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Welcome To Diverse City [edit]
by TobyMac | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 05, 2004

TobyMac is a pioneering artist who communicates life through spiritually liberating, socially conscious music. Blurring the boundaries between rock, pop, hip hop and urban genres, tobyMac creates music that is both uniquely fresh and accessible. Over the span of a 15-year career, he has become a relevant voice to youth culture through consistent delivery of the undeniable best in music - which demands the right to be heard.

Track Listing
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01. Hey Now
02. Catchafire (Whoopsi-Daisy)
03. Slam
04. Poetically Correct
05. Atmosphere
06. Gone
07. TruDog, The Return
08. Diverse City
09. Stories (Down to the Bottom)
10. Getaway Car
11. Burn For You
12. Fresher Than A Night At The W
13. Ill-M-I
14. Phenomenon
15. Gotta Go
16. Atmosphere Remix featuring dc talk

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Nathan (188)

Good but still room for improvement | Posted August 15, 2007
Welcome Diverse City, Toby Mac's second album, Is a great hybrid of rock fused hip-hop as Toby Mac moves closer to perfecting his own signature sound.

Welcome to Diverse City has a more refined sound than momentum, his first CD, and a more consistent tune. The beats are good, but Toby Macs creativity is the huge part of his success. The album is loaded with hits like "gone", "atmosphere", and "burn for you", and the title track, which all sound terrific. "The slam" is an excellent rock/rap song, but from there the 16 track CD gets less smooth. There are good fun hip-hop songs like "gotta go", "hey now", and "getaway car" but there seems to be several other half-hearted songs on the CD.

Toby Mac has some great songs on Welcome to Diverse City almost all the songs are good and meaningful, but there are songs like "the slam" that are really good. Pick almost any song on the album and there are good lyrics, and great messages.

Welcome to diverse City is an improvement from momentum, but the CD is not perfect. Toby Mac needs to make all of his songs as good as his radio singles.

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LampaFan (182)

toby Is a Phenomenon That Can't Be Stopped! | Posted November 20, 2008
This is a nice CD! It's entertaining and fun. My favorite songs are "Phenomenon", "Gone", "Atmosphere", "The Slam" and my ultimate fave is "Burn For You"! Great, toby!

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fair | Posted September 29, 2013
 I bought this cd awhile back. I thought it was okay, but a bit repetitive. I like the later Tobymac a lot better, however I still think this album is worth listening to. My favorite songs are "Burn for You" and "Gone". 

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gizmodad (75)

Awesome album | Posted February 13, 2010
This is an awesome album from tobyMac. Apart from
Tonight, I think this is his best project. It features great songs like Catchafire, Burn For You, Diverse City, The Slam and Getaway Car.

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Welcome TO DIVERSE CITAAA | Posted February 12, 2010
"tobyMac's" Sophomore release is a smashing hit with singles like "Gone", "Catchafire(Whoopsie-Daisy)" and "Diverse City"

"Hey Now”, a urban sounding song, has catchy vocals and a cool rap in the second verse. "Catchafire (Whoopsie-Daisy) has a more alternative rock sound with lyrics that will stay in your head for months."The Slam" is an excellent song with some rap/rock in it. (It suits Toby well.)

"Poetically Correct", is a weird interlude, in a good way. "Atmosphere" which is the only song I don't like on the album, has a slow DC TALK feel, hence the "Atmosphere" (remix) with DC TALK. "Gone", "Diverse City", "Gotta Go" and "Getaway Car" are a mix of Alternative Rock, Pop, Urban, and Rap. "TruDog: The Return" is nice track featuring the one and only Truette (Toby's son)

"tobyMac" truly has bought home a winner with a Diverse sound in each and every song. If you are going to pick up any "tobyMac" CD this should be your first.

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Okay | Posted February 11, 2010
I love this cd. It's not my favorite though. I like portable sounds better but its still really good. Hey now, Catchafire, The Slam, Diverse City, Burn For You, and Ill-M-I are the best songs on the Cd.

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Pretty good! | Posted February 09, 2010
My favourite song is "Atmosphere". Both versions are good, I don't have a personal favourite, as they are very similar. The rest of the album is solid too. Worth the money!

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Welcome To Diverse City Album Review | Posted September 21, 2009
This is a great album from tobyMac. It is also features a lot of great artists like Coffee from Grits, T-Bone, Superchick, and dc Talk. It is a good mix of different genres of music on one album. I just loved every song on this album. If you like a diversity in music then this album is for you. I would say any tobyMac fan shold buy this album as it is a real good album.

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Welcome to the Diverse City | Posted July 30, 2009
In this cd, tobyMac welcomes us to a place called Diverse City. It starts with a song called "Hey Now" which is fitting for a first song because it pretty much talks about him being back. We didn't see the last of him with Momentum. He's just getting started.

First off, I liked the songs "Catchafire" and "Ill-M-I" because they had an awesome beat. Then there was "Gone" which had a catchy tune and a storyline within the lyrics. "Burn For You" was also an interesting song that was really catchy. I liked "The Slam" because although it was a little hardcore, it actually had some good lyrics and was kind of catchy.

And finally, there's "Diverse City" which kind of became his anthem. I liked the upbeatness up it; it's a song you've just got to get up and dance to. But it also has some meaning to it:

"We will never become that shining city on a hill
until we truly become a diverse city."

It tells how we should accept all races and skin colors because we are all brothers and sisters of Christ. I think that is what tobyMac is all about.

My favorite song would have to be "Gotta Go" just because it takes skill and creativity to create a song out of just a few phone calls.

Overall I'd say this was a great accomplishment for tobyMac and one of his best cds yet.

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Love It | Posted March 14, 2009
I love his style of music. It's a great album.

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