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Galactic Conquest [edit]
by eleventyseven | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 04, 2007

Driven by the collective creative synergy of Matt Langston (vocals, guitar), Caleb Satterfield (bass), Jonathan Stephens (drums) and the Rockbot (keys, rude electronic noises), Eleventyseven's Galactic Conquest pushes further into that same musical arena, adding a new dance pop sub-current to the pop punk of their first effort. The adventurous sonic outlook is evident in songs like the hyper-danceable "Love In Your Arms" (written "as a huge pick-me-up for anyone having a bad day, month, or life"), the hauntingly melodic "It's Beautiful," (born out of Langston's realization that he could "stop striving to be close to God and just accept that I am close to Him"), and the chronically upbeat "Happiness" (a song about breaking up with "the most fickle girlfriend of all: Happiness").

Track Listing
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01. Initiation Sequence
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02. Love In Your Arms
03. Happiness
04. Fight To Save Your Life
05. How It Feels (To Be With You)
06. It's Beautiful
07. Retail Value
08. Feel OK
09. 12 Step Programs
10. Conan
11. Galaxies Collide
12. Program Terminated

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art10 (115)

Galaxy Conquered | Posted October 01, 2007
The genre of Pop/Punk is very crowded i.e. Relient K, Stellar Kart. In this genre, bands like Eleventyseven were lost in the crowd, so they totally changed their sound. The result is an amazing CD that might not be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it's original.

"Love In Your Arms" is probably the highlight of the CD, and like the rest of the CD it is a great ringtone song. I mean the rock mixed with electronic is something never heard in CCM. The new sound is continued in "Happiness," but only every once in a while. The band has matured enough to keep things interesting and catchy throughout the whole album. "How It Feels (To Be With You)" is a well crafted song that builds up interest until unleashing on the chorus, satisfying to the utmost.

"It's Beautiful" is a great radio acoustic song, and it really shows the band's maturity. The lowlight is "12 Step Programs" which isn't bad, it just doesn't have the feel of the rest of the album, and feels out of place. "Conan" on the other hand is a great candidate for best pop culture reference song of the year. I first thought the song was about Conan The Barbarian, but it's actually Conan O' Brien (the guy who's taking over the Tonight Show). I won't spoil the lyrics, but they'll make you laugh. And the most surprising thing is they haven't been a guest on the guy's show. I mean they make a song about him, and he doesn't even care.

My personal favorite song off the album is "Galaxies Collide," a heavy electronic song in the style of HelloGoodbye, in that it's a electronic voice lovesong. The chorus is great, and the music is the most refreshing in years.

Overall, a must-have for anybody looking for original Christian music. The style is great and Eleventyseven have really found their niche. I mean, nobody else does it, and they do it perfectly. I would love to see the style throughout their next album, but this is one of my favorites for the year.

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Nathan (188)

Charting through the stars with Eleventyseven is a fun voyage | Posted January 02, 2009
The first glimpse of Eleventyseven was ...And The Land Of Fake Believe their debut album which for the most part written off as a energetic band putting out generic punk songs with juvenile lyrics. However with the entrance of their second project, Galactic Conquest, Eleventyseven is out to prove that they are not your average run of the mill band with common tunes and high school musical style lyrics.

The title of Galactic Conquest is pretty bold for only a sophomore project but the space suits and counter balance some of the seriousness. Although “ignition sequence” is only eleven seconds long it does prepare the listener for the brief voyage that basically begins with the highly synthesized, catchy, punk/rock “love in you arms”. While the quality of the sound is impressive the second track, “happiness” isn’t quite as crisp with a rough techno pop/punk tune that only runs smooth in the final lines of the chorus. While it’s rare that the songs on Galactic Conquest are not fun there are upbeat tunes which are ear-friendly that are not necessarily cutting edge such as “happiness”. “How it feels(to be with you)” is fun to listen to though the up tempo pop music is only average, and “feel okay” is simply a fun tune with a good electric guitar.

The opening trumpet of “fight to say your life” is pretty lame but the song quickly accelerates fast paced catchy intro punk/rock with an infectious chorus. The synth sound is fully amplified in “galaxies collide” where the techno sounds absorb most of the innovative song. Although “12 step programs” has some distinguishing songs the diversity, compared with the rest of the album, is low, but “retail value” and “Conan” are solid songs. The guitar driven ballad “it’s beautiful” may be simple but it does provide needed diversity and Matt Langston’s vocals are pretty good. A flaw in the CD as a whole is that it’s short (not even 35 minutes long) and what occasionally fills in space is sonically led music which is exaggerated on “love in your arms”, “retail value”, and the final synthesized instrumental finale, “Program Terminated”.

What’s nice about EleventySeven is that some of the lyrics are actually quite thoughtful which is a strength in Galactic Conquest rather than a weakness. Both “12 step programs” and “fight to save your life” send messages about Gods truth lasting far better than the deceitfulness of the world. “Feel okay” offers a rare solution to a problem the band says is overrated (‘My first impression is I don't think that depression is/The tyrant that we make it out to be/Your life is yours to live for something way more positive/Than what you woke up feeling like today’) and the singer in “love in your arms” wants Gods rather than a bunch of rules and religion. Fortunately “how it feels(to be with you)” and “galaxies collide” focus around God. Unfortunately neither are very deep.

Of course Eleventyseven does get a laugh or two along the way (particularly in “Conan”) but the focus doesn’t linger on girl guy clichés or cheesy part tracks. The music overall hits a few pit falls and the over arching sense of teen pop/punk feel will probably scare some away. But Galactic Conquest is certainly a very good sophomore project which will have more fans ready to beam up on the next voyage.

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DrJ (12)

Epic... simply epic... | Posted September 30, 2009
I first saw this CD at a Best Buy just sitting there by the Christian section, the last copy left. I don't usually guy stuff before listening to it, though, so I just made a note of it and left.
Weeks later, after getting it from the library, I wonder how I lived life before owning this album.
Kick starting the album (after the 20-second intro) is arguably the best track on the CD: "Love in Your Arms." A perfect mix of rock and techno, this song is a perfect example of the band's style. Most of the rest of the album sounds similar (really the only possible fault with it) and maintains the energy level even with an acoustic song thrown in the mix. The passion just becomes more evident when the tempo slows at all.
My other favorite tracks are: "Galaxies Collide," a bouncy tune about being desperate for God and ready to serve; "Feel Ok," a song saying that we don't need to feel good to be doing good, again full of that perfect Rock/Techno mix that Eleventyseven has perfected; "How it Feels," a track on what it's like to be with God. Also, there are two remixes (available with the extended digital album) that are easily my favorites. Intense and happy!
Overall, there aren't really any cons to this album except the possibility of feeling that the songs all sound the same. However, I've found that listening to them a couple times is all it takes to appreciate the differences. The tracks are like members of family now: individual and special. =P

In one word: Epic.


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Upbeat, amazing music | Posted July 13, 2009
We all have those days when we just need a boost. Whether it is a spiritual boost or an energy boost, you can find it with Eleventyseven. This album is silly and fun, but it still has lyrics that are uplifting and meaningful. When you are feeling down, sit down and listen to this album. You can get a good laugh with "Conan", you can have a spiritual boost with "It's Beautiful" or you can just dance to "Retail Value"! This album has something for everyone. Even if it's not an album that will go down in history, it sure can lift your spirits!

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Awesomeness | Posted March 09, 2009
I love this album by Eleventyseven. I won it from our christian music radio station, soo when I won it I had never heard of Eleventyseven. So they sent the cd to me and I listen to it and I loved it. The music will life you up and not bring you down. It is VERY uplifting. I love all the songs on it. I cant pick a favorite one. They are all so good. I cant wait for their new album to come sometime this year and I'm sure it will be as awesome as this one.


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This cd totally rocks =] | Posted October 29, 2008
I love this cd. Eleventyseven is one of my favorite bands and they still haven't let me down. This cd just makes you want to be happy with all the upbeat songs on it. Although, I admit that "Happiness" kinda confuses me, but it's still awesome. I live the song "Love in you arms" It's totally awesome in the 'make you wanna get up and dance' kinda way.

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Awesome!!! | Posted August 20, 2008
Galactic Conquest has got to be one of my favorite albums ever. Eleventyseven has been one of my favorite bands ever since I stumbled upon And The Land Of Fake Believe. A little while after buying And The Land Of Fake Believe, I discovered that Eleventyseven was coming out with a new CD: Galactic Conquest. My favorite track I think is How It Feels (To Be With You), or maybe Feel OK. They have a really unique sound, really different from all the other music I listen to. All I can say is I can't wait to see what their next album will be like!

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Out of this Galaxy! | Posted August 16, 2008
I'm going to come right out and say this is one of my favorite albums at the moment. As soon as I popped this album in every song was great! The only song I don't really like is "Conan" which is a song about Conan O'Brian. So it's easy to see why I wouldn't like it :P.
This album has great messages in it and the lyrics are crafted very well. The lyrics aren't run-of-the-mill phrases that don't make you think. Eleventyseven has a great talent in being able to make you think about what they're presenting. If you have a relationship with God their songs paint a clear picture of the hope and love Christ has given us. From the song "Love in Your Arms" to the song "How it Feels (To Be With You)" to "It's Beautiful". I think "It's Beautiful" is an especially cool song. It has a real sense of intimacy, and is a very touching song.
Honestly I just love these guy's lyrics. They're very witty and they like to live outside the social norm. With upbeat, positive, Christ-pointing lyrics.
On top of the lyrics they have a great pop/punk/electro feel that will keep you dancing to it throughout the whole album. I don't own their previous album, but I remember hearing that it needed something to make it stand out. And well I think they definitely found it with the electro sound!
I could keep ranting and raving about this album, but the bottom line is you need to go out and pick it up! You won't regret it :D!

Final Score: 9.7

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Eleventyseven's "Galactic Conquest" is a success! | Posted July 17, 2008
This is one of my top 5 bands in action! The album deals with problems in everyday life. Their song, "It's Beautiful" tells how no matter how much he pushed himself away from God, God kept pulling him back. Kudos to Eleventyseven!

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skyve (56)

Loved It. | Posted June 06, 2008
I loved this CD.

I liked almost every song.

That rarely happens.

I really liked 'Beautiful'

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