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"You Can Still Come Back Remix (ft. Eric Cross)" Lyrics [edit]
by KJ-52 | from the album The Missing Pages

You go from the club to the next bar
But you never want to listen cause your head hard
And you aint gonna get far
unless you try to make a comeback like ya Brett Favre

You gone crash and just get scarred
Watch it smashed down to pieces and then shards
I tried to tell you to get God
but you dont try to listen dude so you fell hard

So you go it your own way
And you don't listen to anything that they gone say
You know how to play the whole game
You throw it out bring it back like a boomerang

So you dealing with the whole pain
Its like drilling in ya teeth without the Novocain
Well you can try and go your own way;
but my advice is to hear what He gonna it was

[Hook: 2x]
Any place that you are, you can still come back
You ain't never too far; you can still come back
All you got to do is call, you can still come back
Even if its seems hard, you can still come back

Im not sure what you want to do;
Do you run the crowd or is the crowd running you?
You don't even know; know what you're running to.

And it shows cause I can't even see the Son in you
I looked for it but I don't see none in you
You remember everything that He brought you through? Do you think that you can just stumble through? Ya whole life acting like its really just nothing dude.

Oh He really got to humble you?
Break ya down and show you now what to do
Check it out cause no greater was the love for you
Then the One that the Son went and just done for you

But really man really what you gonna choose?
Really fam now tell me what you gonnna do?
Its your life so really what you got to lose,
Except everything its all up to you come on!

[Hook] [2x]

[Rap: Eric Cross]
You won't even bother to pray
And its hard especially when you falling away
You falling astray your backslidden condition
Its never to late to fall back in position
And you can make an initial comeback
All you got to do is sign the initial contract
But you would rather appease men, following their ways instead of trying to please Him!

[Hook: 2x out]

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