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WOW Hits 2008 Disc 2 [edit]
by Various Artists - "WOW" Series | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 02, 2007

Here's how to get a WOW year of hits! Showcasing 30 chart-topping contemporary Christian favorites, this much-anticipated annual compilation includes "Forgiven" (Relient K), "Enough" (BarlowGirl), "Come to the Cross" (Michael W. Smith), "Work" (Jars of Clay), "Something Beautiful" (Newsboys), "What It Means" (Jeremy Camp), "Made to Love" (tobyMac), "Hold Fast" (MercyMe), and "Mountain of God" (Third Day). Two CDs.

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Track Listing
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01. Made To Love (tobyMac)
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02. I Need You To Love Me (BarlowGirl)
03. Something Beautiful (Newsboys)
04. Me And Jesus (Stellar Kart)
05. The Show (Hawk Nelson)
06. Forgiven (Relient K)
07. What It Means (Jeremy Camp)
08. Nothing Left To Lose (Mat Kearney)
09. Only The World (Mandisa)
10. Don't Give Up (Sanctus Real)
11. Breathe Into Me (RED)
12. Stand In The Rain (Superchic[k])
13. Work (Jars Of Clay)
14. Tears Of The Saints (LeeLand)
15. I Believe (Buiding 429)
16. What If (PureNRG)

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Nathan (188)

Good collection, weak songs disc 2 | Posted November 24, 2007
Wow hits 2008 is the collection of all the Christian hits in 2008, even though the songs were released in 2007. Disc 2 is more of the rock collection, but it does ask a question about what Mandisa is doing on a rock album.

The smash hit by tobyMac "Made to love" is a great choice, and one that will be mentioned when the Dove awards come around. Barlow Girl's "I need you to love me" is a pretty weak song despite its success. "Something Beautiful" by the Newsboys is a nice pop song but "me and Jesus" by Stellar Kart is way overrated. Punk band Hawk Nelson put out the nearly worthless song "the show", while Relient K's song "forgiven" is the best of the Wow songs.

Jeremy Camp should have made have made Wow hits with "let it fade", but is on board with "what it means". Mat Kearney's "nothing left to lose" is a great pick, while the over-popular Mandisa has "only the world", which is almost the biggest error on this disc. "Don't give up" by Sanctus real has good lyrics but is a so-so song, While the hugely popular "stand in the rain" by Superchic[k] is not really as powerful as it seems.

Red made Wow for the first time with their song "breathe into me", and Jars of Clay put out another amazing song: "work". Two worthsip songs on Wow hits disc two are "Tears of the saints" song by Leeland (which is good) and "I believe" by Building 429 (which is not so good). And the appearance of NRG will probably be more surprising that good.

A pretty so-so collection of the harder hits around Christian music, which is disappointing that most of lyrics of these songs are not strong. Over all Wow hits disc one and two are not that good, and is over all not worth getting.

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art10 (115)

1 Good Song | Posted September 18, 2007
Even though this release hasn't been released at the time of this writing, I can review it because I've heard all the songs before. This year, the list gets pathetic. The choices are HORRIBLE, these were the first singles, but hardly the best singles they released, and wait, these songs are last year's news. Alright, this is a primer for, 2006, not 2007. As for burn value, the addition of PureNRG makes this prime for this winter's kindling.

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WOW Hits 2008 | Posted January 11, 2009
This CD offers a lot of great songs that people of all ages can listen to.

tobyMac makes the CD fun, Hawk Nelson makes it rock, and purNRg makes it playful.

Great CD!!

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LampaFan (185)

Better Than the 1st Disc. | Posted January 09, 2009
In my opinion this Disc is better than the first. I really love the songs "Made to Love", "I Need You to Love Me", "Something Beautiful", "Only the World", "Stand in the Rain" and "What If". I like this disc more cause it has more Pop/Rock tunes on it!

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better | Posted October 07, 2008
definitely better than the first cd. i like this one alot better!!!! i like the songs by red, relient k , superchick, and one other one i can't remember!!! but i didn't like the song by pureNRG

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Wow Hits 2008 | Posted August 12, 2008
This is a brilliant installment in the most recent Wow Series, I really enjoyed it. It hasd something for every Christian music fan and I think it appeals to all ages. Can't wait for the next CD!

Wow Hits 2008 (Disc 2) is worth buying!

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Love the Songs! | Posted May 09, 2008
I love the songs on this cd. Okay, I'll level with you. Some are a little old but hey who cares? Some of these songs I never heard before and when I played them I loved them. My favorite one is Stand In the Rain-Superchick[k]. Who cares if they are a littl old are out of style? What matters is that you enjoy the songs and just rock out with this cd! Awesome cd and I canNOT wait for the next WoW cd to come out!

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=) | Posted December 31, 2007
i love all the songs on this cd

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WOW | Posted October 11, 2007
Awesome CD! I love every single song on here. I don't think it's really a *2008* CD, I mean, these songs are a little old. But it's alright, because this CD is great! All of the songs are just awesome! Great Christmas gift :)

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=] | Posted October 11, 2007
Great mix of songs...has something for everyone.

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