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Age: 26
Gender: F
Relationship: Single
Location: Alabama
Occupation: Student
Denomination: Methodist
Favorite Saying: "Did I tell you that I have a feeling that I can hurt you without really hurting you? Mental Destruction is so much more potent then physical. What good is a solder with no will to live? Itís as useless as an infant with every thought focused on survival. A solder with no will to live has no thoughts no hope no chance.- random quote from book"
Favorite Music: Any and all forms of rock music, hardcore, hip-hop, and punk.

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July 31, 2009, 12:32PM
Hey thanks for the friends add. Hoes it going?
April 11, 2009, 13:52PM
Hey irocketh, just droppin you a line to say thanks for the add on. God bless you and your family.
December 21, 2008, 18:54PM
August 15, 2008, 12:14PM
Do you happen to have a pic of that Underoath shirt you got? I can't find pics of what shirt it is
June 14, 2008, 18:01PM
exactly! my youth pastor accused me of being a stalker. lol at least someone else is a stalker too lol jk! :)


irocketh Is...

About Me
Iím Margaret Ellen Caufield! Donít let the grandmaish name fool you I love cool modern things. Iím a music addict. I love heavy stuff but I also like things that are different. Iím a little nerdy but I embrace it. I love reading and like writing. If you want to see some of my stuff check out my blog (not on facebook, look at the myspace). Iím 14. Iím a Christian. God means everything to me. My faith isnít just another thing itís my life. God is the only thing that makes since to me. Love is serous to me. If I tell you I love you I really mean it. And if you say it back you better mean it too.

I have the best friends ever. It takes a while to earn my trust but once you have it itís almost impossible to lose. If you ever want to hang out just ask. My sister Christina is awesome. We have our ruff spots but we get along pretty well. Iíve never seen anyone who can make so many close friends so fast. My other sister Rachel is so mature. She always makes me want to be the best I can be. My brother-in-law Kasey is a little bit of a nerd but he almost deserves to be with my sister. Laney is my best friend ever! She is so crazy. Sheís been FOBed. Jasmine is a blonde at heart. Sheís always so optimistic. She can sing like an angel even if she does waste it on country. Tori is my silent until you get to know her friend. She has some awesome ring tones. Bre! We have so many inside jokes after camp. She introduced me to Twilight. The ďtable of loveĒ people are the only reason I stayed in art for so long. Weston is so funny if a little inappropriate. I'm interested in how he'll handle homeschool. Tyler is my Rubikís cube master. He always has some stupid thing on his phone or some great story every time I see him. Michal and I have so many arguments about Family Force 5 and Third Day itís not even funny. Trice is so brilliant. Heís one of those people who I could talk to for hours about anything. And I have because I had almost every class with him this year. Even if he does make Bre mad with his lateness.

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Latest Album & Book Reviews
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Time by Third Day
The talent is evident even though this is one of the earlier releases from the band. Lyrical depth pours from the beginning to the end. The guitar work is tight. It has a flow and togetherness, even when jumping from ballads to rockers. It is a short ...
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Wire by Third Day
Itís always enjoyable when a band adds variety instead of just making the same song over and over and over and over andÖ you get the point. Third Day proves once again that they can belt out rockers then go flawlessly to incredible ballads. As with ...
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Nervosa by Showbread
No lie this is my favorite band and this is the album that put them there. The stories are bursting with the love of God. The music is harsh until the end when the guys deliver the beauty. The Goat is the best song Iíve ever heard.
[read more]
Anorexia by Showbread
I canít believe this album hasnít gotten more attention! They can play better then most metal bands and the best lyrics in the world. Yes the albums are a little creepy and address some things that small kids or sheltered people shouldnít read but they ...
[read more]
Reset & Rewind by Manic Drive
I heard 11 Regrets and thought I would love this album. I didnít. Donít get me wrong there are some very good songs here and the guy has an amazing voice but all the style changes just mess up what could have been a great album. The first half is very ...
[read more]

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