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WOW Hits 2008 Disc 1 by Various Artists -

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WOW Hits 2008 Disc 1 [edit]
by Various Artists - "WOW" Series | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 02, 2007

Here's how to get a WOW year of hits! Showcasing 30 chart-topping contemporary Christian favorites, this much-anticipated annual compilation includes "Forgiven" (Relient K), "Enough" (BarlowGirl), "Come to the Cross" (Michael W. Smith), "Work" (Jars of Clay), "Something Beautiful" (Newsboys), "What It Means" (Jeremy Camp), "Made to Love" (tobyMac), "Hold Fast" (MercyMe), and "Mountain of God" (Third Day). Two CDs.

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Track Listing
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01. Made To Worship (Chris Tomlin)
02. Mountain Of God (Third Day)
03. Hold Fast (MercyMe)
04. Praise You In This Storm (Casting Crowns)
05. Undo (Rush Of Fools)
06. Awaken (Natalie Grant)
07. Find Your Wings (Mark Harris)
08. By His Wounds (Glory Revealed)
09. Every Time I Breathe (Big Daddy Weave)
10. Walking Her Home (Mark Schultz)
11. Over My Head (Brian Littrell)
12. Come To The Cross (Michael W. Smith)
13. Give It All Away (Aaron Shust)
14. Bless The Broken Road (Selah)
15. History (Matthew West)
16. Set The World On Fire (Brit Nicole)
17. He Still Calls Me Son (John Waller)

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Nathan (188)

Good collection, but weak songs | Posted November 24, 2007
Wow hits 2008 is the collection of all the Christian hits in 2008, even though the songs were released in 2007. The first disc is all worship music, and even though these songs were hits, does that make this album a good one?

Chris Tomlin starts everything off with his hugely popular "made to worship" a song which casts aside everything Christians are supposed to do, to only worship. A mistake of a song, which is not even that impressive musically. The over played "Praise you in this storm" is great song by casting crown, and Rush of fools debut hit "undo" is a also a nice song.

"Mountain of God" by third Day and "hold fast" by MercyMe are pretty weak songs, not to mention annoying to listen to over and over again. Natalie Grant has a nice voice on a silly song (awaken), while "find your wings" is a nice song by Mark Harris about letting go. Mathew West's song History is not super impressive in any way but it's pretty good.

A bunch of popular Christian artists, headed by Third day's Mac Powell, formed the band Glory Revealed who came out with the Scripture based song "by his wounds" which is pretty repetitive. "every time I breath" is a solid song by Big Daddy Weave. "Walking her home" by Mark Shultz is sappy, "Come to the cross" by Michael W. Smith is not very good, and Aaron Shust's "give it all away" is not as good as his dove awarded song "my savior my God".

Wow hits really tails off in its second half with artist like Selah, John Waller, and Britt Nicole end it. Unfortunately 2007 really did not have a lot of great Christian Worship hits, but a pretty good collection though.

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WOW Hits 2008 | Posted January 11, 2009
The WOW CD's are always really great to listen to.

They offer a little bit of variety but are great nevertheless.

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LampaFan (179)

Eh. | Posted January 09, 2009
This CD is just eh. Most of the songs are WAYYYYY overrated like Casting Crowns, MercyMe and Chris Tomlin. The only songs I enjoyed were "Awaken" and "Set the World On Fire". This disc is way worse than the 2nd one.

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pretty good | Posted October 07, 2008
these songs are pretty good. I like the one by britt nicole , and i like most of the other ones. agreed, some of the songs were weak . they weren't the best that the artist had to offer, oh well !

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Good album | Posted August 12, 2008
This is a brilliant installment in the most recent Wow Series, I really enjoyed it. It hasd something for every Christian music fan and I think it appeals to all ages. Can't wait for the next CD!

Wow Hits 2008 (Disc 1) is worth buying!

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bjburly (28)

Average | Posted May 29, 2008
Don't get me wrong... WOW Hits 2008: Disc 1 is a nice tool for new Christian music listeners, but for someone who has followed CCM for a long amount of time, this WOW installment isn't as absolutely amazing as the disc's tag line may suggest.

For example, it seems that some artists such as Natalie Grant and Michael W. Smith were featured on the disc solely because of their popularity, and not based on the strength of their songs. Grant's "Awaken" can become annoying after only a few listens, while Smith's "Come To The Cross" certainly wasn't the biggest smash of 2007. Brian Littrell's "Over My Head" is a strange choice for a hits compilation considering it barely peaked in the top 10 on the charts. The same holds true for breakout artist Aaron Shust's "Give It All Away", hardly #1-hit material even though it's "nice" overall.

However, this disc of WOW isn't totally bad--mainstay CCM juggernauts Casting Crowns, Third Day, and MercyMe all grace the album with their presence, each showcasing one of their group's biggest hits, "Praise You In This Storm," "Mountain Of God," and "Hold Fast," respectively. In addition, Mark Harris (formerly of 4Him) is featured with his inspirational ballad "Find Your Wings", while rising CCM star Rush Of Fools jumps on board with the radio gem "Undo".

All things aside, WOW Hits 2008: Disc 1 is a good compilation for the true worship fan, showcasing some big songs from the year before. However, remembering the many hits and popular new artists that were produced in 2007, the lineup for this disc of this installment of WOW gives off mixed emotions.

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WOW Hits 2008 | Posted May 29, 2008
I was reading through all of the other reviews for this WOW 2008 disc 1 and i couldn't agree more with all of you. There are many songs on it that shouldn't be on it including "Give it all Away" - Aaron Shust, "Awaken" - Natalie Grant, "Come to the Cross" - By Michael W. Smith and even "Bless the Broken Road" from Selah. These songs i think were just thrown in there because of the artists popularity. Also i think "Find Your Wings" by Mark Harris is a few years late to be on a WOW. There were songs that were radio hits in 2007 that maybe havent made #1 but were bigger than some of the songs that were included in this disc. I thought for sure that Bebo Normans "I Would Lift MY Eyes" would be on it because if im not mistaken it reached #1. Also They could've and should've put "Orphans of God" from Avalon because it did reach #4 on the inspirational charts and is a beautiful song too! I also thought that "Forgive Me" from Rebecca St. James would make it and music from Nichole Nordeman as well but i guess i was wrong. Overall i was disappointed with the lineup this disc and hope that for 2009 they use a better line-up.

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sk00 (9)

Great as the Songs are, they're not the BEST of 2008! | Posted October 28, 2007
Don't get me wrong, there are some real shiners here. Casting Crowns shows up, as they well should, but I consider much of their last CD to be better than much of the other tracks on this disc. And the fact that the track chosen for them was from their PREVIOUS CD was disappointing... no East to West?

Tomlin, Rush of Fools, Glory Revealed's "By His Wounds", and Big Daddy Weave are all good choices for the CD... they're stuff that really highlights what CCM sounds like. But BWD was also from 2006, which doesn't make a placing on the 2008 CD logical. Britt Nicole is added singing not her hit "You", but "Set the World on Fire", a far less popular track for sure. David Crowder is suspiciously missing, even though they had a song from their new CD on WOW 2007's DVD, and Aaron Shust is strangely represented by a minor track... why not "Word of God Speak"?

Although the CD is a nice mix, it's not really the best 30 songs to choose to represent 2008.

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Overrated! | Posted October 07, 2007
This does a fairly good job of compiling some of the greatest hits in Christian music. The only problem is that this is supposed to be the best of 2007, yet some songs were topping the charts in 2006. For instance, Mark Harris's "Find Your Wings" was #1 in summer of 2006, it should have been on Wow 2007, not 2008. Casting Crowns's "Praise You..." is also outdated; a better choice would have been "Does Anybody Hear Her?" Also, it is missing a lot of great songs, but has some minor songs. It includes Brian Littrell's "Over My Head", which did not even make it above the #9 position, while it's missing many key songs of the year. Also, Britt Nicole's song "You" should have been used instead of "Set the World...", because STWOF was't even a single, while "You" was. The absences of Nichole Nordeman and Bebo Norman are just a few of the mis-steps in this compilation. Nichole had big hits with both "Real To Me" and "Sunrise" this year, and Bebo's "I will Lift My Eyes" was basically a given for this year's Wow (or so I thought).

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aylaeh (203)

good cd i guess | Posted October 07, 2007
i like to get thw wow albums just to see what popular songs are on there. the one problem that i see with these albums is that there are very few heavy metal and rap songs on these albums. i love artists like urban d, kj-52, pod, etc. these artists are rarely represented on the wow albums.

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