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Wherever You Are [edit]
by Third Day | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: November 01, 2005

"Wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever you are going through, God is ready to meet you right there. No matter where, no matter why, no matter when, there is hope."

Over Third Day's career, the band has tried to give people songs of encouragement and hope, blended with the band's trademark roots-rock style. Wherever You Are encompasses that mission. Songs like "Cry Out To Jesus," "Rise Up," "Eagles," "Carry My Cross, "Tunnel," and "Mountain of God," all carry this central theme. The band explains "It was kind of unintentional, but as we looked back on the songs, they consistently spoke of God meeting you in times of struggle, of overcoming burdens, guilt, circumstances, and being free."

Track Listing
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01. Tunnel
02. Eagles
03. Cry Out to Jesus
04. I Can Feel It
05. Keep On Shinin'
06. Communion
07. Carry My Cross
08. How Do You Know
09. Mountain of God
10. Love Heals Your Heart
11. The Sun Is Shining
12. Rise Up
13. Without You" (iTunes exclusive)

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art10 (115)

Way Too Inspirational | Posted August 30, 2007
I'm not saying there's anything wrong with inspirational songs, it's just that it can be overdone to the point where you're like, I'm not inspired. Eventually if you do it too much, you've lost your purpose. That's what happened here. If "Cry Out To Jesus" was the only inspirational song on here, there wouldn't be a problem. But instead, those type of song had to be the theme of the album, which isn't bad, it just couldve been done better. "Tunnel" and "Mountain of God" regardless of lyrics, are very poorly executed songs, and quickly shoot themselves near the top of the list for worst radio singles of the year.

These songs, and songs like them sink the album to one of the worst of 2006. Sorry Third Day, your last album was a whole lot better. Better luck next time. Inspirational is good, but very boring if overdone.

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T-Biz (1)

Wherever You Are by Third Day | Posted November 10, 2008
When I picked this CD from the library, I did not know what I was in for. I've only heard of a few songs by them, so I did not know what to expect.
When the intro of Tunnel came on, I immediately fell in love with it. This album was amazing, filled with powerful lyrics, great guitars and Mac Powell is just an amazing singer. So here's the breakdown:

TUNNEL - This song was really catchy, and don't even get me started on the lyrics. It was so amazing that no words can describe the amazing-ness of it.

EAGLES - I really connected with this song. Whenever I feel down I'll listen to this song and immediately feel better. I really felt like I could "soar on the wings of eagles"

CRY OUT TO JESUS - This song was probably my favourite of the whole album. It makes me cry everytime i listen to it. I always remember all the people that are struggling in life, struggling to survive everytime I listen to this song.

I CAN FEEL IT - I didn't like this song as much as the others, but the guitars were awesome, not to mention the bass =)

KEEP ON SHININ' - I don't know how someone can not like this song, it is amazingly catchy. I loved this song, because everytime i listen to it i feel like dancing.

COMMUNION - A slow song, and it's just beautiful. A lot of soul was put in making this song, even the guitar solo was soulful.

CARRY MY CROSS - Another beautiful song, goes perfect after Communion. This song reminds everyone about what Jesus did and his love for us. Mac's incredible songwriting describes really well about the sacrifice Jesus did to save us.

HOW DO YOU KNOW - Good song, but didn't really leave an impression on me. But it's Third day, so it's still awesome.

MOUNTAIN OF GOD - Another typical Third Day song, beautiful and amazing. Mac's songwriting skills kick in again, and along with his beautiful voice, this song is one that I can listen to over and over again.

LOVE HEALS YOUR HEART - Great song. Perfect for listening to it in the car when driving through a quiet road with the top down. A more mellow song, but still has a great beat.

THE SUN IS SHINING - A mellow beginning, but gets faster around the end. Good song to listen to, but not one of my favourites.

RISE UP - Good song for when you are feeling down. Great lyrics as usual, and great singing.

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LauraCC (256)

Inspired me | Posted April 02, 2009
First of all, let me say that I wrote a couple of lyrics of my own as a direct result of this CD. ("Perservere" is one of them.)

Second, the 3 songs ("Tunnel" "Mountain of God" and "Cry Out To Jesus") that became singles were well deserving of the role. They had awesome vocals, great messages, and interesting metaphors.

The one thing I didn't like was the fact that the last 2 songs both used the same phrase in them "strength to carry on". But that's okay.

I got this CD from NRT after it had been in the prize bin since before I joined. Well worth the points!!! :D

(I wanted to get it at Wal-mart around Christmas and hid it in the store. But my dad wouldn't let me get that copy. Oh, well!)

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Awesomeness! | Posted February 22, 2009
"Wherever You Are" is one of the many albums by Third Day. This CD is one of my favorite CD's of all time because with most bands, there are a few good songs and then some not so good ones. Either that, or the really good songs are overplayed on the radio to the point where you get sick of them, and then the rest of the songs or just OK.
This album, however, is different. I enjoy every single track, and the meaning of the songs are just fantastic.

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pretty good | Posted July 13, 2008
this is a pretty good not a huge fan of third day,but they're pretty cool B-)......i do like the songs tunnel and cry out to Jesus alot!!!! im not sure i like the type of rock on this cd i refer electric guitar rock to drum rock....but overall it's a pretty good album :)

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bull42 (50)

This Is Where You Are | Posted July 08, 2008
Atlanta,Georgia's rock group,Third Day has another big hit with their CD,Wherever You Are. The Cd kicks off with a great tune "Tunnel". This is a very encouraging song. I esp. enjot the line in the song " There's a light at the end of this tunnel for you". This lets me know that I am never too far from God that He won't draw me closer to Him.
"Eagles" is a great song as well. Taken from the book of Isaiah, we can fly on the wings of eagles and be lifted up above all our troubles. This is a great song.
"Cry Out To Jesus" was a big hit on this CD. This song really spoke to my family. My brother-in law passed away fron a drug overdose. We played this song for strength and encouragement. I am sure there are several other stories like ours associated with this song.
"Communion" is an awesome song. Our praise team at church plays this song when we have The Lord's Supper at our church. This song really helps emphasize the beauty of Communion.
"Keep On Shinin'" is a different kind of song for Third Day. To me it has a disco sound and beat to it with a spiritual message associated with it. Imagine my suprise when we saw Third Day on tour and they played this song. They dropped a huge disco ball and Mac Powell did his best John Travolta disco dance to this song. It was amazing.
"Mountain of God" is simply a great song. The words are powerful and really speak of God's love for us."Carry My Cross" is another great song on this CD.I can see Jesus speaking to us about what He did for us when He went to Calvary.
This is one of my favorite Third Day CD's. Every song is great. This is a must for every Third Day fan ( the Gomers). If you get the chance to see Third Day Live in Concert, please go. They are tremendous.I have seen them four times and cannot wait to see them again.

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RossMan (134)

best third day album | Posted March 09, 2008
i thinnk the second chronology is great too but overall this is their best regular release album (not a complication of good songs)
best song: love heals your heart

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Wherever You Are | Posted February 22, 2008
I've never really been that big of a Third Day fan but I decided one day to just purchase one of their cds and see what i think and i'm glad i did. Wherever You Are is an awesaome cd! I lovejust about every song on it. Each one is powerful and unique in its own way. I especially love the song "Carry My Cross". That song definitly has powerful lyrics. This cd made me grow to like Third Day a little more and i highly recommend it for anyone!!

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Wherever I Am I Can Listen To This CD | Posted January 02, 2008
Third Day is my favorite band so let me put that preface on this review. This being said I think that every person should buy this cd. There is not a weak song on this album and most of the songs can really help if you are in a bad spot. Trust me, this is not an album to be missed. The cd starts with the rocker Tunnel which is a great reminder that there is always a light in the darkness. Eagles is a great song that also serves as a reminder that God can make us soar. Then the cd sort of kicks into gear for me personally. Cry Out To Jesus is the song that still causes me to cry sometime hearing it because it touches every hurt part of me. This song, if you haven't heard it, begs to be heard. It covers all manner of sins, quite literally. I Can Feel It and Keep on Shinin' are two more songs that are typical Third Day rockiness that never let up in a great way. What blows my mind about these songs is that they have a great message as well as the ability to rock. Communion makes me think about exactly what its title claims and begs to be sung at a service. Carry My Cross really is a great reflection on Jesus during his final days before death and even to point of death. It's an epic story in song form done very well. How Do You Know questions everyone's knowledge of being right as far as faith goes. A welcome wake up call is what this song really is. Mountain of God makes me sing every single time I hear it. It is a great song that should be blared. The final three songs, Love Heals Your Heart, The Sun is Shining, and Rise Up, feel like a great ballad. These three sons are three of the best on the cd. They make the listener remember that every thing is going to be alright if we try to make it so and even when we can't God will be there. These three songs are just glorious. Overall, this cd is probably my favorite of all time. It's strong in it's convictions and doesn't stop rocking throughout. This is a must buy for Third Day fans and for fans of music in general.

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coredog (62)

Inspiration songs are great | Posted October 26, 2007
I understand that some think this album ended up a bit sappy, but they are some powerful songs that one can find the word of God breathing through. Tunnel, Cry Out To Jesus, Communion, ect. are awesome.

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