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Captiva [edit]
by Falling Up | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 02, 2007

In 2007, Falling Up returned with their third and most ambitious studio record to date, Captiva. Produced by Aaron Sprinkle (Hawk Nelson, Anberlin, The Almost), Captiva picks up where the band's sophomore smash, Dawn Escapes, left off, only taking their patented, finely-crafted rock hits and beautiful dreamlike ballads to the next level.

Track Listing
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01. A Guide To Marine Life
02. Hotel Aquarium
03. Goodnight Gravity
04. Captiva
05. Helicopters
06. Maps
07. How They Made Cameras
08. Good Morning Planetarium
09. Murexa
10. Drago Or The Dragons
11. Arch to Achtilles
12. The Dark Side Of Indoor Track Meets

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Falling Up Makes Some Nice Music | Posted May 14, 2010
Captiva is the CD that introduced me and Falling Up and is still my favorite from them. It's got a nice balance between some ambient-sounding music and rock. It definitely makes for a good listening experiences.

I can't make much sense out of the lyrics or many song titles, but a few are easy to read, such as the radio-ready "Maps," offering cries of help to God.

"A Guide To Marine Life," the lead single "Hotel Aquarium," "Goodnight Gravity," and "Good Morning Planetarium, are all among the great rock tracks on the album. But every song is great. "Arch To Archilles," is a great slower song that builds up into a memorable conclusion.

All in all, there is a lot to like about Captiva.

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Nathan (188)

Good morning Falling Up | Posted April 14, 2008
Exit Lights seemed the album for Falling Up to break the trend they set in Crashing and dawn escapes, which was not enough diversity between songs. Exit Lights (a remix CD) fixed those problems while slowing certain songs down and consecrated other songs, but now Falling Up's newest CD Captiva did the same only with 12 new songs.

The music is from very light rock to at best medium rock, but the best way to categorize Falling Up's irregular sound is alternative rock. The opening song to their album is "A guide to marine life" which combines Jessie Ribordy great vocals and the light but complex rock; together it's amazingly good, possibly the best on the record. The single "Good night gravity" has a hint of punk in the song, and hotel aquarium is a good alternative rock tune. Despite the solid music, the title track "Captive" isn't as good as some of the songs surrounding it. "Helicopters" has a techno sound, and although "maps" is solid the more routine rock sound doesn't flatter Falling Up.

The transition though their remix album is clearly revealed in on "How they made cameras" which has impressive soft, complex. "Good morning planetarium" is a compact rock song, but Murexa is the most solid rock song on the album, as its fasted paced tune never slows down. After getting past the rough verses, reveals an amazing song, in the light, "Drago or the dragon". The Band's greatest musical achievements lie at the end of the album, as the music on "Arc to the Achilles" is flat out spectacular. If it's possible to get better, it would have to be the last track "the dark side of indoor track meets", which takes the solemn mood of the entire album to a new high. Oh yeah, the light, but heavily complex medium rock is incredible also.

Whether the lyrics are the weakest part of the album or the strongest, at least it can be said it's the most interesting. Falling Up must like to keep their lyrics mysterious, with song titles like "Arc to the Achilles", "Drago or the dragon", and "Good morning planetarium" it's clear that nothing is regular and ordinary on this album. and "Good morning planetarium's" lyrics are about salvation, and the band makes the message easy on "how they made cameras" with its lyrics ('Now salvation sings/Life that Jesus brings'). But lyrics like "Watch me float by, a bending, arched and sweeping sight/Now play it backwards and I swear you will see me misty eyed" will ensure that fans will keep guessing at Riborys hidden meanings. Hint: gravity plays a big part.

Falling Up has solved most of their problems on Captiva, as the band is definitely moving more away from the routine rock sound of their first album Crashing to a more sophisticated sound. Clearer lyrics would have been nice, but it is part of the appeal, lets hope though it does not drive fans away. And although the only really radio friendly track is "good night gravity" This alternative rock group is on to something golden.

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cgiguana (15)

What's to Come | Posted August 16, 2008
This album is surely a look into what to expect out of future Falling Up albums, A more Pop-ish kinda beat than past albums but also many much more catchy tunes such as "Goodnight Gravity," "Good Morning Planetarium," and "Maps." Keep your eyes and ears open to this CD to catch all of the gems and be prepared for what's in store for these guys.

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It's Falling Up | Posted August 08, 2008
i guess i'm a fan of falling up. but i really became one after i heard exit lights. i didn't really like this album maybe because i was a bit spoiled by exit lights or i just dont know falling up as well as others. i thought there were really really really weird songs on this cd. i mean i know that falling up has this unique sound right? but some were kinda freaky. like the dark side of indoor track meets. that was odd. there were some good songs but my overview of the album was a bit mixed.

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Falling Up: Captiva | Posted June 30, 2008
Yay, another good cd by Falling up! I loved this cd. The song's lyrics are mysterious and creative. This cd will make you feel as though you are listening to a mystery movie or like you are floating in outer space, which sounds cheesy and weird but the cd is totally is not at all! The lyrics and music just blow me away and Jessy's voice is greaat.

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falling up | Posted June 22, 2008
I love falling up because their sound is so original. I remember walking into a christian book store one day and seeing the album Dawn Escapes and for the oddest reason I wanted to buy it. I hadnt herd of them or anything like that. When i put the CD in my car I knew that it wasnt a mistake to buy this CD. They're latest album Captiva is so relaxing. Its the only CD i can actually fall asleep with. They rock my socks!

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Can't wait | Posted June 18, 2008
Can't wait to buy this Album !!!!!

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djgreen (15)

Captiva is AWESOME!!!!!! | Posted May 22, 2008
Falling Up has been my favorite band for a long time, and this album put no doubts about that in my mind! I love every song, and think this is Falling Ups' best all time project. This is for sure one of the best cds ever, and I recommend it to anyone. The best songs are "Good Morning Planetarium", "A Guide to Marine Life", "How They Made Cameras", and "Hotel Aquarium". It really is a great album, and the christian messages are meaningful. I love Falling Up!

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... but the titles still confuse me. | Posted May 19, 2008
Falling Up's Captiva is a great album. I went to buy it after hearing their songs "Good Morning Planetarium" and "Hotel Aquarium" on the radio. But it turned out that there are more good songs on this CD. "Drago or the Dragons" and "Goodnight Gravity" simply ROCKED, and "Murexa" is another good one. Even though you might not understand all the titles, go out and buy Captiva. I just hope Falling Up can keep making great albums.

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irocketh (88)

Falling Up’s best record | Posted March 24, 2008
To those that like FU older stuff this album might be a little too soft. But after several listens you will see how much this softer sound has matured them.

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RossMan (134)

keep it comin | Posted March 10, 2008
nice job guys just keep it on comin

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