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Galactic Conquest [edit]
by Eleventyseven | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 04, 2007

Driven by the collective creative synergy of Matt Langston (vocals, guitar), Caleb Satterfield (bass), Jonathan Stephens (drums) and the Rockbot (keys, rude electronic noises), Eleventyseven's Galactic Conquest pushes further into that same musical arena, adding a new dance pop sub-current to the pop punk of their first effort. The adventurous sonic outlook is evident in songs like the hyper-danceable "Love In Your Arms" (written "as a huge pick-me-up for anyone having a bad day, month, or life"), the hauntingly melodic "It's Beautiful," (born out of Langston's realization that he could "stop striving to be close to God and just accept that I am close to Him"), and the chronically upbeat "Happiness" (a song about breaking up with "the most fickle girlfriend of all: Happiness").

Track Listing
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01. Initiation Sequence
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02. Love In Your Arms
03. Happiness
04. Fight To Save Your Life
05. How It Feels (To Be With You)
06. It's Beautiful
07. Retail Value
08. Feel OK
09. 12 Step Programs
10. Conan
11. Galaxies Collide
12. Program Terminated

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Galactic Conquest | Posted April 22, 2008
This album I feel like is one of the best albums I have ever heard. Eleventyseven is an amazing young and up rising band that will have alot more great albums to come out with. Love in your arms I would say is my favorite song and the best song on this album. I like how they use a differant sound to their music and thats what makes them very good.

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Eleventyseven | Posted March 04, 2008
This band gets better and better. My favorite song is "Love In Your Arms." The video is amazing too!!

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11T7 gone electro?? | Posted March 04, 2008
Yup, so I was pretty shocked when I heard Eleventy Seven's new album "Galctic conquest", not because it was outstandingly better, or worse. But because they changed their style! If any of you have heard their first CD you know they were good fun fast music, with some thrash punk elements.
Well, Galactic conquest is electro punk! (They now have an electronic running astronaught on stage with them when they perform). This CD is a good cd, but I enjoyed it slightly less than their first, due to the style change. some of the songs are great, but over all the electronic sound doesnt do it for me. I gave this CD a '4 star' rating because of the electronic-ness. But if you can over look that and look at the amazing lyrics and sound of this CD, youll love this CD.

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great 3rd album | Posted February 29, 2008
This band keeps getting better and better, and it shows from a concert series called sonshine that i go to. In the past 3 years they have went from the debut stage to showmobile and now on to stage 2 at this rate 09 will be rocking the main stage. These guys are just crazy and always put on a good show. This album is just a stepping stone for where they are headed.

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Cool Techno Sound | Posted February 06, 2008
This album is called Galactic Conquest for a reason. It kinda actually seems like you are in space with the way the songs have a techno sorta sounding beat. The group has an adorable techno sound and great vocals. I love the song "Galaxies Collide" ask my sister & she will tell you that i listen to it over and over LOL (i do) hehe! This band is putting out some great music and i am ready looking for the next album already

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starry eyed | Posted February 02, 2008
I love this cd even more than their first one. My sister told me about them when they just had one cd out, and I bought that, and when I heard that they had a second cd coming out, I was sooo excited! I previewed it online and decided that I was going to get that CD no matter what!! I like every song on there but my favorites would have to be "love in your arms", "12-step self help programs", and "galaxies collide". those three songs are probably the best on there, but I like the whole cd only a little bit less than I like those songs. Galactic Conquest has a more techno-y sound than the first one, and it just makes u want to...I don't know what...exercise or something. :D my sister heard the cd and her favorite song is "galaxies collide" I think she has listened to that song about 20 times STRAIGHT before! :D

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don't know what to name it | Posted January 25, 2008
i love the album. every song is great and it makes you want to dance.

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Yay! | Posted January 24, 2008
Another great Eleventyseven CD! Seriously, their music rocks! =D

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username2 (378)

My New Candidate For Best Album EVER!!!!! | Posted January 21, 2008
I loved And The Land of Fake Believe so when I heard that Eleventyseven had made a drastic change in their musical style I thought "would it be any good?" Thankfully Galactic Conquest answered my question for me. The CD starts off with the 12 second Initiation Sequence which segways into the album's 2nd single "Love In Your Arms" which is a mix of punk and dance beats. Very fun. "Fight to Save Your Life" is a great example of the sound that the band had on their last album. Things slow down with the 1st single "It's Beautiful" which is the only acoustic track on the album. It's my favorite acoustic track in my collection. The album picks up the pace again for the next 3 tracks then comes "Conan." It's a song that talks about how Conan O'Brian is the bands "late night TV hero." Very funny. Then comes the album closer (song wise) "Galaxies Collide." IT IS THE BEST SONG ON THE ALBUM PERIOD! The song shows off Eleventyseven's new music style, a very up-beat dance song that is highly worthy of being in a DDR (Dance Dance Revolution for those of you who don't know) video game sometime in the near future. Final track is nothing special but leave the album playing and you'll hear a hidden track called "Starship Unicorn." It's a dance song that has no words except for "the Starship Unicorn" sung over and over again. All in all, a highly recommended album and one of the best albums by a new band that I have ever heard. Thank you Eleventyseven.

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Phil413 (45)

Galactic Conquest | Posted December 29, 2007
I actually didn't think a whole lot of this disc the first time I spun it, but after listening to it a few times the songs really grew on me. Not sure if I like it better than their previous one (And The Land Of Fake Believe), but it rates right up there with it. Just an all around fun CD to listen to.

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