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Building 429 [edit]
by Building 429 | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 21, 2008

Drawing from the seminal release Glory Defined, Building 429 crafts their most definitive work to date. Upbeat and energetic with spiritually focused lyrics, this self-titled record is sure to firmly establish itself as one of the best in Christian pop rock.

Track Listing
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01. Not Gonna Let You Down
02. End of Me
03. Erase
04. Overcome
05. Always
06. Shoulder
07. Bring Me Back
08. Your Love Goes On
09. Coming Home
10. Bringing Me To Life

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Building 429: Excellent "Building Up" Album | Posted November 21, 2008
Building 429 hit the scene big with their debut single Glory Defined and their solid debut album The Space In Between Us. Their style had a bit of grunge mixed with solid worship lyrics, fitting since the band name is based on Ephesians 4:29, which is a great life verse. After much acclaim and a Dove Award for Best New Artist 2005, Building 429 came back with a somewhat more rocking Rise, with the hit song Fearless. Iris To Iris was the third and final Building 429 album on Word Records and up until this album, was my favorite overall with stand-out song Singing Over Me, based on Zephaniah 3:17.

Building 429, the self-titled debut album on INO Records, is now my favorite overall album by this great band, who has really found their niche in my opinion. This is truly an album and band worthy of being named after Ephesians 4:29 as this excellent album is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. Sometimes a band has an uncanny ability to connect with a listener and I truly had that experience listening to this album. The opening track Not Gonna Let You Down brings back the rocking sound missing from Iris To Iris and then the hit lead single End Of Me just grabs you as a listener and for me is somewhat biographical as though this could be my life story as a Christian. I truly enjoy every song and have listened to this album non-stop for the last couple of weeks. The other highlights of the album for me come next with Overcome, based on John 4:4, which brings tremendous encouragement that Our Savior has overcome the world, and then my favorite overall song is the ballad story-song Always, a song based on a true story of tragedy similar to Praise You In This Storm by Casting Crowns. The orchestral arrangement and Jason Roy's sincere vocals cause me to break down and this song sweeps me up in worship and hope in God's promise that He will be with us Always!

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Since winning 2005’s Dove Award for “New Artist of the Year” Building 429 has committed its career to the road, tearing up stages across the country with the likes of tobymac, Casting Crowns, Family Force 5 and hard rock staple Pillar. But in a “season of finding what God has in store” and no longer conforming to “what everybody wants us to be or what we think we should be,” front man Jason Roy explains the band has something of its own to say.

Though the trio’s third disc, Iris to Iris, released just last year on Word Records, Building 429 has used the last 18 months to re-center, landing a deal at a new label home (INO), a renewed vision and a self-titled record that bends the band’s previous musical genres while still affording them an even more comfortable fit into the world of Christian rock music.

The first single, “End of Me,” echoes the band’s revived mission, issuing an abandon to God in every line: “Once upon a time the story goes/I laid it all down and let it go . . . And all I longed for I found finally at the end of me.”

“Not Gonna’ Let You Down” and “Coming Home” issue more of the driving anthemic rock the band is known for, while tracks like “Shoulder” and “Bring Me Back” are more pop than rock, exercising restraint to loudly communicate very clear messages.

And in the record’s most moving moment, “Always” utilizes the softer (though no less intense) arrangement to reassure faith despite life’s deepest doubts: “I believe always, always/Our savior never fails.”

Building 429 certainly breaks no new ground, but the three rockers benefit from worrying less about industry expectations and taking a fresh approach to recording. And if you are one of the few who have yet to familiarize yourself with Building 429, this CD is the perfect place to start. –Andrew Greer

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Building 429 [Building 429] | Posted October 31, 2008
Building 429 is back with their self titled forth studio album. Jason Roy, Michael Anderson
and Jesse Garcia have come a long way since their debut album Space In Between Us (2004) and are excited for the new changes that have come their way and for the new relationship with INO Records.

According to Jason Roy, the band's name originated from a youth group. Roy's wife Cortni
had once belonged to a youth group that had a system called the "429 Challenge," based on Ephesians 4:29. Whenever someone in the group spoke negatively about another, others were allowed to issue a verbal "four twenty-nine." This resulted in the offender having to say something nice to the person that was offended. The band members took this challenge and created a name around it - building one another up, hence, "Building 429."

One of the things I struggle most with is control. I am a Christian and consider myself to have a lot of faith. But, even still I have a very hard time giving God control of my finances and other things for fear of not being able to provide for my family. I know that if I let go
God will ensure that I never go without. Every one of us thinks we have our lives under control. Every one of us desires the life of peace, of joy, and happiness. It's funny though that with every step we take toward this goal we always seem to find ourselves further away. "End of Me" is a song that attempts to bring some perspective to that quest. "All I've longed for I found finally at the end of me" is my constant reminder these days to live my life by God's design. To leave the burdens and the comforts of believing I'm in control, to find true life. When I admit I have no control, and that God himself gets that responsibility, everything seems to make a little more sense.

To listen to "End of Me" visit:

"This record is a new beginning," said Roy, Building 429's front man and chief lyricist. "Its
no longer about what everybody wants us to be or what we think we should be but a season of finding what God has in store for us. I'm more confident than I've ever been in my life when it comes to my calling, when it comes to my brothers and when it comes to my band. That confidence is not in myself. That confidence is in the fact that the Lord is going to do something great with us. We're just excited to be along for the ride," Roy concludes.

I enjoyed this album. It was fitting with the Building 429 style. It spoke to me about different areas in my life. It was a review given to me no by chance, but by God. There were parts in this album that I needed to hear. I would recommend this album to you. If it had a
message for me then I know it has a message for others.

I would like to thank the band for their hard work and dedication and willingness to follow God's will. Continue to do the work of the Lord and your lives will continue to be enriched. God Bless!

Rating: 9.0 out of 10 (90%, A-)

Review written by: Ben Collins | Review can also be found here.

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Nathan (188)

Bringing Building 429 to life | Posted October 17, 2008
Despite a dove award and being a popular artist in today’s contemporary music, Building 429 never took off as their singles often took a back seat to artists like Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, Jeremy Camp, and Aaron Shust. A few months before Building 429 self titled release is supposed to come out, the band put out Glory Defined: The Best of Building 429, with only three albums under their belt (which speaks to how some inane things management could do to hinder the band’s success). Instead of leaving the best of CD to be their lone work for the year, Building 429 worked to continue a career that this writter thought was over.

Despite what hard core fans might say even the best of Building 429’s songs were only pretty good (“glory defined”, “space in between us” and “I believe”) while some were just dry. The first song off their self titled project, “Not Gonna Let You Down”, draws from the energy well to create a fun pop medium worship rock which came from out of the blue from this normally mellow worship band. The up-tempo don’t stop there because the next two songs, "end of me” and “erase” both are medium rock tunes, while the music may not be diverse, it is for Building 429.

Songs like the ballad “bring me to life” represent the older sound that was dry but some clever echoes after the chorus gives a standard song “back to you” real life; it those small things like that give new life to Building 429 . “Shoulder” has a nice pop tune to go along with a refrain that makes no mistakes, plus the energy is a good fit for a song with some southern hints. Both “Your love goes on” and “overcome” have moments of real enthusiasm, the bridge of the former gets very fervent and the last chorus on the later is very animated. “Always, always” is a solid ballad which utilizes the violin well.

Not much has changed with the lyrics. “Shoulder” is similar to an earlier single “when no one else knows” but the prospective changes to a friend rather than from God’s point of view (‘And if you're on top of the world/And you fall down/You're shaking inside /And you can't find your ground/When you lose yourself, God will find you’). The tale of the prodigal son is retold in “home” while similar messages arise on the lyrically weak “bringing me to life” and “back to you” (‘I'm tired of the mess that I've become/I want to see the world the way you do/So bring me back to You’).

The tenses’ are a little odd on “Not Gonna Let You Down” (‘Please don't run from me now, ooo/I won't leave you… He is the hope that heals the world/We're almost home’) and “your love goes on” is a pretty shallow song. But some old, but good messages are solidly repackaged like "end of me” (‘And like an answer to a prayer/Jesus you were there/Calling me to live, to die/to give to gain/And I'll never be the same’) and “always, always” which deals with the pain and loses people endure; the answer ‘God knows our pain and His promise remains/He will be with you always’ is worth talking about.

Some may find the blend of medium rock and worship music a rough mix. But it does help because the song writing before was not enough to carry the songs and Building 429’s music was nothing close to cutting edge. It’s good to know that the self titled release isn’t the end of Building 429 and hopefully the musical advances will bring brighter days.

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Good | Posted October 26, 2011
I felt this album was good overall but not great. This is probably the B429 release that I like the least overall as I think the thick guitar was something that appealed to me in many songs on their earlier CD's. There's nothing really bad about this collection of songs, there just really didn't seem to be anything that stood out either. Regardless, one thing I do really like about the band is their focus on Christ and the quality of their lyrics.

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Great Album by Building429 | Posted March 29, 2011
This is a great album by Building 429. The song "Always" is an AMAZING song; very powerful.  Some other great hits on it are "End of Me", "Erase(Rocks the house)" and "Your Love Goes On".

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Good Album | Posted July 31, 2009
This album was really good - even though I haven't learnt all the songs off by heart, I feel like I can sing-a-long to them whenever I feel like. The songs are easy to pick up and have beautiful tunes... recommended :)

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Building 429 | Posted April 07, 2009
This CD is excellent!!!! I love Building 429!! I love the story behind why they choose their name, and I think that every Christian should strive to follow Ephesians 4:29. I really like this album!! Their song "Always" has really spoken to me. I have been through a lot of difficult times, but through it all, God has always been there!!!!

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Great cd!! | Posted March 13, 2009
This cd is great! I have never been into Building 429 before and I heard 'em live at ATF and I fell in love with there music. I heard a few of there songs from this cd played live and my fav. would be Always. It nearly made the whole body of ATF cry. It is a great cd and I recommend it!

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New Style | Posted December 16, 2008
Jason Roy said that the band wanted to write pop songs for this album. I must admit, I didn't think that would work but it turned out quite nicely. Wish it was a longer album

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They do it again... | Posted October 18, 2008
With this self-titled CD, Building 429 solidifies their position as one of the top Christian artists of this decade. Though "Back to You", "Overcome", "End of me", and "Bringing me to Life" are the powerhouses of this album, there really is no bad song on this record. Each song is well crafted; both lyrically and produced. The lyrics are deep and meaningful, and truly show how God's love and grace can transform our lives as well as how they can help us transform other people's lives as well. The guys of Building 429 do it again.

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