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"Washed Up (Dbl. Time Remix)" Lyrics [edit]
by KJ-52 | from the album KJ-52 Remixed

Wait up, hold up, it's over
(I'm washed up y'all)
Wait up, hold up, it's over
(It's all over now y'all)
Wait up, hold up, it's over
(I'm giving up y'all)
Wait up, hold up, it's over
(Cuz I'm washed up y'all)

Won't you look at me now
VH1 got me on the countdown
A phone call is how I found out
I'm on TV y'all, who's the man now?
Alright y'all, check this
Ya boy KJ, number 26, but I just got gypped
I should be in the top 10, ahead of Will Smith
Thanks for that list, Dear Slim is such a dis
I mean praying for him, it's obvious
I mean that's not hip hop, right?
I guess I could rap on, shooting and killing
Looting, stealing, villains, drug dealing
And I could sell 10 million
I mean forget about doing something for the children, right?


They called me KJ Fifty Two
And I rap about Jesus, it's a bad thing to do
And I'm white, what a lucky dude
Sorry for breaking the hip hop rules
I want to apologize, remake me like you did with Vanilla Ice
Put me on the Surreal Life, with Flavor Flav man
The dude seems nice
My own show, that'd be tight
But what I'd show is the reality of Christ
Then I'd show what He brought to my life
Then I'd show Him whipped 39 times
Then I'd show Him crucified
Then I'd show just when He died
Then I'd show just when He rised
Then I'd show that's He's very much alive


Dear MTV, I never wrote or been calling
It's been two years and I gots a problem
Played my video, but got it all wrong and
Said I dissed Eminem, but never played the whole song
You never told the whole story
Played one verse and cut it off at the chorus
Made it look like I did it just to get famous
But I'm back to set it straight now, and just say this
That it's still one love, one God, one way
It's still one blood falled one day
He was killed, I call on only one name
One son, what He's done is all that I'll say
You can state that I be just hating
You can state that I be money making
But it's Jesus is all that I'm saying
So go put that in ya rotation

Written by J. Sorrentino ©KJFiveTwoMusic (SESAC) / BEC Recordings Music (SESAC)

+ Entry lasted edited by newsgirl4life on 09.22.07


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