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Make Some Noise [edit]
by Krystal Meyers | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 09, 2008

Having toured extensively and making fans, literally around the world, this striking, international star has progressed musically and spiritually over the last couple of years, and is ready to release her high-energy music, and solid message to a growing audience. The project, primarily written by Meyers, and produced by Doubledutch (Mat Kearney, TobyMac), elicits energetic, fun, 80’s-style dance music, while Meyers delivers commanding vocals. As you listen to her sing “this is who we are, we won’t be ignored, we were born to make some noise,” on the title-track, you will undoubtedly want to make some noise of your own.

Track Listing
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01. Make Some Noise
02. Love It Away
03. Shine
04. S.O.S.
05. Feels So Right
06. My Freedom
07. Beautiful Tonight
08. Up To You
09. You'll Never Know
10. In Your Hands
11. Sweet Dreams [iTunes Bonus Track]
12. Make Some Noise (Indonesian Version) [iTunes Bonus Track]
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13. Make Some Noise (Mandarin Version) [iTunes Bonus Track]
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14. Make Some Noise (Thai Version) [iTunes Bonus Track]
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15. Make Some Noise (Video) [iTunes Bonus Track]
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16. Make Some Noise Digital Booklet [iTunes Exclusive Feature]
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Not Bad...Good. | Posted August 10, 2009
This album, needless to say, was a bit of a shock to Krystal Meyers loyal fan base. Her previous two albums firmly established the young rocker as a forced to be reckoned with in gospel rock music. When Krystal announced in early 2008 that he third album would be differently musically than anything she?d done before--she wasn?t kidding.

?Make Some Noise? not only garnered Krystal a large fan base with fans of the pop/techno crowd, but in a way, her move in changing her sound also lost her the respect of many of her fans. Many people were quick to say that Krystal ?sold out? and that her music ?wasn?t the same?. As a fan of both pop-ier music AND Krystal?s older material, I decided to buy the album and see for myself what all the fuss was about?

The first track (the title track) sets the tone of the album right away, heavy bass rhythms and the catchy chorus immediately tell you that this girl was serious when she said that it would be ?different? than her previous material. The next track ?Love It Away? sounds too much like the first track??Shine? is the third offering from the album and the first single. One of the catchier tunes on the album, speaking of our calling to be salt and light in a dark world. Musically, it?s stays about the same.

?SOS? is next and by far the standout track on the album. This is one that Krystal?s fans might have expected off her third album, being the rockiest track on the whole album. Lyrically, it is also where the album shines (no pun intended) as a urgent cry for our Father to save us?very well done. ?Feels So Right? goes right back to the pop/techno feel of the album, a love song assumably written for her boyfriend (now her husband) and guitar player Alex. Track 6 ?My Freedom? offers up some more danceable material while ?Beautiful Tonight?, once again, musically remaining just the same, shows you just how much Krystal has matured lyrically since ?Dying For A Heart? in 2006. An anthem for those who run to broken and empty replacements when all they need to feel beauty, is to run into the arms of the Creator who made them beautiful.

?Up To You? is my least favorite track on the album. It?s not my favorite track lyrically, I?ll let you make your own interpretation of it though. ?You?ll Never Know? is the catchiest track on the album, easily danceable, not sounding extremely like the previous songs and lyrically, it goes back to the heart of the love of God. The album ends with ?In Your Hands?, another electronic ballad.

This album isn?t as horrible as many called it to be, I rather enjoy some of the songs on this album. Easy listening when your having a great day?lyrically though? I still prefer her older albums. I feel this one didn?t have as much to go off of Spiritually for me. Many might like that?but the whole album just isn?t for me. As much as I enjoy pop and techno style, each song sounded a little to much like the previous.

?Make Some Noise? is defiantly worth a listen before you buy?but if your looking for rockier material with more in-depth God centered lyrics--check out her two older CD?s.

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Top 10 Release Of 2008 | Posted December 16, 2008
The latest release from Krystal Meyers has given Christian music a much needed punch of positive energy. Very few albums from the past two years can stand up to the mainstream production powerhouses of Madonna, Ashley Simpson and Britney Spears, offering some amazing hooks without the sex.

Krystal Meyers? official attempt to conquer both the popular clubs and Christian charts is evident by the subtle lyrics throughout the album, often criticized for being too vague. However, for a pop record, there is incredible depth for those who want to spend a little more time diving in. ?Love It Away? could double as an ode to a caring boyfriend until the bridge ends with ?our Father will restore.? Other songs like ?My Freedom,? and ?In Your Hands? could pass as any other pop song about a significant other, but anyone looking at the release in the Christian market will see the strong redemptive message of both.

Songs like ?Shine,? ?You?ll Never Know? and ?Up To You? offer no spiritual message, but I?m ok with that. ?S.O.S.,? the only blatantly Christian song allows us to see that the boy next door isn?t the only man in Krystal Meyers life. She has a desire to find love both here on earth and in the heavens and she embraces the search for both throughout Make Some Noise.

On the surface, Make Some Noise is glossy fun with little ambition to be anything else. Is the album full of double meanings and ambition to live outside of youth group meetings and Sunday morning drives? Sure. Is that so wrong? Let me put it this way. I?d rather have a vague song that can either be about a boyfriend or about God from a known Christian artist than the latest trash from so many other pop artists out there.

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Krystal Meyers' "Make Some Noise": A Review | Posted September 09, 2008
by C.E. Moore

I hate it when I don’t like an album that I know is going to be popular with a very large segment of people. I feel as if I am raining on the artist’s parade. But, I honestly don’t like Krystal Meyers’ newest album, Make Some Noise. I’ve tried to set aside my bias against pop music in general (which, if you frequent the site, you know I tend to do rather well), so I know that hasn’t influenced my distaste for this album. But, Make Some Noise is just a bubble gum Christian substitute for the bubble gum secular albums out there that sound exactly the same. Essentially, its safe but nothing more.

Truth be told, I’m not exactly how this album can be classified as “Christian,” other than that it’s not hyper-sexualized like Meyers’ counterparts. (Of course, the music video for the album’s title track ruins that notion.) The lyrics are sanitized and “hopeful,” but there’s nothing that truly distinguishes it as “Christian.” Maybe Meyers is attempting to avoid labels and push for mainstream acceptance (evidenced by the use of “Make Some Noise” in NBC’s Fall promos). But, if “Christian” simply means “a sanitized version of the same old crap,” then we’re in a lot of trouble as a viable subculture.

Really, it bothers me to even review this drivel. It’s almost all flash, no substance. “Make Some Noise” is a hip, poppy song that claims we were apparently born to make some noise. I think some will interpret this to mean that we’re supposed to make some noise for God. That’s well and good if you want to view things that way. But, the song’s message is so nebulous that it could simply be a youth anthem to make a ruckus. “Love It Away” claims that no matter what problems you have “He” (oh so nebulous) can “love it away.” I’m not sure what that even means, but it’s just not true. “S.O.S.” is the one redeeming track on the album and is the only thing that comes close to the quality of her earlier songs “Hallelujah” and “The Beauty of Grace.” Actually, its really the only track on the album that could be classified as “Christian.” A prayer to God, Meyers displays a strong versatility here that is otherwise lacking on the rest of the album.

Another difficulty I have with the album is the dance vibe that never quite got me to the point that made me actually want to dance. It’s got some grooves that got me bouncing a little in my seat, but nothing more. Even so, it seems like that is the gist of the album—to make you dance. Not much of a mission. Even worse considering the mission wasn’t accomplished. “Up To You” features Meyers doing something so nasally that it couldn’t be more annoying if she tried.

Don’t get me wrong. The album is well produced. The sound is crisp and slick. Fans of other pop princesses such as Britney Spears, Pink, and Christina Aguilera will definitely gravitate towards Make Some Noise. It would certainly hold it’s own. The target audience is definitely that tween and high school girl market—the album addressing themes of love, self-esteem, and identity. But, it sticks pretty close to the surface of things. The lyrics that do try to go deeper are mired in the shoddy power pop delivery. And, as the production is so good, I wonder how much of it is Meyers and how much of it is manipulation on the back end. If you’ve got a teenage girl in the family, go ahead and buy it. If not…purchase at your own risk.

Author’s Note: If you are a fourteen year old girl or someone who feels I have been overly harsh with this album, please bear in mind that that I did not like the music, but have the utmost respect for how Meyers is following God’s call on her life. At the end of the day, this is one man’s opinion. You are free to have yours. (But, if you feel like attacking me, I’ve developed a thick skin.)

This review has been reprinted on NRT with permission from The Christian Manifesto. Click here to visit today!

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THIRD TIMES A CHARM FOR 20-YEAR-OLD POP/ROCKER | Posted September 29, 2008
Krystal Meyers was in good company at this year’s Dove Awards, sharing her second “Female Vocalist of the Year” nomination with such luminaries as Amy Grant, Mandisa, Sandi Patty and Natalie Grant. Not bad for an artist whom three years ago was an unsigned teenager playing local hot spots.

Although Make Some Noise just hits stores this month, NBC’s fall TV promo spot has already been screaming the title track of Meyers’ sparkling new disc. Not afraid to shout it out, the just-turned-20-year-old cranks up the tunes on her third CD, plunging head first into a 10-song set that explores maturing faith in the context of an upgraded sound.

Though she has been touted in the past as an edgier Avril Lavigne or Ashlee Simpson, Meyers incorporates fatter sounds for Make Some Noise, mixing in some thick beats and entrancing Gwen Stefani-esque vocals (if we must compare) to shake it up loud.

“Shine,” the glittering first single, is pure pop fun, programming beats worthy of any dance floor circa the 1980s. “Love it Away” keeps it bumping with a song of restoration: “Do you know when your world is unraveling/Holding on, hanging by a thread/Don’t you know there’s somebody to pull you in/Don’t cry anymore… He will love it away.”

Merging her happy beats with astute fashion and a timeless message, Meyers’ worldwide crossover appeal readies her to become a legitimate Christian music international pop star. With such mass marketability, it’s no wonder the iconic blonde is rocking out arenas on this year’s “Revolve Tour,” Women of Faith’s reach to girls.

But lest you think Meyers is only capable of speaking to her peers, think again. Addressing the concerns of a budding woman, Make Some Noise is more than typical teen fare and more musically and lyrically satisfying than her previous two ventures.

Watch out. Krystal Meyers is poised to take the world by storm. –Andrew Greer

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Nathan (188)

Make Some Noise doesn't always "feels so right" | Posted August 25, 2008
Krystal Meyers is on a mission, a mission to be a voice for a generation which some have dubbed dying and hopeless. She also wants’ you to be a voice and what could be a better title for her third album than Make some noise. The much anticipated album is already gaining momentum with a radio single “shine” and a promotional song on NBC. Bet that Make some Noise will be a defining album of Meyers and one that will finally end the comparisons to Avil Levine.

Exchanging the rock song for a pop sound could not have been a better move for Meyers as her rock music never hit exceptional but a quick dose of the insanely catchy title track and it’s clear that the sky is the limit of her. The fast paced pop “make some noise” has all the cylinders clicking away from the verse to the chorus and it’s not an isolated incident. A prime example is “feels so right”, the song’s tune changes often, but it never loses its catchy pop rock act and Meyer’s voice absolutely shines. The guitar driven “S.O.S.” is a fun solid pop song which stays away from major pitfalls, as does “love it away”, which is sure to be a future single, and while it may not be as flashy as “make some noise” the bridge and the musical parts in between chorus and verse is great.

It’s easy to see maturity in Krystal’s new stuff because of her techno pop song “shine”, which has an excellent chorus to go along with a lousy verse, but the most impressive thing is the originality and a hint of hip hop thrown in. “My freedom” is based around the piano, and the pop rock is good enough even though the song is a little too over dramatic, and even though “up to you” may not be among the favorites on the album it deserves credit for not being a wimpy song. Meyers again proves her new skill with “beautiful tonight”, a really catchy song with a great bridge, and in the quite(ish) corner of the Make Some Noise is the final track “in your hands” which is a nice blend of soft pop with a hint of techno.

There was some actual depth in Krystal Meyers last CD, Dying for a Heart, in terms of the lyrics, which is impressive considering her peers usual depth in messages; However Make Some Noise shows us an interesting new side of Meyers lyrics. “Love it away” is a nice touch feely song about when we are hurt God will ‘Love, love, love it away’ so not too much substance to that though “S.O.S.” is clearly a song asking God to save her. Unfortunately spiritual themes are not as that common, take “make some noise” and “shine” for example; both songs are about sticking out and making a difference, sadly though the reason for this stand is never mentioned or implied.

Although it ends with ‘In my sickness can you find me beautiful tonight’, “Beautiful tonight” is a very dreary song about her life where the lyrics are depressing and vaguely destructive, (‘I'm becoming quite a liar… I'm falling, dissolving/It's crawling into my veins/I'm gonna regret this’). It becomes dicey with the relationship songs because “my freedom” doesn’t actually mention God and neither does “you’ll never know”, and “feels so right” isn’t really healthy at all. “In your hands” is an encouraging song among an album that could have used more like it.

Make Some Noise is really a step up for Krystal musically Meyers, the riffs are good and the tunes are really catchy. This is a huge step for Meyers musically, but lyrically it gets pretty shallow and that is disappointing because it’s sad to see a good breakthrough like this get spoiled by something we know she is capable of. Enjoy the music but keep track of future lyrics.

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Krystal Meyers [Make Some Noise] | Posted September 24, 2008
[Main Review]

Krystal Meyers has talent, I can admit that. Something else I must admit though is I am not a fan of the pop music, which is really what her third album; Make Some Noise contains the most of. But while I may not like the pop-style personally, I know that each genre of music can be both ministering and uplifting to someone. In saying that, I can now continue with the review.

The title track, “Make Some Noise” is that power-pop track I mention above. When I first listened through to the album, one thing I noticed is the similarities between Meyers’ vocals and that of Superchic(k) front-woman, Trisha Brock. But as the album progresses, I did notice the differences where as Superchic(k) tends to lean more towards the rock-style vocals then Meyers’ pop-style vocals. The central theme behind the song is evident though in wanting her listeners to stand up and be a voice for ‘her generation’ as the song-by-song reveals. After all, the teenagers of today are the future of ministry and they need not to be afraid to make some noise for what they believe in.

I thought the concept behind the song, “Love It Away” was interesting. It talks about facing problems in life and allowing God to take them and ‘love them away’. I guess I never thought about it like that, but truth resonates in its message. “He will, He will / Love it away / He will be there everyday / If you’re hurting, feeling afraid / He will … Love, love, love it away”. The music track accompanying the song sounds reminiscent of one of those synth-style pop tracks from the 80’s. Very catchy song though--musically.

“Shine”, which immediately resembled the message mentioned in Matthew 5:16, which says “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” in my opinion is a call to believers to allow God’s light in your life to shine. Don’t let it fade or burn out, let it shine no matter what.

There are times in our lives where we question whether God is there or hears our cry, our petition or even knows that we’re hurting. Meyers takes a classic signal of distress in the song “S.O.S”, and turns it into a song that is both catchy and in turn reminds us that in those times of trouble, our cry or S.O.S is heard from God even though we may not even realize it. It reminded me of the poem simply titled, “Footprints in the Sand”. The end is the most important part. It says “During your times of trial and suffering when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.” This is what during our S.O.S.’s in life, we must remember.

The message behind “My Freedom” immediately got me thinking of my salvation. It was the freedom that Christ gave me once I accepted Him as my Lord and Savior that gave me true freedom. This track is probably one of the slowest tracks on the record, bringing about more of a somber mood with its piano-driven beat that dabbles in rock just a bit. The chorus asks the question that we all as believers ask Christ when we receive His salvation, in asking, “Will You be my freedom?” Well said.

“Beautiful Tonight” is probably one of the most bold and definitely the darkest song found on Make Some Noise. The power-pop-rock anthem touches on sins that constrain some people in their lives. There are those who have dealt with anorexia and even those who have dealt with ‘cutting’. It’s good to know that God is there for us when we need Him the most. We just have to be willing to give those things to Him and leave them on the altar and believe that through the redemptive blood of Jesus Christ, that those things are behind us. No matter who you are, know that you are important and ‘beautiful’ to God. I also noticed that the Pangallo brothers (Joe and Chris) from Day of Fire lend their talents on the track as well. Whatever happened to Day of Fire anyway?

Skip ahead to yet another pop-track with “You’ll Never Know”. This to me sounds like a track that could be found on a Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana record. While Cyrus claims to be a Christian, her life and music seem to tell another story. While the comparisons may sound similar, I believe without a doubt that Meyers implements that true faith through her life, and her music. How would I know what Miley/Hannah’s music sounds like? Well, let’s just say that I have a nine-year-old daughter whose life soundtrack (if I would allow her) would be a mix between Miley/High School Musical and Camp Rock. I know quite a few of the HSM songs, and I have never even seen the films! Pretty pathetic, I know.

The album closes with the song, “In Your Hands”. This song to me talks of the mysterious work of God in our lives. The chorus which says, “It’s in your hands / I trust You though I don’t understand”. While we don’t always understand how the Lord works, we must put that trust in Him and put our lives in His hands. We don’t need to understand everything to realize that God has plans for us that we are unaware of. Jeremiah 29:11 really hits that home. God knows the plans He has for you. Plans of peace, not evil. Put your trust and faith in God that He may work through you.

I was not all that familiar with Krystal Meyers before now other then the songs that I have heard on the radio. Make Some Noise marks Christian Music Review’s first review of a Krystal Meyers record. I did go back and listen to her self-titled debut and Dying for a Heart, and after doing so I did notice that Make Some Noise leaned more towards the pop-style then the previous two. While there is a little bit of rock on Make Some Noise, it was mostly overrun with the pop songs. As I mentioned in the opening of the review, although I am not a big fan of the pop music, it still served its purpose in carrying the message while being delivered in a vehicle of some pretty catchy music. While I would not give the album a full four points for its message, I think Meyers does a better job at bringing forth her message then some other artists.

There are some tracks on here that I would definitely have to listen closely to to wonder as to what she is trying to say. Some of it is tough to discern from other tracks, but after having listened through to the album I have to say that I am quite impressed with Krystal’s style of music, without really having much to compare to it then one Hannah Montana and Superchic(k). Make Some Noise though is a solid effort put forth by a very talented young lady whose ambition and goal is to reach the masses with her power-pop anthems and thought-provoking messages. Let’s make some noise for Ms. Meyers!

Review written by: Jay Heilman

Review can also be found at:

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Krystal is making some noise. | Posted September 03, 2008
Krystal Meyers definitely knows how to make some noise with her newest album. Whether good or bad noise I will leave up to you.

This album musically is very well put together. Everything flows really well and has a great vibe to it. It's more of a techno sound, but she mixes pop-rock into it very well. I have to say musically this could be an album of the year, but I think we need to take an in-depth look at the lyrics in the songs.

But before I do that there is something I would like to address. While Krystal was writing and recording this album she was having a rough time in life, and she wasn't in-tune with God like she wanted to be. Therefore I think that is the main reason several of her songs suffer and if you look at the lyrics that they can be a little more dreary than her previous work.

Krystal starts the album off with the very catchy song "Make Some Noise." I do like this song, but Krystal doesn't really point to God as the source of empowerment. So it's more of a secular song in that sense.

"Love It Away" Is a great song talking about how God will love you through the problems and help them to go away.

"Shine" is another song dealing with empowerment. Even though Krystal doesn't really talk about God in this song I prefer it over "Make Some Noise" because I can equate it with the fact that we are the light of the world and need to Shine for Christ. In this way it has already been encouraging to me. But it still does not have much depth to it.

"S.O.S." is probably my favorite song on this album. Krystal directly talks about God here, and calls out for God to rescue her/us.

"Feels So Right" is the first song I question on this album. It seems to be talking directly about relationships, but I don't find it to be a good song to equate with a relationship. It seems to put the focus on the person too much and the high you get. I think this song could be a bad song for Christians and Non-Christians alike. We need to remember to honor God with our relationships, and if we're in a dating relationship with someone I don't see this as a profitable song.

"My Freedom" is my second favorite song on the album. It doesn't talk directly about God, but it is highly emotional and hard to think a person could equate with what Krystal is saying: "Can you hear this soul is crying/ my soul is crying
Calling out to You/ will You come wash over me/ Like only You can do/ will You be my freedom?" It's easy to see her lack of closeness through this song and I can identify with that, so it's a very encouraging song in that aspect for myself.

"Up To You" is the second song on the album I do not like outright. It's dealing with a failed relationship(To me it seems like a marriage. It starts: "You gave me your hand so long ago/ But now our house is burning/ You're never home" But that is easy to look over.) Krystal seems to take the stance of "I'll leave it up to you." Which if it's a marriage I would hope she wouldn't take that stance. And even if it's a dating relationship, not caring never does anything.

"You'll Never Know" is the third song I don't like. It seems too depressing, talking about how you'll never know how it feels to "be let go" which I assume is a relationship. And I think it has depressing possibilities if someone has recently gone through a break-up or whatnot.

"In Your Hands" is a good song. It talks about trusting God even though you don't know what he has planned. Krystal doesn't directly say God, but as a believer it's obvious what she is saying.

As you can see, even though this album is great musically, Lyrically it could be better. I think it is up to you to decide what you will listen to from this album and not listen to. Choose wisely.

Score: 6.0

P.S. I did not talk about the song "Beautiful Tonight" because it was for some reason left out of the NRT preview.

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justink (115)

Great dance pop record | Posted July 08, 2010
This album is filling a void in CCM music. Hands down one of the best dance/pop albums that has come out in recent years. This album suits her voice- the music is catchy and the lyrics surprisingly not as cliche as I thought they would be. A few really stand out tracks (Shine, Feels So Right, Love It Away, You'll Never Know)

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LampaFan (182)

Musically Perfect, Lyrically Solid | Posted July 31, 2009
Krystal Meyers has traded in the electric guitar for the pop beats. Krystal does a great job incorporating Top 40 pop beats with clean, catchy lyrics. Many people may think that Krystal is falling a little from God, and that the lyrics are vague, but I think it's great that Krytsal can have a relationship with a guy without having sex. Let's go track by track shall we?

1) Make Some Noise
The title track is a flashy pop number, musically reminiscent of Katy Perry's 2008 summer smash "I Kissed A Girl"... without the bisexual lyrics. This song is an A+.

2) Love It Away
"Love It Away" is an encouraging, snappy song that is great to sing-along to.

3) Shine
The lead single from the album is one of my personal favorites. The song is a peppy dance track with an amazing bass line. Great job.

4) S.O.S.
"S.O.S." is the most blantantly Christian song on the album. Musically it's probably my least favorite on the album, but it's great lyrically and vocally.

5) Feels So Right
"Feels So Right" is the perfect dance song. Krystal's vocals are spot-on and the beat is irresistible.

6) My Freedom
The piano-driven "My Freedom" is a great worship song.

7) Beautiful Tonight
"Beautiful Tonight" is a dark song that shows off Krystal's perfect vocals. Great dance song.

8) Up to You
This song is about some friends of Krystal's that got in a divorce. One of my favorites, "Up to You" is an almost melancholy, quiet track. Beautiful song.

9) You'll Never Know
"You'll Never Know" starts winding the album down with it's upbeat synth beats. Exquisite number.

10) In Your Hands
Krystal belts out the vocals on this achingly sincere track that ends the album.

11) Sweet Dreams [iTunes Bonus Track]
The Eurythmics cover is one of my favorite versions of this popular song. Krystal does it perfect justice.

Overall, this is by and far my favorite album of 2008. I absolutely love the musical direction Krystal is going and I hope to see more of this type of music in the future. Amazing job Krystal! A++++

Rating: 10.0

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LampaFan (182)

Review for the iTunes Deluxe Version | Posted March 08, 2009
Obviously the whole album rocks, but this review is for the iTunes Worldwide Edition. I really thought it was awesome how Krystal learned 3 different languages just so she could share her music in other countries! That is so cool! Plus, the bonus track, a remake of the hit Eurythmics song "Sweet Dreams" is probably the greatest song Krystal has ever recorded. It's a thumping dance track that would do great on the dance/club charts. I also really enjoy the music video for "Make Some Noise". It's a fun and peppy video with lots of flashing lights and cool choreography. Great edition of the album!

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teague (9)

'Make Some Noise' | Posted January 23, 2009
When I first started to listen to Krystal Meyer's music, I enjoyed her bold messages which were obviously personal and very authentic as well as her loud punk sound with edgy guitar riffs.

Two cds later and Krystal enters an entirely new realm of music:pop. I was introduced to 'Make Some Noise' slowly, through the titletrack and was immedicalty hooked.

Whether this is a sign of Meyer's newfound maturity after a self-confessed period of 'desert-time' with God, or just a welcome evolution to more dancy rythms, Krystal's new style sure does captivate the senses.

The major type of songs on the album is pop including 'Shine', 'Make Some Noise', 'Love it Away'etc. etc. These mostly subtly return to the topic of anticonformity, while others discuss God's love and a Christian's relationship with Him. 'Beautiful Tonight' continues the message in 'The Situation' from Dying for a Heart in an interesting new perspective on purety.

The other type of songs is the slower, sometimes guitar driven (and at times, more punk) melodies of (amongst others) 'Up to You', 'S. O. S' and 'My Freedom'. These are mostly heartfelt songs calling out to God to 'Save Our Souls'.

The only drawbacks in this album is that the similar styles can sometimes become a bit tedious and that the message of some songs, such as 'Up to You' is somewhat unclear and sounds excessivley secular, but an overall stellar album that grips the mind.

If this album was eatable, I'd compare it with a rasberry fizz lollipop with sherbet. Fresh, sweet and interesting, but yet with more depth than realised at the first listen that grows on you with time.

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[[= | Posted December 07, 2008
totally amazing

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