One of the most memorable guitar intros comes from “meant to live” which is used at ball backs to introduce teams more talented stars features big riffs to fuel a rough tune. But the lyrics are rather straight forward and meaningful We want more than this world's got to offer (‘We want more than the wars of our fathers/And everything inside screams for second life/We were meant to live for so much more’). The not so headliners are still considered to be great songs like the terrific ballad “on fire” the artistic “twenty four” (I'm singing 'Spirit take me up in arms with You'/You're raising the dead in me’) and the old school title track which could get harassed for its bumpy beat and annoying intro.

Switchfoot’s most artistic effort also ended up being their darkest in the bands biggest break the mainstream. What followed Nothing is Sound’s annoying and overplayed pop rock act “star’s (a song about a depressed man finding comfort in star gazing) is more depression than relief, pain without a cure, and questions without answers. One of only three songs represented on the album is Lonely Nation a rock tune early which drifts into hard rock in areas that has some tune inconsistency. The song declares that world is an empty, dark, cynical system, and ‘We are slaves of what we want’; a true statement but as before mentioned just more pain without answers. The song that contrasts negative and gloomy “the fatal wound” and “politicians”, "The shadow Proves the Sunshine" is one of the best songs written by Switchfoot or any other artist for that matter. The light pop music, which is like a ballad in some places, would be the perfect song for a good teenage television drama. The lyrics have their share gloominess as well (Oh, Lord, why did you forsake me?/Oh, Lord, don’t be far away’) but the song observes there must be a source of light to counter the worlds darkness and points to the source of that light.

Almost as if to counter the dreary release of Nothing is Sound is Oh! Gravity an album that is full of optimism; it’s just unfortunate that only three songs make the disc. One of the three is the title track an odd up beat rock tune, with an infectious chorus with some aggressive singing by Forman. The lyrics are the only eyebrow rising on the album with strange but obscure mentions of a liquor store and the backseat of a parked car but nothing edgier than that. One change that is visible from Legend on Chin to the more recent music by Switchfoot is the fact that the tune usually flows much better and tends to be less rough like in the case of the fast paced slick rock “awakening”. Still on some of the hooks and riff on “Dirty second hands” could have used a little finer tuning on the, at times awkward, rock tune; but it was interesting to hear the twang in the background of the song. From recent Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian film comes the latest Switchfoot hit to date “this is home” an emotional pop song that is rather artistic where the band states: ‘This is home/Now I'm finally/Where I belong’.

With a new album scheduled in March the point of the Best Of by Switchfoot is a little confusing. But critiquing the bottom line of the collection should be critiquing the band’s career so far and what to except to see in the future. Never a terribly spiritually vocal when it comes to the lyrics the band will continue to put out a few songs which will have fans scratching their heads but they will always stay true to writing song from a Biblical worldview. The music should follow suit like it always has.

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With over 10 years of recording and touring under its belt, Switchfoot is more than ready for a greatest hits compilation. The most exciting part about The Best Yet is it not only the fact it compiles all the monster hits from the band’s Columbia Records crossover years, but it also includes a handful of tunes from its often overlooked re:think era. Throughout a generous 18 tracks, the group’s evolution from a simple surf-pop band to ingenious alternative act is apparent, with Jon Foreman’s provocative lyrics steering the well-oiled ship the entire time.

“Dare You To Move” is a fitting opening given its anthemic presence, followed by one of the most memorable guitar riffs in Christian music history—“Meant To Live.” This trip down memory lane should also be applauded for the power surging “Stars,” the grimy alternative grinder “Oh! Gravity,” the empowering ballad “Leaning To Breathe” and the carefree sing-a-long “Company Car.” Other crests include the electronically enhanced “This Is Your Life,” the distortion drenched “Dirty Second Hands” and the well-preserved early grunge track “Concrete Girl.”

The disc also features the band’s recent cut “This Is Home,” an entrancing power ballad first found on the soundtrack to The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. However, that’s the only hint of Switchfoot’s future direction, as no additional new songs are included (despite the tradition of at least a few upcoming tunes on most retrospective discs). And even with the otherwise stacked track listing, there are a few disappointing retro omissions, including the bubbly “Chem 6A” and even more memorable “New Way To Be Human.” Of course, die-hard fans probably already own those singles and neither are absolutely essential to The Best Yet banner, which makes this otherwise comprehensive project an indispensable single disc overview of Switchfoot’s extraordinary career thus far. –Andy Argyrakis

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art10 (115)

Is It The Best Yet, or The Biggest Yet? | Posted November 17, 2008
Switchfoot is certainly a driving force within the realm of Christian Rock, and after six albums, they've certainly cemented their place. So in-between their current crossroads, they want to make sure you know they're still around, so they've put out a best-of album. And of course, as is the case with all best-ofs, they open a can of worms to wiggle about.

But the usual pitfall is avoided here, by coming out with a strong set of songs that represent the vastness of Switchfoot. A strong set of 18 tracks anchor the release, almost maxing out the allowed time for a CD, but they add nothing you've never heard before. Of course there's a bias towards "The Beautiful Letdown," with it making up a third of the album. And also not surprisingly, the album has mostly songs from their last three releases. The range is a very good overview of the band, from the classic "Learning to Breathe," the haunting "Only Hope," to the amazing "Twenty-Four." You'll also get their Chronicles of Narnia track, "This Is Home."

And while it's still a pretty good overview, and better than what most bands do, they still left out songs like "Chem 6a," "New Way To Be Human," "You Already Take Me There," and "Paparazzi." Trivial sure, and fan-favorites all the way, they still did a good job regardless. But then there's the classic best-of question of, "Who's this for, exactly?" The answer is of course limited to the new fans, and the hardcore fans. Of course, if you get the special edition with the DVD, it just becomes that more appetizing.

So overall, for a best-of release, it gets a lot right. Good song selection from a great band. I'd rather the band released a b-side album like Relient K and Anberlin have done, or a professional live album, since they put on a great show. But for the audio portion, there just aren't many reasons to buy. Consider however if you get the edition with the DVD.

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pacemaker (324)

great album | Posted March 17, 2011
 i begged for this for christmas. i loved it as soon as i heard it.

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