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Make Some Noise doesn't always "feels so right"
Posted August 25, 2008
By Nathan,

Krystal Meyers is on a mission, a mission to be a voice for a generation which some have dubbed dying and hopeless. She also wants’ you to be a voice and what could be a better title for her third album than Make some noise. The much anticipated album is already gaining momentum with a radio single “shine” and a promotional song on NBC. Bet that Make some Noise will be a defining album of Meyers and one that will finally end the comparisons to Avil Levine.

Exchanging the rock song for a pop sound could not have been a better move for Meyers as her rock music never hit exceptional but a quick dose of the insanely catchy title track and it’s clear that the sky is the limit of her. The fast paced pop “make some noise” has all the cylinders clicking away from the verse to the chorus and it’s not an isolated incident. A prime example is “feels so right”, the song’s tune changes often, but it never loses its catchy pop rock act and Meyer’s voice absolutely shines. The guitar driven “S.O.S.” is a fun solid pop song which stays away from major pitfalls, as does “love it away”, which is sure to be a future single, and while it may not be as flashy as “make some noise” the bridge and the musical parts in between chorus and verse is great.

It’s easy to see maturity in Krystal’s new stuff because of her techno pop song “shine”, which has an excellent chorus to go along with a lousy verse, but the most impressive thing is the originality and a hint of hip hop thrown in. “My freedom” is based around the piano, and the pop rock is good enough even though the song is a little too over dramatic, and even though “up to you” may not be among the favorites on the album it deserves credit for not being a wimpy song. Meyers again proves her new skill with “beautiful tonight”, a really catchy song with a great bridge, and in the quite(ish) corner of the Make Some Noise is the final track “in your hands” which is a nice blend of soft pop with a hint of techno.

There was some actual depth in Krystal Meyers last CD, Dying for a Heart, in terms of the lyrics, which is impressive considering her peers usual depth in messages; However Make Some Noise shows us an interesting new side of Meyers lyrics. “Love it away” is a nice touch feely song about when we are hurt God will ‘Love, love, love it away’ so not too much substance to that though “S.O.S.” is clearly a song asking God to save her. Unfortunately spiritual themes are not as that common, take “make some noise” and “shine” for example; both songs are about sticking out and making a difference, sadly though the reason for this stand is never mentioned or implied.

Although it ends with ‘In my sickness can you find me beautiful tonight’, “Beautiful tonight” is a very dreary song about her life where the lyrics are depressing and vaguely destructive, (‘I'm becoming quite a liar… I'm falling, dissolving/It's crawling into my veins/I'm gonna regret this’). It becomes dicey with the relationship songs because “my freedom” doesn’t actually mention God and neither does “you’ll never know”, and “feels so right” isn’t really healthy at all. “In your hands” is an encouraging song among an album that could have used more like it.

Make Some Noise is really a step up for Krystal musically Meyers, the riffs are good and the tunes are really catchy. This is a huge step for Meyers musically, but lyrically it gets pretty shallow and that is disappointing because it’s sad to see a good breakthrough like this get spoiled by something we know she is capable of. Enjoy the music but keep track of future lyrics.

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