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Beloved (2009) [edit]
by Lara Landon | Genre: AC/Inspo | Release Date: September 22, 2009

In a music climate that puts so much focus on the surface, hoping to hold an audience’s attention before it moves on to the next thing, there is often little substance to keep a listener satisfied. But for those who are still looking for more, there is Lara Landon, whose debut album, Beloved, brings one word to mind: depth.

With vocals reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan, rich lyrics and soaring tones, Lara’s songs are full of life and meaning. From sweeping string arrangements to the quiet of a piano, she effortlessly mixes together the grandeur and the intimacy of a relationship with a loving God.

Lara’s first single, In The Presence, tells of the joy found by drawing close to God and resting in the presence of His love. Additionally, Beloved captures the immense magnitude of Christ’s love for each of His children.

“In a lot of ways, these songs are my testimony,” says Lara. “I pray they will share with everyone what I have found to be true: That we are the Beloved of Jesus Himself and we have a hope and a good future.”

Produced by Grammy® Award wnning producer Michael Omartian (Christopher Cross, Amy Grant, Michael Bolton), Lara Landon’s debut album is certain to resonate with listeners everywhere on all levels.

Track Listing
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01. For The First Time
02. Closer
03. Presence Of Love
04. Better
05. Lift Me Up
06. Let It Go
07. For You Lord
08. Come To Me Now
09. I Believe
10. Heart Of My Heart
11. Beloved
12. Innocence
13. Starting Again

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IronJedi (112)

Beloved | Posted February 16, 2010

Bema Media, a boutique label & ministry that, until recently, catered to ‘tweens and teens, has expanded their roster with the signing of songstress Lara Landon (as well as Canadian rockers Manic Drive). Landon’s debut, Beloved, is the label’s first direct foray aimed at the post-teen demographic and shows serious intent towards acquiring a broader, adult audience. Landon has the talent, maturity and sound to make a big splash in the CCM market as well as the mainstream.

Simply put, each song of Beloved is an outstanding synthesis of Ms. Landon’s rich, Sara McLachlan-esque vocals, her balanced songwriting sensibility, and her beyond-her-age spiritual maturity. The songs of Beloved are contemporary, accessible and proverbial but avoid the evident familiarity that plagues much of the high rotation CHR and AC music.

Ms. Landon’s vocals and the material of Beloved invites comparison to Cindy Morgan, and the aforementioned Sarah McLachlan, but this reviewer thought of the emotive talents of Melissa Manchester- not bad company to be included with. Aficionados of Brook Fraser, Sara Groves, Kari Jobe and Laura Story need to add another name to their “must buy” list- Lara Landon.

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Beloved | Posted May 11, 2012

Truly stunning! When I first heard this release my first thought was that it was a sleeper knockout album that I couldn't believe I wasn't hearing on CCM radio daily. It really made me wonder how much what CCM radio plays must come down to labels with big pockets dictating to a large part what we hear over the airwaves. Lara has an amazing musical presence and her music has a beautiful depth that seems hard to find at times in Christian music. The production quality on this album is top-notch and all of the songs feel like they were truly polished into sparkling gems. I pray that more people will find this amazing artist and be touched by the ministry in her songs.

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Excellent Debut | Posted May 04, 2012
 First album I listened to and have to say that truly inspirational to the heart....Worth getting and looking forward to the new release...The Lyrics are well written and truly from the heart....and the voice is extremely addictive...I give it 6 stars

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Stunning | Posted December 28, 2011
I found Lara's music about a year ago out of a curiosity after seeing the album's cover. I found some previews of this album online and soon had to have my own copy.
Lara's music is so beautiful, I have to keep sharing her songs with everybody :)
I loved the whole album particularly songs like 'Presence Of Love' and 'Closer'.
This is defintely one of the most beautiful albums I own. A must buy :)

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LauraCC (255)

:) | Posted May 18, 2010
Lara Landon. She’s not the latest of Superman’s double one-name flames. (No kidding;
we wouldn’t be talking about her.) Instead, the name belongs to a young woman whose
debut CD, Beloved, is beautiful and inspiring. It’s almost as though you walked into
Lara’s heart and found an art gallery there. The emotions in these songs range from
cheerful to lonely to heartfelt.

She’s been compared to Plumb, Tori Amos, and Imogen Heap, but my Canadian ears
detected a little Celine Dion first in “Let It Go”. There’s also a moment of Francesca
Battistelli (“Closer”) and even some of the sound of whoever did the theme song from
Dawson’s Creek (“Presence of Love”). “I Believe” made me think of Elton John’s
“Rocketman” verse melody-wise.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of Landon’s album is the unbridled honesty with which
she speaks about her fears, doubts, and insecurities. Her lyrical boldness would be very
refreshing in the mainstream market; in the Christian music sphere, it’s more common.
But it’s there that the words and music themselves take over.

“For The First Time” is an infectious, encounter-with-God, “Aha!” moment. When you
finally realize, “So that’s what it’s all about!” The neat thing was the rising effect in the
verse’s melody; you got the sense that the singer’s emotions are rising too.

“Closer” has the atmosphere of a movie credits track. When you realize how far you’ve
come, you also see how far you still have to go in your relationship with God. But rather
than being discouraged, this retrospective should actually push us forward.

For deep reassuring moments, there’s “Heart Of My Heart”, a song that speaks to us of
God’s love and the close relationship He wants us to share with Him. We have been
adopted as members of His family.

In the lovely, worshipful “For You Lord”, Lara asks if she can offer singing as her gift to
God. It may be an anthem for many budding musicians who want to use their gifts for
God’s glory. But it also reminds us of why we’d want to do so (And in the dark you heal
me/Rejoice over me with singing/No, I'm not alone in my suffering)

Perhaps one of the most endearing features of this album is the way Lara’s voice so
often seems to eclipse the background music. Because indeed, if the richness she brings
to Beloved were wasted on loud, blaring tracks about sex and dating, it’d lose its impact.

Beloved is one album that will certainly live up to its name. Given Lara’s powerful
vocals, beautiful, honest lyrics, and melodies which range from breathtaking to haunting,
there is absolutely no way she will fly under the radar.

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