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Welcome To Diverse City by TobyMac  | CD Reviews And Information | NewReleaseToday

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01 . Hey Now
02 . Catchafire (Whoopsi-Daisy)
03 . Slam
04 . Poetically Correct
05 . Atmosphere
06 . Gone
07 . TruDog, The Return
08 . Diverse City
09 . Stories (Down to the Bottom)
10 . Getaway Car
11 . Burn For You
12 . Fresher Than A Night At The W
13 . Ill-M-I
14 . Phenomenon
15 . Gotta Go
16 . Atmosphere Remix featuring dc talk



"Phenomenon" Lyrics [edit]
by TobyMac | from the album Welcome To Diverse City

(It's one phenomenon....
And we just can't pit stop--ya'll know) (x4)

We rock forever, we stop whenever
We rock forever, we stop whenever
We die whenever, we live forever (*together)
Ya'll know! It's a phenomenon that can't be stopped now

Everybody out of the way!
It's monumental at the end of the day
So come and play, on this wonder that will never fade
A marvel that will tickle the mind
It's unaccountable in actual time
But when we're free
They will see what we were destined to be


Well--I'm alive and I'm enjoying the ride
I'm livin' for the moment I die
'Cause when I'm done, we will run eternally as one
My soul is up, up, and away!
My body dead right where it lays
I'm movin' on, goin-gone until the new beyond


This is the drama you've been waiting for
A new dimension that is yours to explore
Such mystery is looming at your door
This is the moment I've been prayin' for...


("Phone Messages" hidden track)

(sound of Toby dialing his voicemail)

You have six messages.
First message.

Toby, this is your cousin, look man, I know you're in the studio making a record and all, but listen man, my car broke down somewhere between (something) road and (something) boulevard, man! You gotta pick me up, dude, it's hot out here, and (something) is gonna come on and I'm gonna miss it!

Erase. Next message.

Mr. McKeehan, this is Officer (something) over at the sheriff's department. We're getting some complaints about the volume level from your studio, and we're going to have to ask you to keep it down or we'll be forced to padlock it until further notice...I've also got some songs I'd like to pitch for your album, too. I've got--

Erase. Next message.

Toby, this is Savage. I got a new beat. Check it out. (beat plays, breaks down) Stupid computer! I gotta call you back.

Erase. Next message.

Toby, hurry up man, come out here and pick me up! It's hot!

Erase. Next message.

Yeah, this message is for TobyMac. This is Ken Booth from Marion, West Virginia, I'm a news reporter for the, well, Marion High School, but, uh, I got your number off the internet, and I was just wondering when we folks can expect the next DC Talk alb--

Erase. Next message. (segues into Gotta Go)

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