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"Revenge Of The Nerds (Horns A Plenty Remix)" Lyrics [edit]
by KJ-52 | from the album KJ-52 Remixed

KJ in the place to be
And Pigeon John is the boy y'all need to see
Five-Two is a true emcee
And P.J. got the hands up instantly

Would you please,
Would you dance with me?
My darling would you please, take a chance with me?
I see you over there with the jocks.
I see you over there with all the rich boys.
I see you over there with all the pretty girls,
And I'm asking one thing...

[Rap:] (Pigeon John)
I'm back man the Anthony Michael Hall of rap man
Been slammed since the debut of Ms. Pac Man
But ladies and gents, they bent on dissing me
Cause my momma didn't have dough for members only or guess

I guess we had to shop at Wal-Mart for less
For school clothes
And I got bagged on the rest
In history I didn't fit in
I was too skinny, didn't have a penny within

My pockets held lint would send me to the loser
Section, collection, rejection, but who's the man now?
Still not me
No matter how I get I'm a still be the same old kid Who got by dissed by every G
And every girl I crushed on secretly
But that's ok the nerds always win in the end
Cause weore the ones that make the money and we secretly grin


Back in the day I used to rock the MC Hammer pants
Jump in the middle of the party bust the running man
Doing the Roger Rabbit at the middle school dance
Got my man next to the bleachers that's where we stand

Walk up to the girl like "Will you dance with me?"
She's like "You'll never ever have a chance with me. I got a boyfriend and he's at like six foot three, 250 pounds and he could beat you up in his sleep"

And I'm like "Well really, what's that got to do with me? I dont see him around here, so why dont you just come with me? I'll get you some fruit punch, some cookies I got the new Vanilla Ice tape, how can you not love me?"

She's like "Well your pants is straight ugly, you can't dance and your personality just bugs me. So back up off me cause I really gots to let you know my boyfriend's right over there oh I got to go"


When I was growing up
It was hard to be happy
Kids knock the books out of my hand
And made fun of my acne
Give me a wedgie while they throw spitballs at me
And stuff me in own locker and laugh at me

Oh you think that's real funny?
Cause I'm 5 foot with huge feet and I dress crummy
And all the school bullies want to just take my lunch money
Come on man I only got a dollar twenty

Your life is really just sad, man
When you play dodge ball and you're picked as the last man
And ya run as fast as ya can just like a mad man
Cause the football team wants to throw you in the trash can

Really, will this madness ever end?
Really, will the nerd ever get revenge?
Will this girl call me back around ten?
Will you go out with me? I just want to be friends.


Nowadays I'm a little older plus a little bolder
But it seems like I just can't get over
You ever had a day where nothing goes right?
Well, that seems to be the story of my whole entire life

Anybody out there know what I mean?
To feel like you're third string on a football team?
And you never ever gonna reach any of your dreams?
And your only hope is making onion rings at Burger King

Well a lot of things changed
Since Christ came into my life now and just rearranged
The way I look at myself, well it ain't the same
I drive in a while another lane going against the grain
Might just seem a little strange
The fact remains I changed when I called on His name
Call me a nerd, call me lame, it don't matter to me
All I need to know is that my wife will dance with me

[Hook out]

Featuring Pigeon John Written by J. Sorrentino, J. Dust İKJFiveTwoMusic (SESAC) / BEC Recordings Music (SESAC) / Thetelephonecompany (ASCAP)

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