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Krystal Meyers' "Make Some Noise": A Review
Posted September 09, 2008
By ChristianManifesto,

by C.E. Moore

I hate it when I don’t like an album that I know is going to be popular with a very large segment of people. I feel as if I am raining on the artist’s parade. But, I honestly don’t like Krystal Meyers’ newest album, Make Some Noise. I’ve tried to set aside my bias against pop music in general (which, if you frequent the site, you know I tend to do rather well), so I know that hasn’t influenced my distaste for this album. But, Make Some Noise is just a bubble gum Christian substitute for the bubble gum secular albums out there that sound exactly the same. Essentially, its safe but nothing more.

Truth be told, I’m not exactly how this album can be classified as “Christian,” other than that it’s not hyper-sexualized like Meyers’ counterparts. (Of course, the music video for the album’s title track ruins that notion.) The lyrics are sanitized and “hopeful,” but there’s nothing that truly distinguishes it as “Christian.” Maybe Meyers is attempting to avoid labels and push for mainstream acceptance (evidenced by the use of “Make Some Noise” in NBC’s Fall promos). But, if “Christian” simply means “a sanitized version of the same old crap,” then we’re in a lot of trouble as a viable subculture.

Really, it bothers me to even review this drivel. It’s almost all flash, no substance. “Make Some Noise” is a hip, poppy song that claims we were apparently born to make some noise. I think some will interpret this to mean that we’re supposed to make some noise for God. That’s well and good if you want to view things that way. But, the song’s message is so nebulous that it could simply be a youth anthem to make a ruckus. “Love It Away” claims that no matter what problems you have “He” (oh so nebulous) can “love it away.” I’m not sure what that even means, but it’s just not true. “S.O.S.” is the one redeeming track on the album and is the only thing that comes close to the quality of her earlier songs “Hallelujah” and “The Beauty of Grace.” Actually, its really the only track on the album that could be classified as “Christian.” A prayer to God, Meyers displays a strong versatility here that is otherwise lacking on the rest of the album.

Another difficulty I have with the album is the dance vibe that never quite got me to the point that made me actually want to dance. It’s got some grooves that got me bouncing a little in my seat, but nothing more. Even so, it seems like that is the gist of the album—to make you dance. Not much of a mission. Even worse considering the mission wasn’t accomplished. “Up To You” features Meyers doing something so nasally that it couldn’t be more annoying if she tried.

Don’t get me wrong. The album is well produced. The sound is crisp and slick. Fans of other pop princesses such as Britney Spears, Pink, and Christina Aguilera will definitely gravitate towards Make Some Noise. It would certainly hold it’s own. The target audience is definitely that tween and high school girl market—the album addressing themes of love, self-esteem, and identity. But, it sticks pretty close to the surface of things. The lyrics that do try to go deeper are mired in the shoddy power pop delivery. And, as the production is so good, I wonder how much of it is Meyers and how much of it is manipulation on the back end. If you’ve got a teenage girl in the family, go ahead and buy it. If not…purchase at your own risk.

Author’s Note: If you are a fourteen year old girl or someone who feels I have been overly harsh with this album, please bear in mind that that I did not like the music, but have the utmost respect for how Meyers is following God’s call on her life. At the end of the day, this is one man’s opinion. You are free to have yours. (But, if you feel like attacking me, I’ve developed a thick skin.)

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