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Go [edit]
by Newsboys | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 31, 2006

GO is the first rock record from newsboys in nearly 5 years, and their fans are primed and ready for more of the band's original high-energy pop sounds. With songs like the new single "Wherever We Go" being touted as the next "Shine" or "Breakfast", GO is certain to be a worldwide smash.

Track Listing
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01. Wherever we Go
02. Go
03. Something Beautiful
04. The Mission
05. Let It All Come Out
06. In Wonder
07. Your Love is Better Than Life
08. I Am Free
09. Secret Kingdom
10. The Letter
11. Gonna Be Alright
12. I Am Free (Special Edition)
13. Something To Believe
14. City To City

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Best Newsboys release, top 10 of decade! | Posted December 10, 2007
Like many long-time Christian music fans, I've always enjoyed Newsboys and have seen them live more than any other Christian band and they always put on a great show. "Go" is by far the best Newsboys release ever and top 10 of the decade so far in my opinion. "Something Beautiful", "I Am Free", "Go" and "In Wonder" are all standout songs and Paul Colman is a great addition to a now legendary band.

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The Best Album Of 2006 | Posted July 01, 2007
Typically for me, musical surprises come from unknown bands or debut artists that have received little or no attention. I always find excitement when expecting "just another band" and instead experiencing one of the "best albums of the year." After four years of wading in the modern praise and worship explosion, Newsboys return to their pop roots on their fifteenth album, and the result is, well, exciting.

I've stated before that I'm a simple man when it comes to music. My favorite albums in past years have been ones that have allowed me to embrace the moment, forget about my surroundings, elicit smiles throughout, temporarily remind myself of my lack of dance floor skills and when the albums over, contemplate what recently soaked my ears in and who I can share it with next. "Go" did all of that for me on the first run through, and has continued to surprise me from a band that has not done so one of their albums since 1998's "Step Up To the Microphone."

This is a fun album that is accessible to a wide range of audiences while keeping the message real and focused on the mission Newsboys have always been called to do. They are what they have always been. However, on "Go," they have released a collection of songs that have created one of their best offerings in years, and it's great to see them continue to reach audiences around the world with such a strong message of hope and encouragement for what lies ahead.

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Oldie, But A Goodie! | Posted March 24, 2011
Nearly 5 years since the last album release not solely dedicated to praise and worship,  “Go,” definitely proves to be a landmark release for the Newsboys, easily noted by the ‘down under’ sound of front man Peter Furler.  The first track on the album, ’Wherever We Go,’ brings back memories of the “Love Liberty Disco” days, fitting very well as the first track of the album, bringing in the talents of the whole band, including new guitarist Paul Coleman.  The song brings a message of celebration and praise, reminding us of the party that takes place when God is present.

Next is the title track, ‘Go.’  The message of the track is simple and is reminiscent of the Great Commission.  “Cover the earth, make disciples,” as one of the lines goes.  God sends us all over the world to go and make disciples.  Other favorites other than those already listed include the song ‘Something Beautiful.’  Bearing the mark of creativity brought by new guitarist Paul Coleman, its techno synth dance beat has feet moving and dancing.  Bringing elements of the 80s, 90s, and today altogether is resounded in the whole album, such as the song ‘The Mission’ that brings to mind a faint reminder of the Flock of Seagulls hit, ‘I Ran’.

Once again, the theme of “Go” is present in the lyrical content of the song, calling us out to serve the mission Jesus started.  Making its presence known on the album is also the studio recording of ‘I Am Free,’ made popular by Newsboys concerts and the live version played on radio stations nationwide.  A few other songs to briefly mention include the song ‘Your Love Is Better Than Life’ which combines lyrical creativity in the verse, the style similar to that of the mainstream artist Beck, while the chorus is sung on how “Your Love Is Better Than Life,” talking of God’s love.  For those familiar with ‘Belly of the Whale’ from the Veggie Tales ‘Jonah’ soundtrack will sense a familiarity in ‘Secret Kingdom’ as the sound is vaguely similar to the style from the fun song from the animated movie.

To end the album begins with the crackling sound of vinyl and presents a blast from the past as the song ‘Gonna Be Alright,’ gives us promises that although we may always be growing in Him and the times may be rocky, tough, or unknown, everything will be alright.  It’s definitely difficult to go through the album without saying much about the songs as they each have their own personality and overall, this album definitely deserves at least 4 stars.  For more information about the Newsboys and news of their upcoming tour, please check out their website at

Review Written By: Mike Laxton [] on 10/29/2006 from

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Fabulous | Posted September 11, 2008
This cd is ultimately one of my favorites! I have always loved Newsboys and been a very loyal fan of their music. One of the reasons why I love this album so much is because I went to their concert. When I hear the songs, it reminds me of that totally sweet concert I went to. Anyways, the music is great and I really like all of the songs on this album. The best songs are: "Go", "I Am Free", "Your Love Is Better Than Life", "Something Beautiful", "Wherever We Go" and "In Wonder". All of the other songs on here are great of course, but my least favorite is "Gonna Be Alright". This album gets 5 stars :D

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Nathan (188)

it's not beautiful yet, but it's really good | Posted March 05, 2008
Taking a break from the worship music scene, the Newsboys returned to their roots with their pop music. The latest from the mostly Australian guys is Go, a fun bunch of upbeat songs wish solid lyrics.

It's likely you have heard a decent portion of Go on the radio, and if you are wondering if the album is as good and fun as the singles the answer is yes. The first song of their album was also their first single, "where ever we go" which is a fun pop song. The album moves along nicely with the title track "go" which is a great pop/rock song, after is the hit single "something beautiful". "The mission" is really fun, and it has a great chorus, "let it all come out" is probably their weakest song but it's not bad. The singe "in wonder" is a rock song that does not have a great flow to the song.

The highlight of the album is "your love is better than life", where Peter Furler's voice has the strongest accent. The small trace of rap, the pop sound and all the "Idunno" equals one cool song. The single "I am free" is an upbeat worship song that is very repetitive. Those Newsboys' fans will probably get a dose of déjà vu when they hear "secret kingdom" which has beats and whistles similar to that of the song "breakfast". The album ends with a pair of light pop songs which pretty good.

The lyrics, sad to say, are nothing that will knock your socks off. The messages are positive but what is "where ever we go" really saying? Not much. It's just a fun song. "Go" and "The mission" both stress the need for doing the work God has called Christians to do. Unfortunately "I am free" sounds very Americanized. The message in "your love is better than life" is practically told in the title. "In wonder" simply see Gods attributes, and "the letter (one of a kind)" reminds us of individual value.

The music is really a blast to listen to, the lights are green for the Newsboys doing more pop/rock, but it would be nice if they would add a little more depth their lyrics. overall Go is a must have for those Newsboys fans out there.

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art10 (115)

Best Album? Please... | Posted July 30, 2007
This album gets boring toward the end. The first couple of songs are good, but the rest is just OK. Nothing that interest me. The special edition is good for long time fans, with the following of the band, and a behind the scenes look. But overall, not their best album, but STUPENDOUS compared to the rest of the stuff they've come out with so far in the decade. Still looking for the old Newsboys.

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Newsboys | Posted February 04, 2012

 This was quite a nice cd. From the catchy beats of "Wherever We Go" and "Your Love Is Better Than Life" to the wonderful message of "I Am Free". It's not quite up to par with classic Newsboys, but I guess it's hard to beat that.

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Excellent | Posted May 06, 2011
This release stands as probably the pinnacle of what I've heard from the Newsboys thus far and stands as the release by which I rate all the others off of. I know not everyone likes this particular album, but for me it was the first one I had heard where I liked all the songs and the whole package came together and blended well from track to track. The move to Inpop really kicked the band into the next level musically. Recently I have learned about the "Limited Edition" of this release and considering the amazing 2 hour DVD that is included in that release I have to recommend it over this one, but for anyone who just wants the music, this to me is literally the best from the Newsboys.

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pacemaker (324)

great album | Posted March 29, 2011
 something beautiful and i am free are my favorite two songs on this album. i love the newsboys.

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pacemaker (324)

great album | Posted March 19, 2011
 this is probably one of the newsboys' best albums ever. be ready for some great lyrics and amazing beats.

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bigmac (16)

The Newsboys are back!!! | Posted May 17, 2010
This album is a great return for the Newsboys. It starts off with the catchy and upbeat song Wherever We Go which is my favorite from the record. Ohter great songs are Something Beautiful and The Mission. Your Love is Better than Life features Phil Joel as lead vocalist, and he does a really good job his rap-style lyrics.
I Am Free is a big hit in concert and in some churches. It makes you watn to get up and danc which is exactly what Peter does during the concerts.
I think this album was a great hit and everyone will like it!

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Phenomenaly fantastic | Posted October 29, 2009
Newsboys out did themselves with there release of "Go".Not only was "Go" one of the best cd's of 2006 and one of newsboys's best albums to date,but it might be a contender for best album ever.With poppy beats like "Go" and "The mission",foot stompin songs like "Wherever we Go" and "Your Love is Better than life",to just straight out praise songs such as "In Wonder" and "I am Free" this album has it all.I highly recommend this to anyone who loves music.

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