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Go Get It by Mary Mary Go Get It by Mary Mary
After listening to this album, I realized it is essentially composed of songs Mary Mary has previous released but the versions here appear to have a different mix. The first part of the album left me a...
For You From You by Dan For You From You by Dan
This release is very worshipful throughout and entirely focused on God and our response to and wonder of Him. Dan has a unique voice that is pleasant to listen to, and the lyrics for this album are very...
The Listening EP by Dan The Listening EP by Dan
A short EP of works from Dan featuring 3 songs in total with the 4th track being a radio edit. I honestly didn't feel that any of the songs on this release really grabbed me or made me want to re-listen...

Beloved | Posted May-11-2012

Truly stunning! When I first heard this release my first thought was that it was a sleeper knockout album that I couldn't believe I wasn't hearing on CCM radio daily. It really made me wonder how much what CCM radio plays must come down to labels with big pockets dictating to a large part what we hear over the airwaves. Lara has an amazing musical presence and her music has a beautiful depth that seems hard to find at times in Christian music. The production quality on this album is top-notch and all of the songs feel like they were truly polished into sparkling gems. I pray that more people will find this amazing artist and be touched by the ministry in her songs.

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Overcome | Posted May-11-2012
Another amazing collection of engaging tracks from Lara! I still wonder to myself why Lara's music seems to reside in a hidden world that I never see or hear anything about on CCM radio!? This album has a rich depth and atmosphere that is a breath of fresh air. Music that truly makes you think, wrapped in a never ending presentation of well crafted songs. I am truly hoping that more people will begin to find Lara's music and am thankful for her ministry.

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Commanders of the Resistance | Posted May-11-2012
Overall I think this is probably the bands weakest album. I enjoy having releases in this under-represented genre of Christian music, but feel this particilar album really didn't have any tracks that stood out overall. Musically it feels a little out of step and like it needed more work and someone who could craft a better collection of grooves and hooks to develop the songs better. I am really glad to see that the band continued working on their music after this debut and continues to get better and write some very good music.

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Light Up the Dark | Posted May-11-2012

I really liked this album for filling a void in a style of music that really seems under-represented in Christian music. Many of the songs seemed like they had a lot of potential but maybe needed a little more work to really bring them up to stellar status. From a musical standpoint my favorite track by far is "Justus" with the second favorite being "Stay". "Justus" really stands out among the pack with an instantly catchy groove, something I wish more of the bands songs had, as I always feel the band is on the verge of something much greater.

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Space Time Continuum | Posted May-11-2012
By far the best release from the band and an amazing top-notch collection of remixes from some of The Washington Projects past songs. This is hands down the best recorded album I have heard in the dance genre since 'Charmaine's'  Love Reality album (a musical masterpiece that seemed to go almost un-noticed by most).  The arrangements on this new release from The Washington Projects are consistently exceptional throughout and are well varied for dance music, each standing well on their own, but collectively blending very well into a solid group. My only reservation with this release is that I wish the gospel message was presented a little more strongly at times, but it is still good to have songs with positive messages.

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People & Songs, Opus 1 Collective | Posted May-01-2012
After reading the reviews from others, I was really excited to listen to this release. Overall though, I didn't find that it really gripped me. I really like the focus on Christ and the strength of the lyrics, but musically I think this may just not be a style that appeals to me as much. I am thankful that NRT featured this release this week on the site and for the opportunity to get exposure to what God is doing through Jennie.

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Coffee Shop Songs | Posted February-06-2012

The things that struck me instantly when listening to this release from Dawson was 1) I couldn't think of another CCM artist who released music that sounded anything like this 2) the guitar work was awesome and very inspiring 3) Dawson has a strong heart for Christ and bringing Him glory in all he does.

I started making a list of tracks that caught my attention upon first listen, but I ended up listing most of the disc so it seemed rather pointless in the end.

There is an amazing amount of music on this release with a full 17 tracks, each with corresponding scripture verses that inspired the lyrics. To say you get your money's worth is an understatement! The production quality is done very well throughout with a rich and warm acoustic guitar backdrop. The songs are varied in their style and tempo which keeps things always fresh and interesting.

I think this release would be great for quiet times of meditation as well as general listening.

Dawson has a wonderful gift from God and it is so encouraging to see him using it for His glory. I wish him the best as he seeks to serve Christ.

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Glory | Posted November-17-2011
An excellent orchestral album in almost every respect. The arrangements, performances, recording etc...are all top notch. This release truly feels like a film score, with a good collection of majestic and powerful songs, mixed with quieter and very reflective pieces. The only negative thing I can think of (and it's not really so much negative but just an observation) is that I didn't find myself feeling worshipful or thinking about God so much when listening to this album. Once you remove vocals (that guide the listener along on a particular subject or topic) and get into all instrumental original pieces, there really isn't anything Christian or non-Christian per se and it's just music. It creates emotions and feelings but  you can basically read into it whatever you want...similar to what Disney did with Fantasia. So for an all instrumental album of original works, a description of worshipful at times seems like it would be more individualistic. Some of the most beautiful music created was done all instrumentally for orchestra, AND WITH THE INTENT TO PRAISE GOD!, so it is great that music like this is still being created. MWS definitely crafted a beautiful album on Glory.

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Michael W. Smith Presents: Strings of Christmas | Posted November-17-2011
Continuing in the vein of "Strings of Worship", this is a good collection of orchestral works that was co-produced by Michael W Smith. There are no vocal performances on this release, but because it has MWS name attached, may be of some interest to his fans. The songs are well done and feature 14 popular Christmas carols.

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Michael W. Smith Presents: Strings of Worship | Posted November-17-2011
This is a good collection of orchestral works that was co-produced by Michael W Smith. There are no vocal performances on this release, but because it has MWS name attached, may be of some interest to fans. The songs are well done and at times have a cinematic feel to them, which blends in with things I've heard in the past about how MWS had always wanted to create film scores. Maybe a connection...?

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