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"For The Ladies (Soulvibe Remix)" Lyrics [edit]
by KJ-52 | from the album KJ-52 Remixed

I want to dedicate this song to the number one lady in my life
My wife in 7 years
Love ya babe this one's for you

This jam is for the ladies
This jam is for all of y'all
This jam is for the ladies
All my ladies all around the world (2x)

(Vs. 1:)
Somebody gotta say it, and it might as well be me
I'm sick of the way we portray women on TV
Real beauty can't be seen all up on the silver screen
And it sure can't be found in Cosmo magazine

The most beautiful thing that I ever seen
Is a girl deep in love with the man of her dreams
But that man of her dreams is the only King of Kings
So don't let nobody treat you nothing less than a queen

That's why you ain't got to have a guy
To make you feel like you're worth something in ya life
See, I know a dude that will always treat you right
Who'll take care of you and never make you cry

Who you can call anyplace anytime
Whether it's middle of the day or the middle of the night
He'll always call you back, never leave you high and dry
See He's so in love with you that
He would go and give his life, that's why

Back to Chorus (2x)

{Vs. 2:}
Don't ever let this world ever fill you up with stress
There's no need to doubt and there's no need to guess
That you're beautiful and special and wonderful and blessed
You're a daughter of the King
That makes you a princess

That's even on the days when you just feel depressed
And you're looking in the mirror and ya feeling like a mess
You got to just remember the very words that He says
That I love you as you are and I could never love you less

That's why it ain't about any way that you dress
Or your hair, or ya makeup or anything like this
It's about a Son who gave His very last breath
Cause He loved you so much that He would meet His death

But you ain't gotta be like the rest
See I know staying pure ain't easy, I confess
I'm so very sure of one thing I'm convinced
That there's so much more when you wait for God's best, that's why...

Chorus (2x)

(Vs. 3:)
On a final note I want to dedicate this song
To all the Godly women that just keep on seeking God
Just keep on movin' and continue standin' strong
Keep doin' what you doin' girl you got it going on

And the single moms that's just barely holdin' on
You're working two jobs tryin' to make it on your own
And no one is home cuz the kid's Dad's gone
God promises to never leave you alone

The final thing that I'll say, then I'm gone
To the female singers trying to get their pose on
I ain't trying to be a hater, but see, wrong is just wrong
Now Britney and J-Lo, why don't you put some clothes on?

Whether ya red-headed, brunette or just a blond
Make sure that the Son is the one you focus on
And with that said, I'm a say so long
So get your hand up in the air, ladies, and sing along like...


If ya know you're beautiful;
The way God made you all my ladies
Wave your hands from side to side
If ya feelin' alright all my ladies

Repeat Vamp 2x

Chorus:fade out

Featuring Liquid Written by J. Sorrentino İKJFiveTwoMusic (SESAC) / BEC Recordings Music (SESAC)

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