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Whispered And Shouted [edit]
by Aaron Shust | Genre: AC/Inspo | Release Date: June 05, 2007

Crafting songs that make this happen was the goal with Whispered and Shouted, the follow-up album to Aaron Shust's chart-topping debut Anything Worth Saying. A life-long churchgoer, Shust grew up in Pittsburgh, where he started playing piano at 7. As a teenager, Aaron learned to play the guitar and was influenced by the sounds of the sixties and Motown. Attending Toccoa Falls College, Shust studied music theory, developed an aptitude for the likes of Bach and Mozart, and soaked in the sounds of more recent masters like his favorite band U2. These contemporary influences come to bear on Whispered and Shouted. It's an exploration of new musical territory for what is at its heart another praise and worship album from this exciting newcomer. This record will make you want to sing along whether you are standing in church or riding in your car.

"I feel closest to God whenever I'm leading people in worship, when I can step away from the microphone and it appears that a sea of people are singing to God from the bottom of their hearts and the top of their lungs."

Track Listing
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01. Long Live The King
02. Like I Never Felt Before
03. Create Again
04. Watch Over Me
05. Give Me Words To Speak
06. Life Itself
07. The Name Of Jesus
08. I Will Wait
09. Runaway
10. Can't Hide From Your Love
11. Come To Me
12. Worthy / Let All I Do

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Gets Better Each Time! | Posted September 04, 2007
It took me awhile to review this album because at first I felt it wasn't up to the standard of "Anything Worth Saying" and it isn't as strong overall, however it is still worthy of a great review and ranks in the top 10 of 2007 in my opinion. The standout songs "Give Me Words to Speak", "The Name of Jesus", "Watch Over Me" and "Create Again" are all very worshipful and overall this album rocks a little harder which is cool. It gets better each time I listen to it and the songs flow into each other so the order of the songs is important to fully enjoy them all.

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Whispered And Shouted | Posted July 01, 2013
 This album is good but not as good as some of his others.  

There is quite a variety of styles that can been seen across this album. The lyrics are good, Shust really captures the idea that God persues us - a feature that isnt covered by many artists.

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Whispered and Shouted. | Posted August 19, 2011
The second studio release for worship artist Aaron Shust, named "Whispered and Shouted", is the follow up to the awesome, "Anything Worth Saying". But, this album definitely stands out on it's own. For me, personally, this album means alot. By far in my top 5 favorite albums. I love how each track has it's own individual message, but they all flow together beautifully. Sorta goes together with the theme, of "Whispered and Shouted". I honestly love every track on this album, but my favorite song would have to be "Watch Over Me". This song to me, just means alot. When I went through some things in my life, this song gave me great comfort the God is "Watching over me", no matter the time, place, or situation. I think this album makes a big statement in the Christian Music Industry, and Aaron Shust has definitely made his mark. Highly recommended album! :)

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Stepping Past Normal Praise & Worship | Posted July 30, 2011

Aaron Shust is more than your typical praise and worship artist. Over the years he has consistently delivered fresh music and lyrics. “Whispered and Shouted” is a solid album that any praise and worship collector should have.

“Whispered and Shouted” starts with “Long Live the King”. This song is an excellent song, solid guitar, solid vocals, and solid lyrics. “All I have is Yours (Long Live the King). Aware that we're unworthy of Your Grace” The next song “Like I Never Felt Before” sounds the country and rock mixed. These two put together you have another exceptional song from Aaron. “Create Again,” “Watch Over Me,” “Life Itself,” and “The Name of Jesus” are all slower songs but standout also. I don’t normally life slower songs but Aaron Shust has changed that he delivers softer melodies but even better songwriting. “Give Me Words to Speak” is the full-length version of the beginning track in “Anything Worth Saying” this is probably my favorite song of the entire album. The chorus says “Give me Words to speak, don't let my Spirit sleep. Cause I can't think of anything worth saying. But I know that I owe You my life.” I Will Wait” is something Aaron hasn’t done before. It is very catchy and you will have it stuck in your head in no time. The album ends on a worshipful note with “Worthy Let All I Do”. This is a nice closer for the album and it takes the album back to the worshipful mood. It is a solid track and perfect closer.

While the praise and worship is usually repetitious from artist to artist, Aaron delivers something divers and different. I you are looking for a praise and worship album you should check it out.

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Good mellow stuff, Great lyrics | Posted February 11, 2008
Great for the lyrics. Like the Song "Give me words to speak."

Good mellow stuff. Recommended. I listen when I am in a thoughful mood.

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Aaron Shust | Posted February 01, 2008
I will admit that I liked his first CD a little bit better than this one, but this one has one song that the first CD can't possibly beat. probably my favorite song to hear when I turn on the radio is his song "Give Me Words To Speak" I heard this song on the radio when I heard it the first time, and I LOVED it! absolutely LOVED IT! this song is...I can't even describe how much I like it. Whenever it comes on the radio, it's "turn it up! It's my song!" My sister plays the piano, and she even learned to play it for me! :D (I was pretty happy) the other songs on this CD are good too, (particularly "Long Live the King" and "Runaways") but this song beats them hands-down. :D

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Aaron Shust | Posted September 09, 2007
Aaron Shust is a very talented artist! This CD is great! Give Me Words to Speak is my favorite song. Some other great songs are Watch Over Me and Long Live The King! This is a great record!

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Aaron Shust | Posted August 23, 2007
I was in love with his first album (Anything Worth Saying), as I am with the song "Give Me Words To Speak" It's one of my favorite new songs! I also like Watch Over Me. Very good album!

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Great Second CD Hit! | Posted August 06, 2007
Aaron Shust returns from his recent win at the 2007 Dove Awards with ANOTHER great CD, full of easy-listening and worshipping.

Something not to be missed is the full version of a song he sang a capella on his previous album, "Anything Worth Saying," called "Give Me Words to Speak."

He delivers another great success that means he will definitely be around for years to come, praising God and helping others to worship the Lord as well!

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Not like the first | Posted July 16, 2007
I am a huge Aaron fan but to me this CD is in no comparison to his first. Its hard to follow up when your freshman release is as good as Anything Worth Saying with the smash hit My Savior My God. Still good CD, just no the same Aaron.

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even better than the first!! | Posted July 10, 2007
I think that Whispered and Shouted is even better than his first CD!! Although My Savior My God is still my favorite song, I still easily give Whispered and Shouted 5 stars!!

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