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Exit Lights [edit]
by Falling Up | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 12, 2006

Falling Up have teamed up with Tedd T, Aaron Sprinkle, Trevo McNevan, tobyMac and more to produce a new record of remixes of all their hits. This isn't just remixed tracks, but a whole new album of material based on their hits, as well as brand new songs.

Track Listing
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01. Islander
02. Exit Calypsan (Into The Ice Cave)
03. Escalates (Aceramic)
04. Broken Heart (Ghosts Of Seaside)
05. Circlewinds
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06. Moonlit (Neon Predator) ft. Solomon Olds
07. Bittersweet (A Jedi Force)
08. Third Lake
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09. Searchlights (Indoor Soccer)
10. Fearless (250 And Dark Stars) ft. Troma
11. Contact (Complexus)
12. Exhibition (Epoison) ft. Rachael Lampa
13. Cascades (From In The Forest Cascadia)

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Nathan (188)

A breakthrough fo the band | Posted November 30, 2008
Falling Up’s first CD Crashing was a very sound rock album but it failed to break new ground. Their sophomore album, Dawn Escapes, used a more alternative approach to the rock and creative song complex songs that suffered as a whole for the lack of diversity overall. So what might be one of the best remix albums ever Exit Lights is a key album for Falling Up is discovering their identity in throwing new songs into the mixer and adding new ones.

The distinct alternative sound (which would be echoed later in Captiva) is unleashed immediately with the spooky sounding “Islander” which sound incredibly natural and is one of Falling Up’s greatest songs. In revamping “Fearless (250 And Dark Stars)” there was little left from the old rock tune, but the change was genius. The piano is brilliant and the intensity of the song is maximized guest vocalist Troma whose soft vocals are wonderful. The only drawback is Trevor McNevan’s (Thousand Foot Krutch) vocal which doesn’t align with the soft music or the light alternative chorus.

The star singers don’t stop there as Solomon olds lends his hardcore voice to “moonlit (Neon Predator)” which is very heavy. Rachel Lampa’s appearance on “Exhibition (Epoison)” is far more impressive as her intense vocals just shine after a long intro. What breaks up the album is the interludes which don’t last very long but are a odd touch considering their solemn music. Of the two interludes “Third Lake” beats out “circlewinds”.

Both of the singles “bittersweet” and “escalates” sound better in their non-remixed state as they are more messed around electronically than actually improved. The techno style added to the alternative rock “Searchlights (Indoor Soccer)” actually creates a more interesting atmosphere than most of the other remixes; the tune stays intact and the intensity stays the same but the base plays a bigger role. The creepy sounding “broken heart” took a big change from it’s solid rock seat to a more alternative organic song which is more complex and more artistic.

The lyrics are not so much an issue on remixes records since most of the songs keep their original meanings, even though Falling Up is known for their cryptic lyrics. But a look at “Islander” and the majorly tweaked “fearless” is interesting. “Islander” seems to say that admits lost friend ships, abandoned purposes and the everyday strangeness of life that we should not ‘half live’. The lyrics seem strange on “Fearless” but on the bit that Troma sings on it would seem that the message points to God and standing strong ‘Don't take my picture because I wont be there standing alone/Im living fearless, so fearless, like every day's my own’

Exit Lights is a breakthrough for Falling Up, as they sound more refined and added more verity to their style. The next step is watching them do the same with new songs like they did with their previous ones. A terrific Remix album which only hints at the potential greatness.

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Twitch (7)

Fearless (250 and dark stars) | Posted September 30, 2008
This was my absolute favorite song on this album.
I reall enjoy the middle part.
I also really enjoyed searchlights.
I'm really glad i got this CD

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irocketh (88)

Liked it | Posted March 24, 2008
One of the better remix CD. Jessy's voice sounds more mature when there aren't any hard rifts like on this CD.

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RossMan (134)

eh | Posted March 10, 2008
its ok but i dont think this is really good its a bunch of remixes of some of my favorite songs by them and i really dont think this album should have been made

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Best Remix Album | Posted February 11, 2008
i guess i agree with lots of other ppl here but yeah, dont really like remix songs or album because they practically kill the song. but this album was really good. i like the different sound effects and the twists they put in the songs. i also liked how they pulled other artists like solomon olds and other peeps in the song. it was actually a pretty cool remix album.

yup, go buy it if you like different twists on your favorite falling up songs

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Phil413 (45)

Exit Lights | Posted December 27, 2007
Not a big fan of remix albums, but I thought this was a pretty good one. I liked Islander, the only original song on the album, and I thought a couple of the remixes, Cascades & Fearless, were even better than their original versions.

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Spooky and Mysterious | Posted October 16, 2007
This is was the first album I heard by Falling Up and I really enjoyed it, I had never heard the original versions of the songs but when I did, I was instantly disappointed, but that's a whole other story. I really enjoyed 'Islander' which has a spooky, ghostly sound, which is often repeated throughout the album. The entire was very mysterious and mostly about sound, as Falling Up so often is. It seems that they were experimenting with sound so much that the songs drowned in it. 'Moonlit' and 'Searchlights' were very interesting and I like the sound much better than the original versions. So yeah, if you like sound, you'll like this album.

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=] | Posted September 25, 2007
Falling Up is one of the best rock bands out there. This is a must have for any hard rock fan!! =]

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Fallin up's best so far | Posted August 28, 2007
This is one of my favorit albums with beautiful remixes. I'm waiting for the next album Captiva , and hope that's just as good as this one or even better.

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Better than the originals | Posted August 24, 2007
Falling Up really stepped it up a notch with this remix album. The original versions of these songs were great in their own right, but now they are better then ever before. This album also shows Falling Up's amazing diversity, which is in part due to a few band member changes, however it shows that the band and their music can adapt. Sometimes you just get bored with the same old sound. They've set themselves up really well and Captiva should blow us all away. The first single, "Hotel Aquarium" is already impressing me.

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